Gooseberry Patch Valentine Sweetheart Ribbon Wreath...

Yesterday I pinned this Sweetheart Ribbon Wreath onto my Valentines Pinterest board. It got so many repins that I thought I should share it here.

Cute huh?!
To see how to make it~~~ run yourself over HERE to Gooseberry Patch-Those ladies have such fabulous ideas and wonderful recipes.

It reminded me of the one that I made for my Autumn door...

Actually my sister Lori made the ribbon garland for me and I made it into a wreath. Gooseberry Patch created theirs on a hanger using material and ribbon. Lori's was all ribbon tied onto a rope. The nice thing about this is I can take it off the wreath and use it as garland if I want to change things up one year.
To see how to make the ribbon garland/wreath go HERE.

For Valentine's day I am going to try to make one for my front door out of wire with both fabric and ribbon sans cookies.
The fabric will make it much less time consuming.
A pinner commented that she is going to put Hershey's kisses on hers instead of the cookies. That's a fantastic idea especially for those short on time.

This would work wonderfully for any holiday~I can picture the 4th of July wreath in my mind right now!


  1. I am one of the repinners! I think it's so adorable and something I can make! Have I told you how much I love Pinterest? ;)

  2. Thanks for inspiring us again, Robin! I will get my trees down soon so I can begin spreading LOVE!:) Lori

  3. Unless I missed it, Gooseberry didn't mention how many yards (or portion thereof) of fabric to get. Any suggestions?


  4. April: YES i KNOW how much you love Pinterest! LOL!
    Lori: You started all this!
    Lucy: OH I am soooo bad at math...They said you would need 24 strips of fabric that are 1-1/2" x 6" lengths- (2 different colored fabric) so 12 strips each.
    Does that help? Personally I'd get a half yard each just to play it safe, if I bought too much I'll make another to give away! Are you back in the area?

  5. The wreath is adorable! I am going to Pinterest right now. I have tried to stay away but it is so addictive :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thanks for sharing all these great ideas. I want to try and get some crafting done this weekend.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend,

  7. How cute is that wreath!!! I love your Fall one too! Love the ribbon strips that Lori made too!

  8. So glad that I found your blog, I'm your newest follower!

  9. I think this is adorable, I was looking for something for Valentine's Day - thank you for sharing.

  10. How cute! I want a cute Valentine's wreath.

  11. these are fabulous Robin. I love the nest in your fall wreath,

  12. What a cute idea! Wreaths make everything seem so much more festive. I'm glad you shared these here!

  13. Super cute Robin! will you make me one (in your spare time??) :)

  14. I love this! I am just starting to think about my Valentine crafting and this is now on my list!

  15. The red wreath is so pretty, and I like the idea of chocolate kisses on it too. I am already excited about Valentine's Day, as it is a special day for me.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley


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