Easy Fall Craft

Here's a easy DIY craft...
I took an inexpensive plastic candy holder and turned it into
a pumpkin vase.

First off, go and get yourself a couple of trick or treat plastic pumpkin buckets (pictured below)
I purchased mine at Target for $1.00
Spray paint it.
I put a hook into the top of the box, hung the pumpkin on it and took it outside to spray paint-I used two coats with drying time in between each coat.
Above you can see the difference of an unpainted bucket and my painted one.  I used Krylon Fusion for plastic spray paint #2442 Satin Terra Cotta. It cost around $4.00 and a can will cover a lot of pumpkins.
I liked the way it looked but decided it needed more character~
So I lightly foam brushed on some Acrylic paint in Burnt Sienna and promptly wiped off most of it with a paper towel.
  I used the DecoArt brand because it was only $1 for 2 ounces.
I loved how it turned out!
By the way, I cut the lip off the 1.25 quart container the bronze colored mums were in and they fit into the pumpkin bucket just perfect. 
Lastly, I added a simple burlap bow for a little extra Fall touch.
 You may be wondering if the pumpkin face still shows after painting? 
  The paint covers the face but you can still see it's indentation.
   I turned it around so the face is in the back.
Here's some more photos. On the last photo I used an even easier technique on the plastic pumpkin without using spray paint.
By the way, this is sitting in my newly designed craft studio my husband helped put together~Thanks sweetie!
The pumpkin pictured above is a bit different. It's my lazy pumpkin...I didn't spray paint the little trick or treat bucket. I only brushed on the Burnt Sienna acrylic paint then wiped most of it off keeping as much at I could in the creases of the pumpkin.
It took all of about 2 minutes to do. 
Note: If you are going to use these outside in the weather you will have to coat them with a clear protective spray.
This would be a cute inexpensive gift for anyone.
Just think of all the wonderful spray paint colors you could use!


  1. I love this! Such a great idea.

    Was going to email you tonight to see how you are and here you are :)

    1. Hi Rhonda!
      I am good, Thanks! Being summer didn't really start till September here in the PNW-We really took advantage of the sun while we could (As I'm sure you understand) :) We traveled so much this last summer. Last weekend was the FIRST that we stayed home due to rain. I've been working slowly on my craft studio and am loving how it's coming along. I probably have a few more weeks before it's the way I want it but at least we're getting somewhere. I just started "serious" crafting again and already started on Christmas... Thanks for checking up on me, I am well thank God. I'm still keeping up on all the cute things you are doing-I take my iPad with me everywhere to keep up with everyone!
      I hope you are well too~Looking forward to seeing all the wonderful crafts and quilts you are working on!

  2. Simply stated...you amaze me!:)

  3. Very clever. The flowers look so nice in there. You did a great job, and it looks like you have been busy decorating. I hope you are enjoying the Fall days.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

    1. Hi Sheri! Thanks~ I'm still working on decorating for Fall. All the stuff behind my pumpkin vase is still in my craft studio-MUST get busy. Hey, congratulations again on your daughter's wedding!


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