I'm On The Top Of The World...

lookin’ down on creation (sing with me if you know it)
And the only explanation I can find~ Is the love that I’ve found ever since you’ve been around, your love’s put me at the top of the world...(Name the group that sings this)

(You can click on all photos for detail)

(My husband the Mountain Man)

My husband Tim and our youngest son Timothy went up to the mountains for a week yesterday. I'm a little bummed because I did not get in shape enough to go this year. Tim and I started our hiking training a little late this year and I just knew from going up in the mountains before that it wouldn't be smart thinking for me to try to attempt it again this year.

Here are some pictures of where they will be:

(click on photo to see deer)

The wonderful thing about hiking 10 miles up into the mountains is the wildlife...We have seen black bear, mountain grouse and the deer come right into camp in the morning wanting to share a cup of coffee with you. Another great thing about hiking in that far is its very rare to see anybody else up there. Most the time the weather is beautiful like in the pictures shown here but we have gone up in late August and it snowed on us.

This is a picture of my son Timothy fishing the lake right by our camp last year. The lake water is beautiful but VERY cold.

This is Timothy a couple of years ago when he was going through a hippie hair stage.

The trout out of this lake are the best tasting in the world.

So here I sit at home showing you pictures of where I was planning to be... But since I'm not up there, WE (my daughter Ronnie and I) have decided to "one up" the boys and head over to Spokane to see my GRANDSONS! My Dad is going to hang out here at the house with the dogs so we can be gone for a couple of days. I will be able to post from Spokane.

Anybody else out there have any summer plans?
Have FUN~!


  1. OK that picture of Timothy by the lake is gorgeous! Do you edit your pictures or do they come out of your camera that way? I can not believe you got snow in August, brrrr. Thanks for sharing all your amazing humming bird photos!

  2. Amy,
    Some photos I edit for light or crop to take something out-Most the time I make sure to take them in the right lighting but sometimes that isn't possible! :)
    Thanks for the compliments hope you are having a great week!

  3. Great photos once again Robin. I can't believe how beautiful it is up your way. Just a hop skip and a jump really.

    That is such a handsome boy of yours. That trout looks so yummy for sure. Great catch.

    Glad that they had fun. It is fun hearing about your photos with Amy. She is getting into photography too. Great tips.

    Have fun with those babies and hope the trip is safe. Thanks for your awesome insight in your comment to me today. You ALWAYS make me smile bigger. Take care.

  4. Why, Peter, Paul, & Mary, of course!

  5. have fun with your grandkids!!!

    those pictures are awesome....you always have the best pictures on your blog!!!

  6. Robin -

    The pictures are breathtaking! Whereabouts were they taken?

    Hubby and I are pining to move to Idaho in the next few years. We're looking hard at the Boise area, but Coeur d'Alene and Spokane are also possibilities. When I see pics like that, I want to move even more!


  7. Those are wonderful pictures. I like them a lot. When I go to my cabin there is a spot where it feels like it is the top of the world. It feels cool.

    Stay tunned on my blog either tonight or tomorrow morning. I made my own award and I'll pass it on to you.
    Bye bye.♥☺

  8. What beautiful scenery!!! I can't say as if I'd hike 10 miles without complaining. I did canoe for 7 miles though. Have fun with the grandkids!!!


  9. I am Matties friend, Emma. I want to become friends. Go to my blog tomarrow!! I think you will like it.
    Bye 4 now!☺♥

  10. Robin-My girls and I are oohing and ahhing over your fabulous pictures! And your hummingbird pictures on the side are precious! After seeing these pictures I can see why you would want to hike 10 miles! Absolutely heavenly.... Next year you can go with them, but this year is a special time for you and Ronnie- and, of course, the grandkids!:-) Have a wonderful time!:-) Lori

  11. What a gorgeous place to go camping! Absolutely beautiful! You and Ronnie have fun visiting the grandsons!

  12. Robin, could you email me your address. I am thinking I have it on the box you sent, but I really want to make sure that it is right.


    Hope you have fun with the little ones :)

  13. Hey Robin! Have fun in Spokane!!!! Hmmm, I'm not a hundred percent sure who sings that song at the beginning of your blog. But I'm going to guess the Carpenters??

  14. what fabulous pics. I'm not a woodzie person, but to take pics like that! so cool.

    I'm more of a beach person and will eventually post our beach vacation sometime this week. We have been home since Sunday evening and I have not even uploaded my cards to my computer. Sometime this week maybe.

    your pics are very inspirational! thanks for sharing.

  15. Hmm. I think of the Carpenters when I hear those words...I could be wrong though. I lvoe the pics! Especially the lake one!!! Wow!!! It reminds me of growing up in Tahoe.

  16. beautiful pictures. what a fun adventure!

  17. Being the nature lover that I am, I LOVED these pics!! Thanks for sharing.

  18. Hi, I clicked on your link from Merianne's blog. I hope you don't mind. These photos are awesome especially the lake and looks like a perfect getaway place. If it doesn't give away too much of your identity and location for "weird-dos" out there to find, do you mind telling me where it is?


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