Christmas Cards...

I've been thinking about what my family should do for this years Christmas card photo...

Here are some photos from last years Christmas card trip~ We decided to head up around Mt. Rainier where the snow was falling...

This is Skookum falls -You can tell we are getting closer to the snow line by the trees to the left of the falls...

We're getting closer...

We finally reach the snow up by Crystal mountain...This is the actual photo we put on our cards last year. I took this photo using my tripod and setting the timer on the camera. I can't believe how much everyone has changed in a years time. From the left: Our son now has short hair and is about 5 inches taller, our daughter is getting ready to start a family of her own, my husband gets more handsome each year and I have lost 15 pounds due to a gluten free diet. So I took this photo to Costco and had it made into our Christmas cards.

The fun part of going to the snow to get the family photo is getting to play afterwards...We hiked up to deeper snow...

Here is my husband goofing off~He reminds me so much of my dad in this photo~My dad is always goofing off in front of cameras (love you dad) :)

This is the family getting ready for the big snowball fight (see how excited our dog is?)



Let's Get It On!!!

Our daughter may be little and cute but she can hold her own-Poor dad. This snowball fight went on for hours! Everyone was covered by the time it was over.

When it was all said and done-We had a great time. Well, most of us ~Our poor dog looks like he is thinking "Good Grief."

What are your plans for Christmas cards this year?

Does anybody have any clever ideas?


  1. A beautiful sight. Just beautiful. I love the whole story that surrounds your wonderful family Robin. I love the snow too. And you doggy. How special. Paco loved Bentley you know :)

    I have no ideas this year. We never do a photo. I might have too if I can convince the boys. Take extra care.

  2. Well..as you know I have been addressing mine, but I am leaving them unsealed because I usually wait until it snows to take a pic....they have to be sent out dec. 1st..Lol..because I want people to be able to enjoy them. That hike looked so fun...I love snow! How exciting that your daughter is having a baby..I seen that it is a girl from your side bar, beautiful name too!

  3. Thanks Jan...
    Yes, Paco loved Bentley-He misses his little friend-I know you and Mattie do so much too~♥
    I do hope you do a photo this year being all your family will be together again-What a Joyful time it will be~♥
    God Bless You.

  4. Robin, your family is beautiful and your pics, as always, are too. It looks like everyone was having such a great time. Your little dog is adorable. Have a great evening.


  5. Your cards are going to be the best. CUTE CUTE CUTE.

    I had not figured out what to do this year. HELP! M

  6. Robin- Such amazing pictures! I loooooove the one of your family all together!!! You have such a lovely family. It's amazing, but I felt like I was looking into a mirror.:) Lori

  7. You have a beautiful family! Love those pictures. The snow looks fantastic.
    I was thinking of having our pictures taken at the local park in front of a little waterfall there. (Like you, using our tripod and timer function)
    Not sure if that's going to work out or not. My fallback plan is to use our Halloween picture. LOL

  8. Oh, Robin...I am so jealous!!!!! Look at all that snow and the breathtaking scenery! What I'd give to be able to play in snow in the wintertime! Living in the deep south, we get excited when we have a few snow flurries. We got a little bit of snow last year, but it was not the kind you can really play in. It was gone by the middle of the next day. Such a bummer!

    We usually go out to our local park, where I went with Abby last weekend. It has so many great spots to take pictures. They problem is getting everyone to smile at just the right time. We'll probably get it done this weekend or next so that I can have them printed up at Sam's. They do a really good job.

    Have a great Friday, my friend! You have a very nice looking family!

  9. Robin -

    You have such a nice-looking family; and the background in the photos wasn't too shabby either! LOL

    I'm the worst one to ask about family photos; we've NEVER done a Christmas photo. I know, we're really bad. Life just seems to be moving along so fast that I don't take the time any more to document it, and that's WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!

    I'll have to see what I can do to fix that. Of course, that doesn't help with your Christmas card dilemma....how did I get so off track? hee hee

    By the way, congrats on your weight loss! Gluten free, huh? I'll have to look into that!


  10. I hand make my cards and haven't even designed it yet started it. TOO many irons in the fire right now. And yes, I will be decorating early - but I have a good reason this year - but I can't share yet! LOL and no, not another magazine!!

  11. that looks sooooooooooo fun and soooo cold!!! i love it! i am ready for WINTER!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Awesome pics Robin! I love snow pictures--that's how I like my snow, in a picture! :)
    I haven't sent out Christmas cards in probably 12 years. I made some really cute ones last year...they're still around here somewhere! I'm just terrible at Christmas cards!

  13. That looks like so much fun. We are hoping for some snow here in eastern Virginia this year.

  14. Good mornin Robin, Wow what beautiful pics. My kids would love to see that kind of snow we do good to see even a few flakes. I dont ever do family photo cards just go to the store and find cards that I like what they say. Kinda boring huh? Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Blessings, Karen

  15. The cards look beautiful! We wont do a family photo this year, next year! My middle son is living in Mexico right now.

    We did cards where you have to guess who did what.

