Take A Good Look At This Picture...

This is a picture of the nightstand beside my bed...Do you see a problem here?

Now listen in on a call I had to make to Comcast our TV cable provider:

Me: Dial number...Ring Ring~

Comcast: Plays a computerized list asking you where you want to be directed???

Me: I don't really know so I push zero.


Comcast: This is Aaron at Comcast how may I help you?

Me: Hi Aaron I'm not sure if YOU can help me but I need a new remote...Mine...IS toast.

Aaron: Oh yes, I can help you...Can I ask why your remote is toast?

Me: (thinking on the inside I wish he wouldn't ask) Well, actually it was MY fault-I have this cute little metal container for my remotes next to my bed... It was dark and I thought I put the remote in the container last night but when I woke this morning it was in a cup of water instead-(me laughing a embarrassed little laugh)

Aaron: (Laughing REAL hard cause he thought it was super duper funny) Well Ma'am You can either exchange yours at the closest Comcast and we will replace it or we will mail you a new one. I'm so sorry this happened to you. (Him trying not to still laugh)

Me: Hey, I'm the one that's sorry! Thanks for making this easy on me.

Aaron: (still laughing) Have a great Monday!

Well, at least I put a smile on someones face today!~Duh!

By the way-There was no drying it out. This remote is for sure toast. :)



  1. Now that's what I call good customer service! Why can't it always be that easy??

    You really made that guy's day! Now he can share that story with all his buddies!:-) Lori

  2. That is so funny. I'm sorry about that. I bet that person is still laughing. I get how you can put the remote in there. It was night and you didn't know. That will be something I will always remember. Do you mind if I share it with some of my friends? Have a great Monday. Oh and hopefully you can get a new remote.
    Bye bye.♥ ;)

  3. Sorry Robin. I honestly thought that you were using the cup for a container and I thought that was what you were asking about being wrong.

    At least you did make the guys day. Hilarious. We all do things like that. At least you had someone that was understanding. Will you be setting drinking water by your bed again?

  4. Lori: I tell you I really love comcast-You tell them the truth they reward you...Isn't that the way it should be in life~!

    Miss Mattie: Yes, you can share that one with your friends...It was dark, I was very tired, the remote seemed like it was going right in it's little metal container, all was well till I woke up! I like laughing at myself though.

    Jan: I am using a glass bottle now that has a smaller head that a remote won't fit in~! I have to have my water at night-Maybe I should think about taking the TV out of my room instead. But my husband and I love watching comedies in the evening, unwinding, while holding hands. (big sigh, he is so sweet)

  5. That was hilarious! Glad you can get it replaced--and you talked to someone alive!! Amazing!

  6. you are so funny!!! i was actually laughing OUT LOUD at this one!!! THANK YOU!!!!

  7. hilarious. I love that you took a moment to memorex it with your camera. How great

  8. The truth shall set you free. Or get you a new remote! So funny. Thanks, m

  9. LOL Robin too funny!!! That would be me. Although I carry a personal pager and umm have dropped itin the toilet and had to tell them I needed a new one. Yeah that's always fun.


  10. LOL so sorry about your little mishap - it happens to the best of us sometimes. But how refreshing to read about good customer service for a change. That deserves a blog post for sure!


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