Papier-Mache Easter Eggs

I saw these cute Papier-mâché Easter eggs over at Not Martha
To see how to make the small ones go HERE
Above photo is of my finished eggs drying in the sun-Notice the little hummingbird to the left.
I decided to try making bigger ones-The only difference is using larger sheets of tissue paper and normal balloons instead of water balloons.

I didn't want my granddaughter eating a bunch of junk so I filled some bigger eggs with stuffed animals...

...and put little novelty items in the smaller eggs like this wind up monkey. The foil covered chocolate eggs went to my adult kids.

Rings and bracelets.

I gave this pink polka dot egg to my daughter, it's filled with everything but the kitchen sink!

After they were filled, I sealed them up.

The smaller eggs are super easy, on this yellow one it just needed a couple of circle shapes of tissue paper to close it up.

The big eggs aren't as simple to seal but you can put so much more in them. To fill these you have to cut 3 or 4  pretty long slits in the top to get everything in.  To seal it I covered a slit at a time and used clothes pins to help hold it together and a blow dryer to speed the drying process along~That worked wonderfully!  

Here it is all finished up and drying. I made my own pull tabs with card stock and my printer.

The end result.
The large polka dot ones I used tissue paper I bought at Target.  It is thicker and has a bit of a shiny side to it.  I got the tissue paper for the solid ones at Walmart and their tissue paper is very thin. I added Ric-Rac with glue to the blue one (far right back) and I glued sheer polka dot ribbon to the purple one.

This is something I WILL do again. The key is to measure, cut and prepare all your tissue paper in advance.  The liquid starch is great, it's not too messy or sticky and super easy to clean up.  I put freezer paper on my table with it's shiny side up and had baby wipes close by. In between making each egg I took a baby wipe and cleaned my work surface.

Here is a fun video I made. After the tissue paper dried, I popped the balloon. This video shows the sound it makes releasing from the side of the egg. I really had to hold on tight to the top of the balloon. It felt like the whole egg was going to implode!


  1. These are just too cute! Thanx for sharing the how too.

  2. I remember making something similar many many years ago in Girl Scouts (I won't tell you how long ago it was...). We used crochet thread and starch to wrap around balloons, popped the balloons, and made eggs. Your idea is cuter!


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