  16. Awesome pictures! Looks like a fun day for everyone except the dog. He does not appear to be amused.

  17. Oh Robin what a GORGEOUS place and a beautiful family!!! The snow is just BEAUTFIUL....what a great Christmas card!!!!

  18. Wow! Those pictures are amazing! I can't believe you are already thinking about Christmas cards.
    I usually don't think about it till 5 days before Christmas, then it's too late for the mail, so I just send out a mass email. maybe this year, I'll just post it on my blog, then I only have to do it one place.
    BTW, you'll be happy to know that I pulled on 3 of my Thanksgiving decorations and put them up. See? I'm not a complete scrooge....

  19. What a wonderful photo of your family in the snow! We haven't had a snow like that here in years (if ever). Now we just get huge nasty ice storms. It looks like so much fun.

  20. Hi Robin
    Your pictures from Crystal Mountain and Mt. Rainier are stunning. I loved seeing you and your beautiful family. Your dog is so cute in his red coat!
    The school where I work is having a family portrait session in a few weeks time. We have not had a professional picture taken for about 8 years. We are not very photogenic! If it turns out well I will send you a copy.
    Have a great weekend.
    PS. You do look like Lori!!!

  21. Hi Robin~~~ I loved the family picture! It came out great. The girls loved the picture of Paco. i've got to admit it was pretty cute.

    This year I am hoping to do a newsletter with pictures through out that correlate with things that have happened in our life this year.
    BUT if I run out of time (or energy) I am just going to send the family picture from my brothers wedding in Christmas cards....So who knows...

  22. We all got together with a photographer to get my parents family pic (all the kids and grandkids) since my father is so ill. While we were all together I had the photographer do MY family seperate too just for THIS reason... well, I am also going to have it blown up and put on our wall..

    I LOVE your pics that you did last year! Actually I LOVE the pic of ya'll PLAYING in the snow... THAT is what I think you SHOULD have sent out! LOL

  23. Now those are just wonderful pictures..I love them!!!
    -sandy toes

  24. The pictures look wonderful. I bet everyone really enjoyed them. We normally don't send out Christmast cards, but my MIL does a letter every year and she normally has us include a picture of our little girl in special pj's but this year she wants a picture of all of us. I keep wanting to have it taken when we have friends or family around but have yet to get to it.

    If I remember correctly, www.snapfish.com has some picture cards from Martha Stewart that have som really fun ways of adding photos to them.

  25. Hi
    Beautiful pictures.. and seems like alot of fun to get a photo taken at your house!! ;-) hehe

    Thanks for the across-the-ocean-visit!!! So exciting to hear you live that close to Portland!!
    YES I have been to america.. have lived there for two years... I have been VERY close to Portland.. I was in Bend, Oregon once (never occured to me to go to Portland at that point!! silly me!!)
    I will link you!!!

  26. Looks so much fun!!!!! Paco is so cute in that picture.
    Bye bye.♥☺♥

  27. Wow. Such a gorgeous setting. I have an award for you. Just stop by my blog to pick it up. :-)

  28. I did not realize that you were in the photo- I thought you were one of the kids!!!!
    As for cards, I'll consider myself pretty clever if I just get them in the mail by the 23rd...

  29. I have a few c-mas card pic ideas, just have not done them yet and we make our c-mas cards. L draws the pics and I put it all together.

  30. Those pictures in the snow are BEAUTIFUL!!! Wow I love them! And I adore that little red outfit your dog is in too!

  31. Hi there!
    I love all the pictures! :) Washington is so beautiful; I guess I'm a bit biased! It looks like you all had a wonderful time! Do you do a little trip every year for when you take your Christmas card pictures? I think that is such a fun idea! :)

    I wanted to let you know it's absolutely no problem to put the link to my blog for the pumpkin scone recipe! I can't wait to find out your Starbucks recipes! :) Have a wonderful rest of your weekend! :)

  32. Hi Robin,

    I passed a little award your way if you want to stop by my blog and pick it up.

  33. Hi Robin~

    I found you on another bloggers blog. Can't remember which one. Anyway, Love your dog...he looks like my baby!

    Those pictures are ALL wonderful!


  34. Hello again

    I have updated my blog..
    please visit.. and you'll get to know where I have been in th US.


  35. We're trying to figure out what to do this year. Love the doggie!

  36. Robin, You have a beautiful family. I love the snow, it's beautiful. Looks like fun. Hope all is well with you. Hugs, Tracey

  37. Gorgeous photos. I miss going to Mtn. Rainer in Washington. We lived there a few years ago.

    I always dread taking our C-mas card pic. It's hard to get the kids, dogs & cat to cooperate. :-)

  38. You lost 15 pounds? Wow. I thought you looked skinny in the picture last year. I am glad that there are some skinny people in the world...

  39. Hi Robin!
    Your photos are GREAT! I loved seeing them. It gets me in the Christmas spirit and that is a good thing b/c I have yet to shop or make my cards. Arghhh!!! Help!
    Hugs, Les

  40. I have been going back and forth all week about what I am going to do for our Christmas cards this year. What to do?

    Those photos were a.m.a.z.i.n.g! What a beautiful family!


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