Flocking a Fake Christmas Tree...

I took this photo the other day while up in the mountains. Notice how the green of the tree still shows through the white snow. All the flocked trees I've seen are covered in too much white AND are very expensive. So I decided to try my hand at making my own snowy tree.

Above is the tree I purchased at Target for $19-It is a six foot tree without lights.

This is just plain polyester batting that is used for stuffing craft projects. It takes about 1/4 of a bag to do this whole tree~A little goes a long way. Of course this is not finished because it just looks like batting on a tree.
Tip: If you find batting is too expensive, go to Walmart and buy a cheap pillow for $2.50. The inexpensive pillows are filled with (you got it) batting ~(Hypoallergenic 100% Polyester Fill. )

 This is the space above my front door that I will be turning into a winter wonderland. This "scene" is far from done but I wanted to show you what to do to make the batting look more like snow... The batting is only put on the tree to hold the snow "flakes"on.
Here we go... First put your tree where you want it to be because you won't be able to move it after these next steps.
Step 1: Open a bag of plain fake snow (bought at Target or craft stores)
Step 2: Throw it in the air above the tree while singing "♫I'm dreaming of a white Christmas♫!"
Warning, If you do not sing while throwing the snow your tree won't turn out very well.
Step 3: Make sure to get all sides.
I also bought one bag of special "sparkly" snow and here I am sprinkling it on sparingly. You want just enough on there that when any lights hit the snow it will be reflective and glittery.
The End Result:


  1. What a fun space to decorate! I'm afraid of heights, so I would end up stuck up there!
    I never thought of using a pillow to get cheap batting...thanks for the idea!

  2. I want that space!!! How much fun..oh and I heard you singing so I know it will turn out perfectly!!

  3. That is great!! You look like you are having so much fun up there. I can't wait to see the end result. We decorated tonight and I will be posting pics soon. TFS!!


  4. Robin...
    Your post is darling, and you are very funny! I think you have done a great job with your tree. I want to give it a try! Can't wait to see what you do next....

    ps You are so daring to brave those heights!!

  5. Get down from there!! Your freaking me out..lol!

    That looks awesome! Can't wait to see the finished product!

  6. Now that my vertigo has passed....I think that's going to look wonderful!

    If I don't sing to my Christmas trees (yes, more than one) they don't come out right, either.

  7. Did you have someone hold that ladder? Hopefully the person taking the picture did :) I can't wait to see Day 3!!

  8. Look at you! Jeff wants to know who took the picture... He also wants to know what you will do if they take the ladder away! (Men never really grow up, you know) Your walls look like they are the same color as mine, Sis! They are also really tall like that, but I don't have that neat niche for decorating. Love it! I am going to blog tonight, and feature a giveaway! Woo Hoo! I LOVE how you are doing your 12 days of Christmas!!! Lori

  9. Debbie: Yes, my huband Tim took real good care of me and was with me every step of the way. I was sweating bullets! He held on to me and the ladder real tight! :)

    Lori: I answered you on your blog but thought I'd write it here too just in case someone else wanted to know. Tim took the pictures. He also held the ladder and directed me from the ladder to the big step up to the ledge! EGAD! We were laughing because I was really having a hard time getting up there (pretty scary) yet I didn't have an ounce of fear jumping out of a plane at 10,000 feet!!! ???
    I looked like the biggest dork trying to get on that ledge above my door and getting off it was a joke too. I'm just thrilled it entertained Tim the way it did!

    I am actually doing the 25 days of Christmas but singing to the tune of the 12 days of Christmas! It's fun coming up with ideas to share.

    Speaking fo sharing...CAN'T wait to see your post tonight!

  10. Hi Robin
    Your winter wonderland is looking great. The tree looks like it has real snow on it. I love that you have that space up there above your front door. In England you would not get so much space in an ordinary house. That would be made into a double bedroom for sure!
    Look forward to seeing more.

  11. Looks like you did a fabulous job!!! I can't wait to see the final pics!!

  12. Oh, my goodness, Robin...you make me a nervous wreck standing up on that ledge! Please don't fall off! I must say that your tree looks GORGEOUS! Mine would be a total disaster! I can hardly wait to see what everything looks like when it's finished!

  13. Can't wait to see your winter wonderland!!

  14. I LOVE that space up there over your door....how NEAT!!! You are quite the brave one to be up that high. I would have been freaking out up there!! Your tree looks beautiful though!!!♥

  15. You forgot one very important thing; your elf costume! Now that would have been a party!


  16. And I thought it looked great before the fake snow! I always wanted a cool alcove like yours to decorate during the holidays. Can't wait to see the end result.

  17. It looks sooo great! And I love that space up there!!

  18. You've got a great decorating space up there! Love these ideas. The sprinkling of sparkly snow is the best! THanks for all the tips!

  19. What a fun place to decorate. I am enjoying your twenty five days of Christmas. I am going to make the candy garland with my Sunday school children this Sunday...thank you for the idea. =O)

  20. I think you have a brilliant idea to decorate an otherwise wasted space. You are creating a gorgeous winter wonderland, way to go, girl.


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