Wordful Wednesday...

 If I had to pick one word to describe my life this last year it would be the word:
Here's the definition: To change(something)so that it fits, corresponds, or conforms; adapt; accommodates. 

 I'm still trying to make everything fit into my life but truthfully there are so many loose ends it's just unreal.

Seriously, I don't know how you women do all that you do!

What is the one word you would pick to describe your life this year?


  1. Muddle!
    I always feel like I am in a muddle. I never feel like anything at home or at work is up to date or sorted out. I seem to do whatever is the most urgent and muddle along to the next day.

  2. Seriously, Robin. That picture is phenomenal...so so beautiful!

    Adjust would work for me too. Maybe I could pick "change". It seems as though I've had to go through a lot of that recently.

    We're all a work in progress. God's not finished with us yet. :)

  3. Amazing photo, what clarity you are able to achieve through your photo lens! I have to say the word "adjust" fits this year for me too.

  4. HUMM!!!!!!! the first one that comes to mind is BLESSED! This Lili thing is still so new and exciting (and I don't have her ALL the time so it stays exciting!) and the success of the magazine (even though I just help!). But change and adapt and adjust all would work too! And loose ends - I have a million as well. One day at a time... I have to remind myself constantly!!

    We do indeed have so much in common right now! We have some of those latches and gates you mentioned too. We had to design our own for the top of the stairs with the iron railing on one side.
    I painted it black and we tie it shut with a piece of torn homespun! LOL I made it work for my house.

    Give that sweet little girl big hugs from her blogging admirers way over on this side of the country!!

  5. I feel like my word is busy. There ALWAYS seems to be something to do or somewhere I am having to take Lexi.

  6. Exploring and learning....and adjusting, too! ;o)

  7. Scrambled, that would best describe me lately.....
    Since my "girlie" surgery, that's how my brain feels!
    Finding solice in my crafty world..

  8. I would say first Blessed, because I am. This summer though has been overwhelming. Hopefully soon we will be able to come up for air and look back on all we learned from our expereinces.;)

  9. I am So not doing it well!! ha ha!! chaos! ;)

    Beautiful photograph!! It looked so real!! ;)

  10. Overwhelmed...that would be my word. But things are looking up. My daughter had an accident this summer, but I have left my job so I want to get my house in order. I hope next year my word will be Organized!

  11. Joy-filled. :) Had to hypenate to make it one word! I'm on a 4 month mission trip and have had a blast. I go home in 2 weeks and can't wait to get there but south Louisiana has been a wonderful spiritual experience. blessings, marlene

  12. Overwhelming! What a great word you chose, that could fit me too!! That picture is beautiful btw!!

  13. First, I love that picture. The little white spider on the petal is amazing! Such detail.

    My word for the year... Hmm... Growth. Applies to my kids, their education, my marriage, my art... a lot of great steps forward, and some growing pains, as well.

  14. Change?

    Realize? As in all the dreams that have been realized this year.


    this is a great exercise.

  15. Today I would say--DISASTER! If it's not one thing, then it's another. But adjust is a good word--I've been adjusting some things in my life lately.....

    Guess what--my word verification is bless! You are a blessing to me!

  16. You know Amy, I don't believe in coincidences, I do however believe in CONFIRMATIONS-The word verification you got looks to me to be a God thing~♥

    With that said, You too are a blessing to me~♥

  17. Content - I've gotten to do a few things that I've wanted to which makes me happy.
    And I've been trying to be happy and thankful for the things God has given me... Which has made me content!:D

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  19. My word... "Revealing"...

    BTW... Love the picture...Amazingly I have an almost identical photo... If you click on the RedBubble link on the right of my site you can check it out there...

  20. Michael,
    I checked out your picture...The picture you took of the two mountain lilies is beautiful! Keep up the good work!

  21. Can I pick more than one?

    On Hold.
    Sitting around.
    Waiting some more.


  22. Mine would be: Simplify.
    I was over at Love the Decor! and while reading the comments about her post on Red Doors, I read a comment that you left and I knew I liked you right away!
    You said: " It reminds me of the blood that Jesus shed for us on the cross."
    I told her the same thing, "My front door IS red and I do absolutely love it! My red door is a reminder of my heart and Jesus' blood shed for me. My home is white, and the shutters black. The blood (red door) reminds me the the darkness (black shutters) is pushed aside and my heart is again white (siding) as snow.
    Our home's colors were planned this way to remind us:)"
    Anyway, I had to come by and say "hi" to my new sister, my red door-lovin' sister!
    I love your heart!
    And I need to adjust to simlifying!
    Blessings to you as you make your home!

  23. This past year has been very difficult... but I'm looking forward to a calm and peaceful upcoming year...


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