Brighten a Dull Winter's Day...

A couple of years ago at Thanksgiving my brother Ron gave my mom and I each a paperwhite kit. 
Mom and I enjoyed watching them grow and bloom in the dead of winter.
This year I  picked up a few paperwhite bulbs at Home Depot. 
Instead of putting them in a vase, I created a centerpiece that is me made over
 (and probably you too!)
Here's how I made it:

Remember the grapevine pumpkins I got at Target in the dollar bin?
I posted about them here.
After Thanksgiving I was getting ready to store them and it hit me (like a ton of bricks) that they could probably be turned into a nest!

I took a pair of old craft scissors and started cutting away. 

I pulled the grapevine away from the metal frame inside and formed the grapevine into a nest.
So if you didn't happen to pick up one of these pumpkins at Target that's okay-Just look around for something that "could" work.
A round basket with moss or raffia around it would be just as cute.
It only takes a little extra imagination~ Once you start thinking "nest" you'd might be surprised at the things around you that would work!

I recycled a gallon milk jug by cutting it to fit inside my nest-I put moss around it to help hide it.
Then I added pebbles, they are perfect for growing the paperwhites.
At this point you want to arrange your paperwhite (Narcissus) bulbs.

The pointed base taper candle holders go inbetween the bulbs so the pebbles hold them-You can get these at any craft stores, alot of times they are in the wedding section. Battery operated taper candles are the safer route to go and what I recommend. They also come with their own base. I love these, you can purchase them at Kmart/Sears.
Moss is great for covering everything up... I painted the edges of these little pine cones white, it helped them stand out better from the brown nest-Then I added a bird that I had lying around my craft room.
A few berries around the nest makes it festive. 

Here's another view...

Without the candles on a window sill.
This would make a great gift or you could make one to brighten your dull winter's day. I have thoroughly enjoyed mine AND they grow fast once you add water. 
BTW: If you are planting in pebbles or marbles, add enough water to come within 3/4" of the top of the pebbles. This will keep the base of the bulb moist, but will not soak the bulb and avoids rot.
 NEVER leave candles unattended! Leaving the candles out would be best if giving this as a gift.


  1. Robin! This is gorgeous! How do you come up with such fabulous ideas?? Thanks so much for inspiring us- again!:) Lori

  2. that's amazing!!!!
    you have major craft brain :)

  3. Robin, how very clever of you!! It looks wonderful and enjoy the smell of those paperwhites when they start blooming for you!! I forgot to buy some bulbs this year and I will miss them greatly!

  4. oh, I just love your holiday ideas...this is so cute!

  5. Absolutely beautiful ~ great job and idea!

  6. Robin...you are always astounding me with something! I love this pretty and unique idea!

  7. FABULOUS..ORIGINAL..You are a true craft master..lol..Merry Christmas..

  8. This is beautiful!

    Love all your great ideas!!

  9. Oh, I love this! I'll take two please!! And I will pick them up December 23rd. ;)

    Beautiful... as always! :)

  10. Robin,
    It looks gorgeous. Thanks for an excellent tutorial and such a wonderful idea.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  11. Stunning and it looks like a million bucks, Robin!

  12. Beautiful and so creative- Martha Stewart herself would love to get her hands on this project!!

  13. This is so pretty! I think you should bring one over to my house!!!... I have been so stinking busy but having fun. Making my rounds this evening and catching up with my crafty friends on here and my mind is about to pop open!...lol This really is stunning!

  14. Gorgeous! That's so amazing Robin! I have always loved paperwhites. Just never thought I could grow them. I killed Dave's lima bean he brought home from school. And my Christmas cactus is dead.....but maybe, just maybe I could grow these!

  15. That is SO pretty, Robin! You're so talented!! I love paperwhites. I usually buy my Granny a pot of them every year.

  16. great idea....simply gorgeous!

  17. Hi Robin~

    This is beautiful, and so creative! The combination of the candles and paper whites is stunning, and the moss is the perfect addition to the centerpiece. I love how you used the Target pumpkin for a nest like you did, too! I have one of those! Hum...

    I hope you are having a great week, and that you have a wonderful (and relaxing!) Christmas with your family!

    Blessings to you, my friend!

  18. Oh my goodness! That is just beautiful. The nest, the moss, and the bird! You put it all together just perfect!

  19. That is just beautiful, natural, but very crafty. I would never think of doing that to a Target Pumpkin, lol.


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