Fall Seems To Be In The Air...

Is fall really creeping up on us?

Should we be gathering the bounty?

Talking about cooler weather?

Putting out our pumpkins?

Or just sitting back and relaxing?

Well, I don't know if summer is about over but I do know that it is getting darker at night faster. All the stores are putting out their Fall displays and there are some bloggers pushing fall to the hilt and I'm loving it!

Check some of these "fall pushing" bloggers out:

Bj is already lighting her pumpkin candles

Lori has been busting out beautiful fall jewelry

Susie is teaching us wonderful Halloween ideas

Linda had a fall giveaway that's over but she IS all about fall

Mary has been fall crafting for a while now

Pam is adding mulling spices to her store

Darlene is busy buying pumpkins

Raggedy Angel has some great fall ideas

What about you? Are you getting ready for fall? Do you have some craft or "fall" inspiration on your blog? Do share so I can post it because you know, fall IS in the air! P.S. No need to run outside and look to see if the leaves on the trees changed colors...I took these pictures last year!


  1. OH. MY. GOSH. I LOVE those pics! Fall is my favorite time of year!!! The leaves are beautiful! AND, is the ladder, seeds and pumpkin from YOUR front porch??? I want that on MY porch!!!

  2. I was just thinking of putting out some fall displays on my front porch. I love the photos here on your post. Thanks for getting me even more excited about the crisp leaves and cool air coming my way! M

  3. OMG!!!! Again your pictures are just stunning!! I want that ladder and the pumpkin and all the little critters enjoying the bounty. So, so cute and wonderful!!

    You are too sweet mentioning me in your blog...thank you so much.

    I also had to just run right out today and buy those blackbirds that Susie showed us the craft with....is that just crazy or what?? hee hee

  4. Cute. I love the corn on the basket. I have some older corn that would be perfect for the birds.

    I was wondering if I had been missing something. I saw no sign of fall yet in Portland. I love fall. Everything about it. I can't wait. I am looking forward to my sons return. I think I will probably do some fall crafts, but nothing in my mind as of yet. We'll have plenty of corn stalks though. Yeah. I can't believe we forgot to plant pumpkins. Can you?
    They are so easy to grow too.

    Great pictures and links. A lot of people love fall too it looks like.

  5. wow! I love your pictures! you are so creative!!!! seriously...you are!!!

    and i am SO VERY ready for FALL!!! I have noticed that night is coming faster and there is a little bit of a chill in the air!!!
    Apple trees are overflowing! I am LOVING IT!!!!

    Thanks for getting me even more excited!!! YAY!!!!!

  6. What fabulous fall pics. I need to get some to change my blog header for fall. Whatcha got in your archives I can steal. LOL.

    Seriously great pictures Robin!!!


  7. Those are lovely pictures. Fall is coming. That went so fast. I'm excited for some cooler weather. Thanks for sharing.
    Bye bye.♥☺♥

  8. Robin- What a fabulous post! Love the pictures! Sometimes I think you can almost talk to the animals...:-) Thanks for mentioning me, too! I am completely flattered! Lori

  9. I LOVE your fall pictures! Bring it on! Cute step ladder with the pumpkin! MY fav!

  10. Hi Miss Robin! Yall really do get a fall. We just get 80 degree weather instead of the 100's....Our trees dont even cahnge colors... they just fall off. I try to make it fall the best way I can. We cut grass here till about late oct or Nov... ne kiddin'... hope you have been doing well. Take care!

  11. Great post my sweet friend all the way on the other side of this great country! I don't need to answer that question one do I? :-)

    As usual, great photos Robin. Amazing!

    I hope all is well in your world!

  12. Robin -

    What great pics! I'm ready for fall too...let it come!


  13. Thanks for the p.s. because I was thinking I was missing something. Beautiful pics--I do so love fall!

  14. Well I thpught fall was coming but it was really warm today,but we have a cold front sweeping down from Canada so it will be cooler tomorrow!!!:0)
    I am so happy that all those test came back normal and I pray tomorrow will show a very healthy beautiful baby girl!!!:0) I think about you all the time now!!! I am so happy to have someone to go through this with!!! Take care my friend!!~Wendy

  15. I'm so with you about Fall! I LOVE Fall. It is my favorite time of year. I would rather decorate for fall, than Christmas. Not halloween, fall in general! Pumpkins are such a weakness. I was at TJ Maxx today and it took all my will not to buy some awesome pupkins made out of twigs/branches. Oh, can't wait.

    Your pics of Fall are BEAUTIFUL! And thanks for the sweet comments on my blog.

  16. Go enter my giveaway.
    Bye bye.♥☺♥

  17. Robin, your pictures are so fun, so full of spirit! I love it, you are an amazing photographer and I love all the wildlife that comes close to your home!

  18. Robin,

    Those pictures are gorgeous! I am getting ready for fall! If the weather would just turn cool and crisp...it would be even better!

    And I've got to tell you that you've made a "friend for life"...anyone that would say that I look cute as a bug's ear in my overalls is definitely my friend! :) And I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with a pair of overalls still!

    You have a wonderful day!

  19. YIKES!

    I'm not ready for fall!!! Dang it I'm still wanting to float on a nice warm pool with a good book!!! Can we all sign a petition and have fall come next year?

    Have a great day!

  20. I am so ready for fall! This 100+ degree weather is KILLING me! I re-designed my graphics blog for fall already too! :) hehe I couldnt help it!

  21. I love all your fall pictures. They make me want to speed up the change in seasons.

    I've got a project with pumpkins on my blog that is cute and easy.


  22. Did you take those pictures? If so, I want to buy one with the squirrel. I love those little guys!!

  23. i can't believe the summer is almost over!


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