SUPER Cute Easter Craft...

I am a follower of a blog called Kennedy Klan News.  Debbie is a new friend of mine that runs this blog. I love her photography and her sweet spirit too.  She posted this adorable Easter wreath with a tutorial on how to make it ~
Click HERE to see how "SUPER" easy this wreath is to create. 
Such a great idea & affordable too...
Thanks for sharing this great craft with us Debbie !

For my prim friends...I could see this with prim eggs and raffia. :)


  1. That is sooooo cute! I love it!

    OK...your photo story of the crane was both entertaining and amazing! You are so good at nature photography!!! I hope you had a great trip.

    Your sewing room looks perfect! Down to the toys for your grandaughter!!!!!

    Thanks for missing me! :)

  2. oh my! I think I just might have to get tons of those plastic eggs on sale this year and do just that!

  3. I think my inner "crafting diva" just came out! :) So cute...I believe I'll have to give it a try!

  4. Thanks Robin, I am honored that you showcased my little wreath. Honestly there are so many things different you could do with this little wreath. I made an all pink one for a friend who just had a little baby girl. My favorite are the ones done with regualr eggs and green and pink grass. They take about 1 hour to make and are pretty disposable. Thanks again Robin, I so love visiting your site and looking at all your lovely posts.

  5. Hi Robin
    That's so pretty. I would love to see it in the prim style too. I'll pop over and see your friend Debbie now.
    Hope you are enjoying your week.

  6. oh! This would solve my issue of no front door wreath AND eliminate the years of collected eggs and nothing to do with them. Thank you for the suggestion! :)

  7. That is so cute! I still have my Christmas wreath hanging on the door--did I just admit to that? Shame, shame, shame, on me!

  8. It is cute, I will check her blog out. Thanks!

  9. Hi Robin,
    You're right, this is SUPER cute!!! Thanks for sharing the link.
    I got a kick out of the post below..."you sound like my mother". Hee-hee!
    And the pic of the little one kneeling in prayer with her dollies is priceless! : )

  10. That is an ADORABLE wreath!!! Love it!

  11. Ooh, that IS cute! :) I am going to check this out and print out the tutorial~ then even if I don't get to it this year, I'll have the directions for next Easter! :)

    I hope you had a fun weekend! Did you all just love that wonderful weather we had yesterday? It felt like summer! The kids were running around bare foot and everything! :)

  12. Oh darn, I can't see the picture. I'll have to come back later and see if it will upload.

    ~Christine = )

  13. That is adorable!!
    I'm going over now to check out her blog

  14. That's so cute. THanks for sharing the link. I may have to make one of these for next year. I have so many of those eggs left over from years past, I wouldn't even have to buy any!

  15. Cute!!

    Okay so the hymnal came from our local Christian Bookstore. I heard you can also get them online. I only paid about $6-7 for it. I think.

    You make me smile constantly. Just wanted you to know!!

  16. Where have I been, Robin?? How did I miss your last two posts?? This wreath is too cute! I cannot wait to check out her blog!

    Your photography never fails to take my breath away, seriously. You are so gifted! I love how you share these moments of beauty with us, Sis. Such a delight to the eye! Lori

  17. That is very cute!! Happy Easter to you!

  18. What a cute wreath Robin! I hope that you and your family had a blessed Easter.

  19. That is so adorable!!

    Hope you had a great Easter!!♥

  20. Thank You Robin - what a great honor to have my wreath posted on your site. I have been lax in my crafting and posting - New Year's Resolution is to get back to it!! Thanks Again!


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