Christmas Ornament/Garland Ideas...

ONLY at Christmastime can you find me in a K-Mart store...They always have the cutest Christmas decorations there.  My husband Tim and I ventured into K-Mart the other day. I just HAD to get out my camera and take pictures of some of the Christmas decorations to share with you all.  Tim of course just shook his head when the camera came out. You should have seen his face when I asked him to "please" hold some garland so I could get a picture of it! (Insert growl from him here.)-(Love you babe!) ;)
Anyhoo,  I'm clicking away and suddenly we hear over the store intercom system, "Code 2, Code 2!" "Code 2, Code 2!" Both Tim and I looked up at each other with the deer in the headlight look and
 I whisper-yelled,
 Of course we didn't, we just laughed cause we're dorkie that way.
I was real nervous taking the pictures and to serve me right ALL of them came out blurry.  BUT I looked up K-mart/Sears Online store and they had pictures right there for me!  
 By the way, you can buy all that you see on this post at K-mart or Sears stores-Their online stores have everything too. OR you can make them yourself~
So without further ado...
 For all you crocheters out there. Oh, I wish I knew how to crochet, I'd be making lots of these!

These crochet ornaments are from Country Living designs.

 Ty Pennington designs created this ruffled pine cone-I would probably make this in a red and white toile.

 Country Living again-I'd do this one with plaid ribbon.

 Jaclyn Smith designed pink pine cone-I touched it and it feels like that fun foam you can buy at craft stores.


 Seriously, how hard could this be to make? Put those kids to crafting! (Country Living)

 Remember making pom poms? (Country Living)

My favorite! 
 9 foot Yo Yo Garland-It is super cute-Better looking in person then in photo~ Easy to make girls!
 (Country Living)

Thank you to everyone who is participating in my homemade Christmas deal. It's not too late to join and it doesn't have to be ornaments-Anything Christmas works.  See this POST to learn how to be a celebrity guest on my blog.
We will be starting our celebrity guest tutorials next Monday~


  1. These ornament photos are putting me in the Christmas spirit.

  2. oh my word!!!!!
    As soon as T-A is willign to participate in making garland,we are all over it..ahaha!

    Your welcome for the card :)

  3. I love the first two ornaments. I crochet somewhat. It has me studying them to see if I could do them. I have a giveaway on my prayer blog for a crocheted prayer shawl that ends Sunday.

  4. So cute!
    We used to have a K-Mart here..years ago.
    Im loving Christmas decor here in blogland!
    Have a great weekend!

    Deborah xoxo

  5. Hi Robin~

    These are such fun ornaments! Your K-Mart story is so funny! I can just picture it! :)

    My sister and I would love to show ornaments on your blog, and are so glad to hear you'll guest post on ours! I will email you tomorrow morning about all of this! :)

    I hope you are doing well, and staying safe and warm with this cold and snowy weather we're having....brrrr!


  6. Robin- I love all these ideas! I have no idea how to crochet, but I ADORE the ribbon ornament! And the yo-yo's are too cute! I adore yo-yo's, just like you! Are you making one of these? I cannot wait to see how you are decorating your trees as it sounds like you are going a different direction this year. Are you inspired by your little angel?:) Lori

  7. Katie made some of the pompom garland when she was about 5 and had the BEST time. I highly recommend it. Get the pom poms at the Dollar Tree. So much less expensive than Wal Mart!

    LOVE the KMart story! Mandy tried to take a little movie at one of the craft fairs this year and she was told she could not do it. I was HOPPING mad. If they only knew how innocent she is and that she only wanted to show her friend what he was missing.:( I know they have to protect their ideas, but please! So, perhaps KMart WAS talking about you?? tee hee... What is a "code 2"? Mad photographers, I think!:)


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