Some More About Me...

I love doing photography.
Okay, if you read my blog you know that!
I used to own a floral shop called The Robin’s Nest.

I live in the city but dream of living a country life once again.

I am a good friend, I can keep a secret.

I don't like shopping and rarely go to the mall.

I started golfing last year and LOVE it, who'd thought?

My husband is my best friend-I don’t just say that either...He really is.

Writing a craft book IS in my future. 

I used to weigh close to 200 pounds.

My husband and I hold hands while watching TV at night.

I am a witty person and don't take life over seriously.

I tend to add in alot of movie & Seinfeld quotes  in my everyday conversations.

I believe the bible is black and white, there are no gray areas-What people think is gray they just don't understand.

I believe God is perfect, hence believing the bible is 100% true.
I'm VERY forgiving.

I can't/don't eat gluten (flour, rye, barley or oats) or MSG's.

I eat real organic butter. Hello Paula Deen!

I love cooking in cast iron skillets

I've never had a manicure or a pedicure.

I fight aging all the way-So my husband tells me.

I talk to my mom pretty much every day.

I wouldn't be here today if God hadn't intervened.

I am a big time electronic junkie. 

I like rain.

I've ran marathons, triathlons and have jumped out of an airplane.

I want to climb Mt Rainier.
I hike alot.

I like crafting & sewing.

Christmas is my favorite holiday.

I can't decide if I like the ocean or the mountains better.

I've watched Pride and Prejudice WAY, WAY, WAY too many times.

My husband says my drugs of choice is Starbucks coffee.

I used to love hot weather but the older I get the more mild I want the temps.

I've been a procrastinator my whole life...
BUT I'm rarely ever late to an appointment or event.
I look forward to my morning coffee, even thinking about it the night before.

I believe people CAN change.

I believe in miracles~♥


  1. Robin- That was so incredibly beautiful, dear sister. So true and wonderful! My sister, Wonder Woman! I have had one pedicure and it's not all they are cracked up to be. I have had two manicures and on the last one I passed out! Safer to do it yourself.;) I am addicted to magazines, too! So many still to read if there were only more time... I wish that I would forget to eat. sigh... Love you!:) Lori

  2. That was fun! I wish I could just forget to eat...or maybe not. I think it might just be my favorite hobby. I also definitely agree with you about the Bible 100%.

  3. You are a perfectly wonderfully made person!! And we know who THE hand in that!! :-)

  4. Hi Robin
    I enjoyed reading this lovely post and learning lots more about my Washington Sister.
    I picked 3 things that I match with you on and 3 things I don't.
    3 matches
    I've never had a manicure or a pedicure
    I talk to my mom every day.
    I'm rarely ever late to an appointment or event.
    3 definate mis-matches.
    I am NOT an electronic junkie.
    I am NOT a confident person.
    I do NOT like rain.
    Did you really jump out of an airplane? WOW.

  5. You are so awesome!

    I love your list and how honest you are. You constantly inspire me!

    God bless you,


    (PS Taking a blog break, BUT I will be coming around to see what you are up to.)

  6. We are alot alike! you and i =) except God changed me 19 years ago... =)and I don't like to run. and I don't want to climb Mt Rainier! and I do eat gluten but I wonder if I shouldn't... long story!! ha ha!

    I love that you said you stopped nagging your hubby and it is amazing! I have always tried to never nag (though once in a while I slip!) and I am SURE it makes a huge difference in our marriage! ;)

    I want to live in 75 degree weather, near the coast on a small farm!! =) a girl can dream right?!

  7. Hi Robin,

    I LOVED reading your list!!! I SURE wish I would forget to eat!!! I would LOVE to live somewhere cooler than here, but I love the little town where we live. Great post!♥

  8. You should definitely try the pulled pork - I use the tamari version of soy sauce (I think that's how you spell it) - it's gluten free!

    I should ask you, since I'm trying to put a gluten-free label on recipes that fit that description - what are some common ingredients that people wouldn't suspect would have gluten? Obviously anything with wheat, rye, etc. has it, but are there random things that I might not know about?

  9. I loved reading that! It was sweet, funny and endearing...

  10. Me again! Just got your comment on my last post. She did it yesterday... Walked across the room into my arms saying meemeee meemee meemee! It was the best... Just like you said!! I think it is even more fun sharing Grammy moments than it was sharing new mom moments!! So keep on sharing those special moments with Noelle as she grows so I can see what I have to look forward too!!


  11. Wow how much we are alike! I have only had 1 manicure, just dont see the sense in wasting that money. I am a homebody too which my mother thinks I'm crazy but I love home and love Jesus! My hubby is also by best friend. Thanks for sharing so much about you I loved reading every word! Blessings,Karen

  12. Interesting..I already knew some of these from stalking your blog, lol!!

  13. What a neat post! I learned so much about you. = )

  14. What a great post Robin and a way to get to know you better. I like many of your other followers see a lot of the same characteristics in myself as you have. Thank you for letting us get to know you better. It has given me some thoughts to ponder about myself. And very refreshing to read a post that isn't about a project that you built or a room that was remodeled, however much I love to read those I also like the personal element.

  15. I loved that Robin! I used to weigh close to 200 pounds myself. And I always procrastinate. Work better closer to the deadline, I guess!

  16. WOW!! This is interesting and wonderful. You are inspiring! And isn't it amazing, if we allow God to work in us and change us - HE certainly will!

  17. Robin
    you never cease to amaze me!!! i love getting to know you better!!!

  18. LOVE your list, I think you need to add fabulous granny.. and Miracle maker! LOVE LOVED this post!

  19. I LOOOOVED reading this!!! I think everyone should do one of these Posts. Too fun!
    And just the record...we've watched Pride and Prejudice WAY too many times too! The old mini-series (with Colin Firth) and the new one with Keira Knightley. : )

  20. Do your own pedicures, I have gotten some nasty stuff from salons! I love this post, I love hearing about all the fun facts and weird quirks we all have :)

  21. Hi Robin- many of these things I knew, but a few I didn't. Just one thing, though- you said you are a good friend. You, my dear, are a GREAT friend!
    Love you!!

  22. Is it really possible to watch Pride & Prejudice too much? I don't think so, especially if it's the A&E version. Love it!
    Fun post, some things here I'd love to hear more about....
    I haven't been over in a bit. I need to go catch up.

  23. Wow. I can't believe how many of these are about me too....

  24. I love your honesty, and its good to get to know you better...
    Have a sweet day!

    Deborah xo

  25. I knew that we were soul mates when you said you eat chocolate everyday!...lol I love what you have written here. I have not been around blog land for a bit now and this post has made me miss it all that much more! Thank you for sharing you here with us!


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