Countrified Chandelier ~ A Before & After Story...

The picture below is what my dining room looks like. We have 20 foot cathedral ceilings in this room...

When we first bought the house they had this scrawny lighting in this room...As you can see it is now hanging up in our garage waiting for me to do something with it.

But I was really looking for some kind of grand lighting to put in this dining room...
One day my brother Ron gave me a call saying he found a chandelier at a garage sale in his upscale neighborhood. I think they wanted quite a bit for it but Ron got it for $40.
Being I didn't take a picture of this chandelier before I changed it, I went online to find a picture.                       
This is a picture of what I turned it into...
Also a picture with the lights off...
I took all the glass off of the chandelier then found a plumbing "thingie mah jig" that I put on the bottom in place of the big glass saucer. I then sprayed the whole thing with black paint and speckled it with brown spray paint. At first my husband questioned the brown paint and I told him to just "wait for it..." After I sprayed the brown he was shocked at the difference it made-though you really can't see the brown. I picked up some special light bulbs at Home Depot then added the lampshades from Target of all places.
We are really happy with the results~It fits our house to a tee! Thanks Ron-You're the best brother in the World~!


  1. Your place is just beautiful. I can't wait to show this to my friend either. She has been wanting to spray her light fixtures, but wasn't sure if she should.

    You rocked the chandelier. I would never had known what it looked like before. Love it. So good. Do tell. Where did you find the pew? That is the coolest thing ever.

    So your brother just saved you like $1360.00 dollars. Are you having him over for dinner or what. Guess what? My brothers name is Ron. So his whole name is Ron Robbins. Can you believe it.

    Thanks for showing a piece of your place. I just really like it alot.

  2. Thanks Jan,
    Okay...On the pew or should I say pews-Yes, I'm a blessed girl. I got that one in the picture and another one a little smaller from the church I attended for 20 something years in the small town of Cheney Washington. The Church was making it's small (150 people when I attended) church building into a huge church and my dad was helping them. Dad called me and said they were selling them and the new Pastor said there were two left. I told my Dad I wanted both and would drive to get them right then and there...When we got there the Pastor gave them to me for free!
    I love them for many reasons but mostly for the memories...So many wonderful wonderful memories.
    I will probably post about the pews someday.
    I think it is so funny your brothers name is Ron Robbins~ His middle name isn't Scott is it? That is my brothers middle name.
    BTW: Tell your friend to go for it with painting her light fixtures...I'm glad I did!

  3. Hi RObin,

    LOL you should see me here, scrolling up and down at the before and after's because it is such a cahneg and for the good - WHAT A difference. AMAZING! It must fill the space so much better. What a cool brother to even notice it, and then to know you needed one and then to bargain so well- Now that's a kewl brother!

    The room is great and of course the pew is to die for!

    I tried not using the flash on the red but my little camera doesn't take clear pics when I do that. Glad to hear it's not only me.

    By the way, I did take pics of some flowers with the macro and I am going to make note cards out of them. Especially my daisies! Thanks again for that tip.

    hugs, Linda

  4. Yes, my brother is pretty amazing that is for sure. He is the best brother in the World and my only sibling. I guess the lady first wanted $200 for the chandelier which is understandable...Ron waited till later in the day and went back, it hadn't sold so he got her to lower the price to $40.
    Thanks Linda for the compliments on the room too.
    I'm glad the macro deal is working out for you...Isn't macro great! I'm sure anyone would love to get a note card with your daisies on it because you know daisies are the friendliest flower! (big smile)

  5. What a transformation! You did an amazing job! I love the pew, too!:-)

    Thanks for the very kind comments on my blog. You absolutely made my whole week! I have fallen in love with your blog, too. I will be adding it to my favorites and will be stopping by daily!:-)

    I love the name "The Robin's Nest". I can only imagine how beautiful your flower shop was. What a dream... Lori

  6. That is amazing on the pew story. You we're for sure suppose to have them. 2 of them. That is so great. I love the memory part of it too. I love to tie history pieces into what their story was. And those pews tell a story to you every time you look at them.

    Thanks for sharing this with me. I love stories like that.

    Blog you later.. Jan/ and no, my brothers middle name is Dean. But my cousins name is Scott. LOL...

  7. Welcome mysteryhistorymom!

    I have enjoyed your bright and cheery blog for a while now -You have been in my favorites list from the first day that I found you... You are so creative and fun!
    Thanks for the compliments on my blog...It is a work in progress that's for sure!

  8. What a change... I too went back and forth looking. i would have never thought to paint a light fixture.. You did it! I paint everything that stands still.... I cant wait to see the rest of your house. It looks beautiful... Susie H~

  9. oh. My. Gosh.

    I love your dining room!!! it is my DREAM dining room...the stars and all!!!

  10. ya know....

    my mom owns her own company making primitive dolls, bears, and much more....probably some stuff you would really like.

    Cool huh? I know that I absolutely love it, too!!!

  11. How did you get the glass off? I have a chandelier that would love to take the glass things off, But they are glue on. Did you add anything to make it look like a candle under the lamp shade? You did a great job, I really love the light.

    1. My glass was not glued on, in fact they were quite flimsy, not attached and easy to take off. There's got to be something on the market to get that glue off though. I did not add anything to make it look like a candle...I used Feit Electric 40-Watt Original Chandelier Incandescent Light Bulb (2-Pack) that I bought at Home Depot - Google those and you will see what they look like. The lampshades just clamp right on them. Thank you for the nice compliment, to this day I love my chandelier and never tire of it. I hope you can get that glue off!


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