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It's here! It's finally here! The first annual Robin's Nest Christmas Stocking Swap!

What does the Christmas Stocking Swap involve?

It involves either buying (even a dollar store stocking will work/glam-glitter it up) or making a stocking and filling it with up to $20 worth of gifts & snackies that your partner will like. You can make these gifts or buy them or both! Make sure that whatever you send, it would be something you would be thrilled to receive yourself!

Here's how to enter the Christmas Stocking Swap...(Kids are allowed to join-I just need your parents permission!)

FIRST leave a comment here on my blog saying you want to join. If you have any questions write them in as a comment. THEN send me a E-mail with your particulars to: I will send a confirmation E mail back to you. If you don't receive a confirmation E mail back from me within 3 days, E-mail me again-I don't want anyone getting lost in the shuffle. I will then, to the best of my ability hook you up with someone that has the same style/tastes/likes as you. I will forward each partner the E mail that was sent to me...So I need you to copy and paste these questions below and send them to me in a E-mail. Some answers to these questions might look like this...

STYLE: (example pick one) primitive, traditional, modern, country -whatever your home decor is.

ALLERGIES: (example) I'm allergic to gluten and perfumes (this way you know not to send your partner anything with wheat or smelly candles or lotions)

ANYTHING ELSE ABOUT YOURSELF: (example) I am in my 40's and most all my kids are raised. I love 70's music etc etc.

LIKES/DISLIKES CHRISTMAS DECOR:(example) I love snowmen, snowflakes, plaid ribbons, toile fabric, but I'm not big into Santa decor around my house.

So go ahead and copy and paste the information below and send it to me at : right after you leave a comment! Note from Robin: I've received E mails from England etc...If you live out of the United States you can still join! Welcome!

Full Name:


E-mail address:

Blog or website address (not required to join):



Favorite Color:

Favorite Food/snacks:



Anything else about yourself:

Like/Dislikes on Christmas decorations:


Deadline to enter The Robin's Nest Christmas Swap is September 5th by midnight Pacific time.

All stockings will need to be sent/postmarked by November 18th 2008~


So E-mail, Call, Text all your friends and let's get everyone in on this fun Christmas Stocking Party!

By the way...Did you know there is only 121 shopping days till Christmas?

For any of you thinking you'd like to try your hand at making your own stocking here is a great tutorial showing you how... Click HERE

Let's share the joy! If you would like to display the cute little JOY stocking on your blogs sidebar like I have on mine. E-mail me a separate note letting me know and I will send you the code for it. When the JOY stocking is clicked it takes the person right here to sign up for the Swap! Thanks so much~


  1. Oh Goody! I am the first one to sign up! Robin- this is the CUTEST idea and Mandy, Katie and I would love to join the fun!:-) I will e-mail all my info to you... Thanks for hosting and I'm so glad that your computer is "happy" again!!


  2. ROBIN! YOU KNOW I AM IN!!!! wooo hooo!!!!

    I will email you shortly with my Specifics :)

    You sure know how to JINGLE MY BELLS!!!! :) I am so EXCITED!!!

  3. YES... I want to join the stocking exchange. I LOVE Christmas!!! I will email you my info later.

  4. This is so darn fun. I am laughing at the red and the song. It really is getting me going. I will do this after work today. Hubby is coming home today from a week of fishing and his 30 yr. class reunion. Oh the joy.

    This is going to be so fun. I will have Mattie help me out too. She will love it. Great new Christmasy look in here.

    How is the pregnancy going? I think about that often. Have a great week.

  5. This is THE BEST EVER IDEA!!!! I SO LOVE IT!!!!! I am loving the music!!! OH BOY bring on the snow!!

  6. Love this! I may be sorry for taking on one more thing, but I would love to sign up! I'll email you with my questioned answered later today!

  7. I want to play! I will email right now! M

  8. I love those stokings. I LOVE YOUR BLOG TOO!!!!!!!!!!! Are you in Christmas right now? FUNNY FUNNY!!!!!!!!!! Cute music love the background. This is my favorite post that you have done.
    Bye bye.♥☺♥

  9. I can't stop looking at your blog. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bye bye.♥☺♥

  10. Count me in!! Yay, this is gonna be fun!!

  11. Nice new digs Robin! Count me in! Are you kidding me--there's only 121 shopping days??? Good Grief!

  12. What a great idea! Love your glittery stockings!


  13. I am so excited about this...my husband has always been lacking in the stocking department. (Bless his heart he doesn't lack anywhere else!)

