Changing Things Up...

I've never been one to leave well enough alone...Sometimes I change things around for a reason- Like the birdhouse below. I added the grapevine to the bottom of the birdhouse after seeing the baby birds fall out and plop to the ground the year before. Adding the grapevine gave them a chance to sit and stretch their wings before they flew. It also gave momma (as pictured) a place to just sit and rest...Plus I think it looks really nifty.

Then there are times I added things to my birdhouses for no rhyme or reason but just because I was bored and seem to have ADHD of the brain. The picture below shows a doorknocker woodpecker that my brother Ron bought me while he was on vacation...I thought it looked cute on my birdhouse rather then my door.
I also added the succulents Sempervivums (hens & chicks) to the top of the bird house~I did this years and years ago-They seem to thrive on the roof.

A closer view...
So I thought I would show you all how I added the hens and chicks using a different succulent/sedum~these happened to be on sale.
First: Buy some succulents-I like the hens and chicks the best but am showing a different ground cover (sedum burrito) I'm not sure that it's proper name -I liked it's texture.
Then you get a birdhouse and you hammer nails into the top of it spaced a couple inches apart. I ended up putting 5 nails in each side for a total of 10 nails (as pictured below) Leave the nails sticking out about 1/4 to 1/2 inch.
Take your succulents out of the pony and remove half the dirt off the bottom so you have about a 1/2 inch of dirt left under the succulent-This is easy to do because the roots stay to the top. Stick the plants right on the top of the roof-The nail heads will hold them there. Arrange to the fullness that you want. On the picture below you can still see some dirt but this will grow in. I mist my hens and chicks a couple of times a week~ Have fun!


  1. they look so good i like them chaged up

  2. That is so cute. We have a nest on our frount porch and it has chicks in it. I tried to take a picture so I can post it but it was turning out blury. They are so cute. I love birdies. They are so cute. I posted some pictures on my blog that you can look at. Just keep scrolling down and down and down. I posted them a long time ago. Great post.
    Bye bye. ;)

  3. The cutest things ever. I just love the succulents on the top a whole lot. I will do this. How easy pleasy is that process. That is so my style of look too.

    Thanks for these great tips Robin. I can see more of your talents every day. You are so very great at all you do it seems.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Robin your bird houses are lovely! I love how you have succulents growing on them.

    Stop on over to my blog I gave you an award if you don't already have it!


  5. I LOVE this idea! You need to get your book out, Robin! With all of your creativity and great ideas you could change the world! Thanks for sharing! I will be out buying some more birdhouses this week...:-) Lori

  6. Robin... I think that birdhouse is the cutest thing. I love hen and chicks.. They are so easy to grow down here. I would have never thought to put them on top of a birdhouse... I will have to pass this idea to my Mom... She loves hen and chicks too! thanks and keep us posted on baby!

  7. Thanks for the ideas! I have a few bird houses that are going to get out the attic when I get home! One is a Java Hut and I never liked it, but I can see now that I can redo it to whatever I like! You are too cool.

  8. Thanks for the ideas! I have a few bird houses that are going to get out the attic when I get home! One is a Java Hut and I never liked it, but I can see now that I can redo it to whatever I like! You are too cool.

  9. I love the birdhouses! Thanks for sharing how to do the succulents on top! I love the grapevine at the bottom to keep the babies in and gove the momma a place to sit--genius! I ahould have my recipe on my blog by tonight at the latest!!

  10. Holy Crap-A-Moly!
    that is AWESOME!!!

    i love it!!!!!

  11. love the birdhouses...do you mind if I link your blog in my post about succulents? I am so glad I found your blog...outstanding!

  12. just found your site. love it already. will be referring back to it often for wonderful ideas. check out my site too. it is ahealthjunky.com thanks for your site. victoria


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