Family Fun...

Last weekend my family got together for a three day gathering...We celebrated birthdays one day then two of the days the guys fished while us girls went shopping. On one of the fishing days the guys were down at a river not far from where we were shopping so we decided to take them lunch...

Noelle just wanted to eat rocks....

My brother Ron and our two dads...

My brother and I have been blessed with two dads. One is our biological dad Ben and the other is our dad Neil who raised us along with our mom since we were young.

"Fish On" for my husband Tim!

Ronnie, Noelle and great grandpa Ben~I love how the sun rays are shining down on them. By the way you can click on any of these photos to enlarge them.

My one and only sibling Ron...

My daughter Ronnie and granddaughter Noelle..

"Fish On" for our dad Neil...(love the hat dad!)

Noelle's great grandpas are quite sure they will have to buy her some pink waders. She's already mesmerized by everything to do with fishing... Personally I think she has her "greats" wrapped around her finger!

All and all it was three wonderful days, the weather couldn't have been better & the fishing was fantastic though it was catch and release for all but one. We had big breakfasts together and loud fish story telling dinners each night!

I miss you guys already, see you all at Thanksgiving.

Have a great weekend everyone~


  1. Adorable post, your daughter is very striking!

  2. Oh Robin I LOVE all of the pictures!!! Noelle is just too precious sitting there with her rocks!!!!! LOVE the picture of Ronnie and Noelle...they are both GORGEOUS!!! What a beautiful area. Hope you have a great weekend.♥

  3. That looks like a ton of fun!

  4. What a fabulous weekend! You are all surrounded by so much love.:) Noelle is just as cute as can be!!! Lori

  5. Ah! Noelle is too precious!!

    Sounds like a fab. time!

  6. What fun! Noelle definitely needs some pink waders! You are truly blessed Robin! Hope this weekend is as great as the last!

  7. FUN! i love fishing....i used to go all the time with my dad. miss that :( your family is beautiful...what a sweet little Noelle :)

    have a wonderful weekend, Robin!


  8. Ah, family time is wonderful! Glad you got to enjoy some!

  9. Hi Robin
    I loved seeing those pictures. What a beautiful spot to enjoy some fun family time. I have never ever been fishing! Noelle gets even cuter everytime I see her. I love the picture of her and her gorgeous Mom.
    Have a great weekend.

  10. You should be very pleased that she wants you to go with her!! Yesmam, hummingbirds love firebush!!

  11. Looks like you all had a great time!

  12. Well of course Noelle stole the show!! She is growing so fast. I remember when we were still counting down till she was born!!

    What a lovely way to spend time with family Robin. I am sure you made some amazing memories!!

  13. Hi Robin,

    I came back by to say I am so thrilled for Ronnie! She is gorgeous without any make-up as in the picture but I bet she is just STUNNING with make-up and the lighting just right and the "fancy" modeling clothes on!!!! CONGRATULATIONS to her!!!!!!

  14. Oh what fun, I can see she's going to love to get her hands on some worms and get to fishin' really soooon, tee hee! Of course she has the greats wrapped, what a sweetie pie ;-)

    Jamie :)

  15. Hi Robin,
    My goodness, lots of eye-candy over here!!! Everything looks wonderful! I especially loved the pic below of your daughter Ronnie, and little Noelle. That one needs to be framed. The pumpkins you made a few posts back are SO adorable!! Great job!
    And thank you for remembering my mom in your prayers. We sure needed them a couple of weeks ago. Things have settled down since, so I think He heard our prayers. : )
    Thank you Robin!
    M.L. : )

  16. Hi Robin, lovely to see you over at my blog. Oh you think HE is like that too! That's fantabulous.
    Your daughter is beautiful and so is your grandchild. You are truly blessed. You take care too. :D


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