Netting For Garland, Wreaths and Angels...

I bought this netting at Ben Franklin~
 It's called Geo Mesh Poly Ribbon.

I decided to use it as garland on my tree...
I did alot of twisting and scrunching.
Snowmen ornaments can be purchased at Target.

Here's what it looks like on my tree.
I haven't finished decorating the tree but wanted you to see how the mesh looks.
I  should have it all done by the 24th! :)

The video below demonstrates how to make angels out of Geo Mesh~
You can make wreaths with it too.
By the way: That's not me in the video-JUST in case you are wondering.

You could probably use tulle (fabric for making tutu's)
 to get the same results at a better price.


  1. Pretty! I am using tulle as my tree "skirt" this year. :)

  2. Robin,
    The mesh is so pretty. I saw some versions of it at Craft Warehouse, but decided not to get it this year since I'm not decorating much due to moving. Your tree is going to be fabulous!!

  3. I love that mesh!! It looks great in your tree. I also LOVE Ben Franklin stores...we used to have one and it was mine and my mom's favorite place to go for unique Christmas decorations! I miss it.

    Hope you're having a great week so far!♥

  4. Your tree looks amazing! I think it looks perfect just the way it is. What more could you add to such perfection?:) Lori

  5. love this! and your tree is beautiful

  6. You have a gift for decorating!

  7. Hello from a snowy UK. I have stumbled upon your wonderful blog and have added myself as your latest follower. I am so useless at this sort ot thing...so some fantastic tips here.Please do drop by my blog and maybe follow if you would like.
    Warmest wishes.
    Carol from www.facing50withhumour.blogspot.com

  8. Hi Robin
    The netting looks perfect. I love your tree. It looks gorgeous.I want you to come and decorate mine. It's still not up yet!

  9. The tree looks beautiful. Was fun watching the video...the angel was pretty.

  10. Your tree looks beautiful! I know a lot of people put the ribbon on vertically, but I really like the way yours looks. (I wish I could see it in person :D) Our tree is already done, maybe I will try it next year.
    You are so clever!

  11. I love what you did with your tree, Robin...so different from others I've seen! Mine would look NOTHING like that if I were to give it a whirl...trust me! :)

  12. it looks very pretty on your tree, thanks for sharing the 'how to!'


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