  14. Can't wait Robin. I'll be sending my e mail. Great idea.

  15. Would love to join your swap. I will email you my info.

    Angela Anderson

  16. I love your music and background. It is so Christmas.
    Bye 4 now!♥☺

  17. I would love to take part. I will e-mail my details. This is so exciting.


  18. oh, yeah, count me in!!! I love Christmas and stockings!!!

  19. It was so fun to visit your blog. Christms music is so FUN!!! Thanks :)

  20. Robin,

    I am lovin your christmas music!! And the stocking swap... wonderful IDEA!! Count me in!!! I may see if ok for granddaughter to do too!!! And ofcourse my daughters!!! Good luck!

  21. Oh yeah a Christmas swap, I want to sign up. I have an email headed your way.

  22. I just sent you my email! I'm SOOOO excited about this! This was the greatest idea ever!!!

  23. Thank you for sharing about your grandchild. I have had them both on my mind. I hope everything turns out great. I know with your strong faith, that it will. I love that about you. :)

  24. Ok Robin I think I'll join too... I just hope I can squeeze it in.

    I'll email you later.


  25. I put a link to this Stocking Swap on my Blog :)
    hope you don't mind. ♥

  26. What a spectacular idea!! I saw the link on Merrianne's blog and came over. I am so in. I'll send you an email today.

  27. Ooooh, fun, fun!! I would love to join your swap, I was in a stocking swap last year, and it was so fun, I can't wait to do it again! I am so glad I found you!

  28. Wow- this is a big swap turn out! Woohoo!
    I found you thru SwapDex (love that one)
    Please add me too... I'm emailing you now!
    ~*~ AwtemNymf ~*~

  29. Ok, Mechelle let me know about this little number you have going on and I would love to participate! Thanks for organizing this!

  30. I am sending my info and am very excited to get involved. I love Christmas and since I have made several Christmas stockings in the past this swap is right up my alley!!!

  31. I would like to join please...

  32. Robin, I would like to be in the Christmas stocking swap. It sounds so much fun. Tracey

  33. I'd love to join the Christmas stocking swap, what a great idea and fun thing to look forward to.
    On my way to email you:)

  34. ok- I am so in on this.. I just saw this on Merrianne's blog & thought now if she is doing it & Jan is doing it. It is going to be Awesome... And you of course...
    I'll email you.
    I'm so excited

  35. Please count me in!!! I am so excited to be a part of this swap and this is my very first one!!!

  36. Jingle freakin' bell!

    I so want in! I just emailed you my specific and can't wait to join the swap! this is a super fun idea! Woot Woot!

    I posted the image and a link to this page on my blog ;)

  37. My daughters and I would love to join in! We are sooooo excited about Christmas! Who doesn't love getting a stocking full of surprises?!

  38. Hello Robin, It is so nice to meet you!...I was at Lori's blog & saw that you were doing this wonderful swap!...I adore making stockings & of course filling them, so I would LOVE to participate!...I will e-mail you all my information right now! Thank so much!...Heidi XO

  39. Hi Robin,

    Sounds like great fun! Count me in please, an email is on its way to you.



  40. Hi there Robin! I heard about this FUN swap from my mom Heidi at Foxgloves,Fabric&Folly!! :) Sounds like SUCH a great idea, and I am super excited about it!!! I will email you all my info shortly! xoxox!

  41. Hi, I just found your blog through a new swap partner, Lori. I love your blog and would love to be part of the swap! Sounds like so much fun! I will email you now! My email is the same as my blog: scooterblu@yahoo.com. ~Rhonda :)

    Your lighted pumpkins are great! :)

  42. This sounds like so much fun and my stocking is always pretty empty at Christmas -- it would be nice to have a real surprise stocking. I'm off to send you the e-mail with my particulars!!

  43. Oh I am all about Christas anything! I'm in!

  44. It's so sad that my Halloween decor is bigger than my Christmas by about 3 huge tupperware buckets... count me in, "I need a little Christmas - NOW!" (be glad you didn't hear me actually sing that!

  45. OK i'm new at this but i'll give it a try...

  46. still time to join?
    I'd love to try this too


  47. I know I am cutting it close, but I would love to join in the fun. I loooove the holidays!!! I will email my info shortly!!!


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