From Store to Adore...

Tell me ladies... Has your man ever brought home flowers from the supermarket for you? You know the ones...They look nice in their cellophane wrapper but once you take them out and put them in a vase they look like the photo above? What I am wondering is, WHAT'S with the pine cone? You can't see from this photo but there is a pink flower to the right that makes me want to sing that Sesame Street song~♫"One of these things just doesn't belong here, one of these things just isn't the same."♪
Well, I am here to tell you~There IS hope...

First off, the two vases pictured are must haves for any household. The large one is $4 the small one is $3-You can buy them at Walmart. I've seen the same vases cost SO much more at other stores.

Now being it's Christmas lets...
Add lights! Just scotch tape white wired lights to the outside of the smaller vase.
Insert smaller vase into larger one.****
Above are tiny Styrofoam snowballs I purchased at an after Christmas sale. I added these snowballs "between"(not pictured) the two vases~You want to keep the small vase empty so we can add water in it later. This type of snowball filler does well with the little bit of heat the lights put out. I only keep this lit for short periods of time "AND" I never leave the house with the lights left on-Yes, that was my OSHA compliant safety announcement. ****

Now that you have all your ingredients, you need to leave your house...That's right just walk (don't run) out that door and take a pair of scissors with you (hence, the part about not running !) If it's winter find either a ...
Pine tree
A bush with leaves on it
Cut some branches off your live Christmas tree like I did. ****
Add them with the flowers and you have this....
***Taa Daa!
(Yes, that is the same exact bow I showed you how to make the other day in my bow making video-masking tape and all)**
Now I know there are some of you out there (you KNOW who you are/God bless you) that have told me you could not make a bow even if I was standing next to you showing you how. So I took the bow out and added a Christmas sprig I had with pine cones and a bird on it. Then I added a bird to one of the branches for a nice extra touch.***
Above is a photo with the lights in the room turned down...
It really does look much prettier in person.
If you take the lights off the small vase you could add so many other fillers:
Christmas Candy
Outdoor Christmas light bulbs (without wire)
Fake Snow flakes
Mini candy canes


  1. This brought me out of lurkdom! LOL It's beautiful. I think I'll go out and buy those vases and a bouquet of flowers!

  2. Gorgeous, Robin! You certainly have the magic touch, SIs! You'll never guess what I am doing right now.:) It's a secret, so don't ask.... tee hee.... Lori

  3. Wow this arrangement turned out beautifully. How talented and creative you are. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  4. Looovvveee this! I may even make a Wal-Mart run tomorrow for some of those vases (I don't do Wal-Mart so this was impressive!)

  5. I just happen to be headed to Wal-mart in a little bit!! This is beautiful, your so funny with your creative ideeas..keep 'em coming. I made snowmen yesterday will post them later.

  6. I simply can't get over the transformatin, Robin! Love it, love it, LOVE IT!!!

  7. Good Golly Robin that is STUNNING!!!!! It is beautiful now.♥

  8. Hi Robin
    WOW you really transformed that ordinary bunch of flowers into something very special. Great ideas, you shared today. Thank you.
    Happy Birthday to Noelle for tomorrow.

  9. This is a very cool idea and not just for Christmas either--thanks Robin!

  10. That is very FESTIVE- I love bringing fresh greenery into the house this time of year- BRAVO!

  11. WOW-even your craft impaired sister could do that!

  12. Beautful!! Thanks for another great tip! You rock!


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