Everyone needs to get away even if its only for a day...

When my husband Tim woke up yesterday morning I told him I'd like to take him out for breakfast then go on a day trip. He got the truck ready and threw the fishing poles in and I packed snacks and my camera. During breakfast at Applebee's (Yes, Applebee's serves breakfast now-who would have thought?) we talked about which way we wanted to go...Either to the mountains or the ocean~~~~

So we start driving and low and behold we spot the Olympic mountains which are doable for a day trip.

We headed down the road going the Bremerton route. We went over the Hood Canal Bridge which just happens to be the longest floating bridge in the World located in a saltwater tidal basin...Just in case you wanted to know. Then we went and fished Lake Crescent (barbless-catch and release) We didn't catch anything but really enjoyed the waterfalls and the beautiful emerald colored water-Bee-You-Ti-Ful!

Being we were so close to Forks and I have a great photography friend that lives there we thought we would go check out her town. I called Dawn when we got into Forks and told her I was driving through her town-She told us to stop at the local diner and meet her there for a cup of coffee. So we did and it was great to visit her and see her town for the first time. I asked her why we couldn't drive back home the coastal way (just make a big circle) and she said there was no reason we shouldn't, it was a wonderful drive and to make sure we stopped at Ruby Beach. We were so glad that she recommended this (thanks Dawn you're the best!) because we enjoyed it so much. We walked the beach and went around the big rocks looking for starfish and ran from the waves and checked out all the coastal life at it's best.

We drove back through the Olympic National Forest to Aberdeen where we had dinner then went to Starbucks for coffee for the 1 1/2 hour drive back home. I would say it was the perfect day. Just me and my honey who mind you had a terrible head cold but was a real trooper even though he was feeling yucky. I think we both just needed to get out of the house and run away together for the day and I am thrilled we did. Here are a few pictures of our trip...If you want a even better look click on each picture to enlarge~

"waterfall running into Lake Crescent"

Kayakers on Lake Crescent-they really are there!

"The beautiful clear water of Lake Crescent"

"Ruby Beach"

"Ruby Beach Sea Anemones"

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