Easy Kids/Adult Pumpkin Craft...

~Kids Pumpkins Full of Candy~
                                               ~Adult Pumpkins Full of Buttons~
I actually got this idea from Martha Stewart~Go figure. She has a kit to make these pumpkins with paper bags available at craft stores for $6.99- Problem is, you only get 6 paper bags in the kit. I tried these pumpkins using orange paper bags that you purchase at party supply stores and the paper bag was too thick. I then went to Walmart and they had these cute little orange plastic bags for $1.00 for 20!-I figured this would be easier for the kids to do anyway. So lets get started.

Supplies you need:
1. Orange bags from Walmart or party supply store
2. Floral tape from Walmart-Get the cheapest thinnest kind you can it sticks better.
3. Floral wire for adults- Green pipe cleaners for kids
4. Artificial leaves for adults
5. Black Sharpie
Have your kids draw a face or design on front of orange bags about an inch up from the bottom-My daughter Ronnie did these for me Thanks Ron!

Fill bag with candy for kids-For the adult pumpkins use your imagination. I filled a couple of mine with buttons for a friend (guess who?) You could fill them with pre-wrapped popcorn balls, a bag of chips, a beautiful scarf etc. etc. If you can think of other things make sure to write your ideas in the comments below!

Twist bag right above face-The next couple of steps you will probably have to help the younger kids with.

Wrap the top with floral tape-The key secret to getting floral tape to stick is to pull on the tape to release it's glue as you wrap-It sticks to itself. Like I said...The cheaper-thinner the floral tape the better. Walmart's is really good-Jo Ann Fabrics is too thick and doesn't stick together well.

Cut above the floral tape and discard top of bag...If you want your pumpkins stem to be long then floral tape all the way up the bag without cutting any of the bag off.

For adult pumpkins: Wrap floral wire with floral tape spinning the wire while wrapping the tape-Once you get started it goes really fast.

Adults: Wrap finished wire around dowel or pencil
Kids: Wrap green pipe cleaner around pencil
Cut with a wire cutter to lengths you want and insert into stem of pumpkin.
Adults: Add artificial leaf onto your pumpkin stem.

Here are the pumpkins finished in a cute basket-Notice the pumpkin on the bottom right. It is one that I did not cut the bag but went all the way up to create a longer stem. (Click on photo to see detail) I have to tell you... These are so much cuter in person! A fun and easy craft for kids.
These would make great teachers gifts, drop a couple off to a elderly neighbor, or give one to your friendly barista, secretary or friend!


  1. Oh Robin....another adorable, fun, cute craft!!!! I think Lexi and I will have to make some of these!!! She will LOVE it!! Thanks again for always keeping us crafting!

  2. Those are so cute. I wish my grandson was a little older & we live way in the country & don't get any trick or treaters. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Cute, easy enough and clever. Love it. I think that everyone that gets one of those will be so pumkinly happy for sure.

    We buy candy every year, and have maybe 3 kids show up. We are on a street of no thrills I guess.

    Thanks for the share of your talents and finds.

  4. And thanks for your ever sweet comments. Most welcomed and comforting to all of us :)

  5. Cute cute cute cute cute cute!!!
    Bye bye.♥☺♥

  6. OK it's unanimous- Very cute idea! Wish I got trick or treaters to give them away to, maybe my daughter will make some up for her friends at school.

  7. These are so cute! I just can't keep up with all your craftiness!

  8. I will have to get these bags and make some for my trick-or-treaters. I love it when you post a craft!

  9. I am going to print these instructions off and save them for my "Grandma's Camp". Too C.U.T.E.!!

  10. That's a cute idea! Thanks for sharing!
    Faerie Dust Sprinkles!

  11. Well, lets see, HOW crafty am I... I was reading then realized, GASPED OUT LOUD, when I realized the bags did NOT come with the faces drawn on!

    Hey Robin... you are a woman of great faith. We all see that. We will keep praying for you all... I dont know what is going on, so not sure what to say as I pray, but the Lord knows, and knows what to bless you all with.

  12. What a great idea! You know we are going to make them here- especially if I can fill them up with buttons.:) Ronnie did a great job on the faces- so cute! Lori

  13. Hi Robin
    Thanks for showing your lovely idea for halloween. They look beautiful grouped together in the basket and the ones with faces on will delight the kids. My daughter and I are definately going to try them. We just need to find some orange bags and we are away!

  14. Oh My Word...not only did you do a wonderful tutorial, but you showed us how to do it on a budget. These are the cutest things ever.
    Thanks so much.
    And I had to laugh at your perfect response to my grandbaby post..."Your grandkids are as cute as mine." PERFECT answer Nana. Hee-hee! : )
    Mary Lou

  15. Good Morning Robin, Thank you for your prayers! I slept so good last night and this morning I feel so much better! I know it's the Lord cause one dose of meds doesn't make one feel better so soon. My son did my new layout for me...I had been asking him for weeks...I think he felt sorry for me...LOL:) I just don't understand all that computer stuff, he can do anything in a few mins and it takes me hours! Again, I want to thank you for praying! Nancy

  16. I know my grandaughters would love to do this!

    I don't know how I got the pictures on my favs just one day they were there.lol I think though you could go to blogger and see, something about "thumbprint" that I have checked there, I'm sorry I know this isn't a good explanation but it's all I know:)

  17. Robin!
    Bless your Little Crafty-licious Soul!!!

    NOw THIS is something that I CAN DO!!!!! and AFFORD!!!!!


  18. So cute-what a fun idea!!

  19. Those are too cute! I wish I was a kid again and lived nextdoor to ya!

  20. Robin, THanks for stopping by my blog! This is sucha fun tutorial you've created here! I love it! I can't wait to see what you're up to next!
    Michelle@ a happy heart!

  21. I love this idea! What a great gift. Cute!

  22. P.S.
    Just read your sweet comment on my last 'Wednesdays with my mom'. It meant a lot to me. : )
    Thank you,
    Mary Lou

  23. ROBIN YOU SAVED ME!!!! I just read your macro button tutorial...I looked at my camera and let out a whooop when I saw that I had one!! Yippeeee, I can't tell you how happy this makes me, and makes me wonder why I never knew this....Hello....Anyhoo, thank you thank you thank you!!!
    cute post by the way!

  24. Adorable! I love the cute basket--that's my idea of fall decorating! My kids will love to do this for their teachers! Thanks!

  25. I am going to have to try these! Thanks for the tip!

  26. I'm am ALL about simple, quick and creative. These are just so cute! Thank you.

  27. These are so cute!! They would make great little Halloween gifts for the kids in my daughters' classes at school.
    Love it!!

  28. So cute! I want to do these. Thanks for the idea.


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