Jolly Snowman...

Pictured above is the snowman by Martha Stewart.

Pictured above is the snowman by Robin Beck (Me)

To see how Martha made hers click HERE.

I made mine a little different... First off, I used really soft fluffy yarn and made my own pom poms instead of buying them. I used black embroidery thread for the eyes. I did the felt hat just like Martha but added a little snowflake embellishment to make it more cute. The carrot nose is felt but I sewed little black lines by hand to make it look more like a real carrot. For the scarf I used ribbon off a package someone had given me and sewed little red buttons to his front to finish him off.  This snowman is fun and easy to make. He would look cute on a Christmas tree, a gift or just about anywhere! This would be a wonderful craft to do with your kids.

Merry Christmas!


  1. ADORABLE! I'd love to make a whole slew of those for gift toppers! Thanks for passing this along, Robin!

  2. That is super cute Robin! Glad you are finding time to be crafty!

  3. Your Snowman is so sweet. I have a little tree that I put fun and whimsical ornaments on, and that would go perfect on it. Enjoy the season!
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  4. totally cute. love how you copied the photo idea.

  5. Completely adorable and how crafty you are.

  6. Your snowman is too cute, Robin! And I like April's idea of making them for gift toppers...


  7. How cute! Your snowman looks so snuggly and inviting. My girls would love this!


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