Fall Window Pane Chandie~Lit Up...

Remember when I showed you all how to make this Window Pane Chandelier in THIS post?
Well, I added some lights and candles and wanted to show you how it looks at night... 

 Here's the table with some pumpkin candles added to it~

 A close up of the Chandelier~

Close up of top of Chandie~

Full view~
I've really enjoyed it both day and night and I can't wait to change it up with Christmas decor!
♫♪Fa la la la la, la la la laaaaa!♪♫

(Our grand daughter Noelle.)
How did Little Bunny Foo Foo get on this post? Wink wink! ;)


  1. Oh your little bunny would have enjoyed playing with our little duckie!!

    Love the window chanie!! So pretty all lit up too!

    Happy November!!

  2. sooo pretty!!

    omg...noelle is a beautiful bunny!!

  3. That is absolutely beautiful all lit up. I can't wait to see what you do with it for Christmas....

  4. Simply gorgeous!! Love the photos all lit up!

  5. Oh, I loved seeing everything all lit up! And you KNOW I loved seeing pics of my darling niece! What a little angel bunny!:) Lori

  6. Little bunny foo foo hopping through the forest...


    She looks adorable! And I love the chandie. Beautiful!

  7. Gosh I can not believe I never get over here anymore. Sad because I have missed you.
    Enjoy catching up with you tonight and I love your little bunny how cute and adorable.
    This window project is beautiful.
    Think of you often wondering how things are in WA state

  8. Love the fall decorations with the candles. Bunny is adorable. I can't wait to see what you do with this area for Christmas.

  9. I love this Chandie. It makes me want to find a window in a pane like that. Your bunny is precious.

  10. Gorgeous Chandie-Lit Up!

    You sure have an adorable Grandbunny!

  11. It's so perfect for the Fall, but I cannot wait to see how you change it for the next Holiday season! You're so stinkin' clever!

  12. That looks sensational Robin. How gorgeous. LOVE the little orange candles. Too pretty for words.

    And your costumed cutie? ADORABLE to the max!

  13. I LOVE Bunny Foo Foo!!
    The Chandie is so beautiful lit up.
    I'm getting a Christmas-y feeling myself. I should probably see a doctor about it!

  14. Hi Robin
    Your chandelier looks gorgeous, all lit up and glowing. It really is a great idea. Noelle is the cutest little pink bunny ever. Can't believe she is nearly 2!

  15. Magical twinkly little display. Can't wait for Christmas- have you started counting down the days yet?????

  16. Oh, the lights make it look extra pretty! Definitely another fav of mine! Noelle sure does look adorable in her little bunny suit! :)

  17. So gorgeous Robin..as always!
    So breath-takingly beautiful..
    I cant wait to see what you do for Christmas too!
    I adore your bunny!

    Have a great day!!

    Deborah xo

  18. It looks absolutely beautiful!! I love it! I also love that little bunny that found her way onto your blog post!! :) What a little cutie!♥

  19. Tag you're it Robin!!
    Come and see me!!

    Deborah xo

  20. Robin, this could be in a magazine! The idea is genius, and how beautiful it looks with candles! I love every single picture. :)

    Noelle is too cute, by the way! Love that bunny costume! :)

  21. Noelle is adorable... but besides that I LOVE those little pumpkin candles... I don't get out much anymore with home schoolin... so I miss out on fun little things like that!! Can't wait to see your chandie all decked for Christmas!

  22. That turned our beautiful! What an adorable little bunny! =O)


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