Friday's Find...

Palouse Falls Washington!

My son Tim and his wife Karina drove from Seattle to Spokane a few weeks ago... On the way back they thought they'd go seek out Palouse Falls.

They drove and drove...

Because it's in the middle of nowhere!

This kid of mine seriously makes me nervous.
Get off the cliff son. :)

Then he goes and marries this cutie who is just like him! Adventurous!
The Falls don't look very big, but they are 189 feet! That makes them taller then Niagara Falls.

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I guess I shouldn't complain. At least I'm not this guys mother! Poor lady.
The video is of a young man kayaking over Palouse Falls this week. 
Thank God he survived.

Click the HERE if the video doesn't work for you.

Click HERE to get directions to Palouse Falls.

All photos were taken by Tim and Karina Beck via iPhone.


  1. Hi Robin, I really enjoyed seeing these beautiful pictures. Looks like Tim and Karina were enjoying their adventure. The falls are spectacular, I have never seen anything quite like them. The winding valley picture is great and it does look very remote there. I can't get the video to play :( I'll try again tomorrow.
    Have a lovely weekend.

    1. Timmy and Karina had a great time-They always do. I put a new link under the video for you to try~:)

  2. i'm still trying to figure out what that last guy is on..LOL..oh my goodness,I would done be dead of a heart attack if I were his mother!!

    Cool pics for sure!!

    1. He said it himself Tristan, he is on stupidity! I agree with you and I also feel for his mom!

      I thought the kids did well on the pics too, pretty great for phone pics!

  3. Replies
    1. Rhonda: Can you believe I've never seen it in person? Someday. :)

  4. Beautiful...but made me nervous seeing them that close to the cliff too...must be a mom thingy!...lol

  5. Beautiful falls! Karina and Tim did a great job on the photos!


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