Owl Ornaments~

These cute owl ornaments are fun and easy-Even the kids can get involved in making them!

 Our next guest blogger in the nest is:
 Amy from Life in Pink Hi-tops.
A little about Amy:
I'm a mom of 4 who has decided that being sane is highly overrated!! I love making all kinds of things. You never know what I may be up to. But it's probably not going to be folding the laundry!
Supplies you will need:
 Heavy thread for a hanger
 Split wood egg

The small owl uses the Split Robin Egg and the large owl uses the Split Pullet Egg. These can be found in the unfinished wood section in your craft store. 
I got my split eggs at Michael's.

Let's Begin...

First off, paint the egg. Don't forget the eyes! I painted mine on.
You want the narrow end as the bottom.
You could use googly eyes~ That would be so cute.
I decided to do a little extra on the pink one. I used a stamp to add a little extra detail.

Cut out the felt.
 You can download the templates for the felt backs HERE.

For the beak I cut a tiny corner off a piece of white felt.
Don't glue it on yet, we will do that later.

 After the paint is dry, glue the egg piece to the felt.
You will be folding the beak over the top (wider end) of the egg.

Before you glue the beak down, add a thread hanger through the back of the top.
I used a needle and crochet cotton.
Once you have the hanger on glue the beak to the front.

Now you have a darling little owl to hang on your Christmas tree!
 I live in Pink Hi-Tops, so of course I had to have a pink one for my tree!

Thanks for sharing Amy, they are adorable!

More guest bloggers to come~
If you would like to join in E-mail me!


  1. so cute!
    they wouldn't match a thing in my house..haha..but they are awesome!!

  2. Those are SO cute! I love owls. May have to make me some of these.

    Hope you're having a great week, Robin!♥

  3. I love Amy! She is so super creative and lovely! I think it is darling that she wears pink hi-tops!!! Thanks for this super cute craft! Lori

  4. Those are so unigue and adorable! Abby and I might have to try our hand at some...being that I've been bit by the "crafty bug". ;)

  5. How fun! These are really cute!

  6. Oh my goodness this is to darn cute!

  7. I love your owls Amy. They are adorable.

  8. i got one of these cuties in a swap from Amy....total cuteness!


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