Once Upon a Time~Part 1

Engagement photo-Tylor Fox Photography

My son Timothy and his fiancée Karina planned on getting married last Friday at the court house.  The judge however was scheduled to have surgery and couldn't perform the ceremony. Wednesday night, a week ago, my son calls and tells me they found a Pastor to marry them AND asks if they can get married in my home that Saturday???
"Of course... I can do this in 2 days right?" I thought to myself. 
Well, RIGHT after Timothy and I had the wedding in my home conversation a horrible ice storm hit our area.
What a mess, power went out, trees were falling all around our house, guest were coming in from as far as San Diego. 
We have a generator so my husband and I got busy cleaning and moving furniture around.  I could vacuum with a long extension cord and do dishes the old fashioned way.  We had one pretty big problem though...All the businesses in the area lost power too. I had no food, no flowers, no way of getting my hair done ~ The wedding was at 4 pm on Saturday, what in the world could I do!?!
Let go and PRAY!
And that's what I did. Lord knows I wasn't in control-Just took me a minute or two to realize it.
It was a let go and let God moment.
Here are some pictures around our house of the ice storm~
I took this picture last Wednesday, a few hours before my son called.

Then the ice storm hit.

It's amazing the beauty an ice storm leaves-The birds in this photo are called Varied Thrushers.

This Japanese Maple in the front of our house actually survived!

Pictured is the curly willow that was in last Wednesday post...Amazing the difference a week can make. This tree fell over during the storm.

As did the beautiful Cherry Blossom tree in our front yard. My husband and I went out on Friday in the rain and resurrected 3 major trees-He had to do a bunch of trimming, we hope they survive. 

Part two coming soon...


  1. Wow, Robin! Talk about grace under pressure! The pictures are stunning and you are amazing, dear sister.:) So happy for Timmy and Karina. What a lovely couple with an evening lovelier Mom/Mother in Law!:) Lori

  2. wow!!! that is a ton of ice..sad about your trees!

    gosh,you would be the best m-i-l ever!

  3. oh wow those birds are beautiful that poor tree :( but what a sport to take on that task in such a short time mom's will do just about anything for thier kids

  4. Robin...that's exactly what I do whenever I find myself in a sticky situation...PRAY! God always comes to the rescue, doesn't He? I stand in amazement at the lengths you will go to for the sake of other people's happiness. I can't wait to read more! Your pictures are stunning...as they always are!

  5. Hi Robin
    I can't get over how bright and colorful the birds are over there. They are so pretty.
    Sorry about your ice storm. I hope your trees survive. Glad to hear that the storm didn't spoil their special day. Can't wait to see pics. They make such a handsome couple.

  6. Beautiful pics. Natures' majesty is really something. Hope your trees will come back.

    I can't wait to see the rest of this post. You're a wise woman.

  7. Oh my, things do happen unexpectedly, don't they? It sounds like you handled it in the graceful way that you did. Only a son would spring a wedding on you so fast. I know...I have one, and adore him. Your snow pictures are beautiful to me, as I see the sun all the time here in California. I am looking forward to hearing about the next phase of the wedding.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  8. beautiful photos! can't wait to hear about part 2!!!

  9. Wonderful photos.....I can't wait to hear part two!

  10. The pictures are beautiful Robin. Eagerly awaiting part two!

  11. No pressure at all! Curious to see what God came up with....:)

  12. Oh wow, sorry I'm late to the party! I can't imagine throwing a wedding in my home, more or less with just a few days' notice! Plus toss in an ice storm on top of it? Girl, you're amazing! (but we already knew that)

    On another note, LOVE the birdie pictures, as always. I'm heartbroken about your curly willow, though. You ARE going to harvest those branches and dry them though, right? ;o)


  13. This are amazing ice pictures! That is too bad you lost some trees, though :(
    I am so impressed that you had the wedding at your place at a moment's notice! Even without an ice storm, I would need lots of prayer to get through that!


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