A Day At The Beach~

Hi Everyone, First off I want to thank you for your sweet prayers-I am so thankful for all of you.

We are still under the weather, though better then last week- It's been a long time since I have been this sick. 
My dad has a doctor's appointment tomorrow that I will be going to. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of his illness...When did doctors stop caring about our elderly? I just want to get some answers and to keep him out of the hospital. 

I've been watching our granddaughter Noelle every day for the last few months.  Her mommy is taking some classes up at the college in the mornings and working the afternoons-I'm very proud of how hard she is working for her and Noelle. 
I hope to get to posting more, in the meantime here are some pictures of our beach trip a few weekends ago with Noelle Grace~♥ 

First stop is always Starbucks~Noelle gets her milk, grandma gets her coffee-It's a win-win!

I adore this picture ~She LOVED the beach!

Grandpa took her out to see the waves-She wants down to play in them but as you can see, grandpa has a firm hold on his precious cargo.

The face of pure contentment~♥

The bigger the wave the happier she was!

Picking up rocks and seashells.

Building and destroying sandcastles.

She ran like this on the beach most the day!

Getting a little help from Grandpa ~Cleaning the sand off her hands.

The quiet ride home~♥ (Purse in hand-of course)

A Perfect Day!


  1. Your grandchild is a perfect little pink pixie, and she sure knows how to enjoy the beach.

  2. A perfect day, indeed. I am so looking forward to everything with Layla. Everything will be brand new to her. Noelle is just precious. I love her little face.

  3. wow. noelle is truly beautiful!

    what a little miracle :)

  4. STILL sick, Sweetie??! Oh my goodness! I do hope that you are steadily getting better. You and Tim, both. I'm so glad you are going to the appointment with your Dad. It helps to much to have another set of ears (especially yours!) to hear what is said. Love you bunches! I need to e-mail you about an appointment we had today. I feel really good about it...:) Lori

  5. How Adorable ~ Aren't Grands the Very Best.....

  6. What a honey! She's going to need some rubber boots like Grandpas! LOL
    I can't wait to take Hailie to the beach. We just live down the road from the 5th largest lake in Ontario and it's full of wonderful sand bars. She's going to love it!

  7. Oh my goodness! What a cutie patootie Robin!! You can just see the delight in her eyes too. Isn't it wonderful to be making these special memories with her?? We are blessed!!

  8. What beautiful phtographs! You've captured some wonderful memories here.

  9. she is just the cutest girl ever! love these photos. that is a perfect day if i ever saw one!

  10. Pretty in pink...and clearly the apple of Grandpa's eye!

    Kudos to your daughter for all her hard work, Robin.

    As for doctors and the elderly...*sigh* We got the same treatment with my Grandma. We felt like we had to get loud and a little rude before they took her (and us) seriously. What a shame.

  11. beautiful photos of a beautiful girl, Robin! Sorry to hear that this illness is still lingering. Many prayers and healthy mojo headed your way still. :)

  12. I didn't know you've been sick, Robin...I've been trying to recuperate from our trip to Orlando and life's been super crazy ever since! Sure hope you're on the mend soon! Being sick is the PITS!

    Noelle is such a living doll! Your pictures truly capture the essence of this special time in your lives. ENJOY EVERY MOMENT!

    I'll say a prayer for your Dad...I know how worrisome that can be. Hope you get some answers very soon! Have a wonderful day, Robin!

  13. So sorry you are all still sick. Hopefully you can get some answers about your Dad.

    Noelle is such a blessing and she is sooooo darn CUTE! Looks like she had a FABULOUS time at the beach. LOVE your beautiful pictures.♥

  14. That really does look like a perfect day. What a precious baby she is! So glad you could spend the day together. Just magical : )

  15. These are the cutest pictures ever. I am so in love with her little coat I could just giggle, well I am. I hope you get to feeling better. Your granddaughter is beautiful.

  16. Hi Robin
    Noelle is just the cutest. All the pictures of her at the beach are so adorable.
    Glad you are feeling a bit better this week. Hope your Dad's hospital appointment goes ok today.
    Thinking of you all.

  17. Gorgeous pics of your beautiful family. So glad y'all are starting to feel better.

  18. Robin your granddaughter is beautiful! What a joy for you to be able to spend so much time with her! I take care of my 16 month old grandson! I love it!

  19. What a fun day and what beautiful pictures of Noelle and her grandpa enjoying the beach.


  20. Hope you get some answers on your Dad's health and healing to you...these are precious memories you are making with Noelle...kudos to your daughter!

  21. Sorry it took me so long to respond to the question you asked a couple days ago about adding pages. In response, no it isn't difficult to add pages at all. I thought adding pages was going to be really complicated, but it wasn't made me happy! Go to "Posting" you will see a few tabs.. one to add a new post, another to add a a new "page." Add what you want to the page and voila, you have pages! Hope that helps. = )


  22. This WAS a perfect day Robin. Love Noelle's pink outfit and the expressions on her face. I'm glad you had such a fun outing with her.

    Hope you find the answers your Dad needs to get well. I hate that the process has been one of frustration for you...

  23. Hmmm... Okay, one idea. Do you see where it says you can add more than one page?

    Click Customize
    Click Posting
    Click Edit Pages
    Click Little Blue Button that says NEW PAGE.

    You should be able to add up to 10 pages. If you can't make it work today, try again tomorrow. One day I wasn't able to add pictures and the next day I could.

    Let me know if that works for you.

    ~Christine = )

  24. Robin - Your blog is beautiful! I love the pictures of your grandchild and family! This is my first visit here -(not really even sure, how I found you!- but I am so glad I did!) I love blogs that are all about family - this is just wondeful! Thanks for sharing those great pictures.


  25. oh my more beautiful pics! Noelle is totally adorable!

  26. Robin,

    oh my gosh, your photos are fantastic!
    Of course your subjects are beautiful but you really seem to know your way around a camera.

    What wonderful memories you have captured!

    I hope you have a terrific weekend.
    God bless!

  27. I love love the beach! Lindsay from England sent me here to visit you!! I am from the Capital City of Wa!! =) Adorable grand daughter! Hope you all are feeling better...
    now following...
    Jenn @ www.seizingmyday.com

  28. She is so precious- such a blessing! Your heart must be so full of love...

  29. Days like this are why I want children. You can see what a wonderful day she had by every expression on her face!

  30. Robin, what a great day y'all had!


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