I Spent The Day With My Son Today...

(click on image to see deer)

Tim (pictured above) our youngest son is a great kid, super easy to raise & attends just about every church function there is. Tim goes to Youth group and he even goes to a small home group that only teenage boys attend-So they can talk privately and pray together about "guy stuff." The girls have their own group that meets the same night across the street.

(Timmy high up in the Cascades-Our camp to the left by the lake)

While out together today Timothy told me that one of his small group leaders Adam passed away. I was shocked...Adam was only 27 . Tim told me Adam had problems in the past with small strokes and had been on medication for awhile... It was a stroke that took his life. Tim had a hard time telling me Adams story due to tearing up but wanted me to know that Adam always talked about the Lord and how excited he was to "go home" someday to be with the Lord.

Adam had been staying at his Mom's house & he made some art to spruce up his room- He made posters that read "Joy" and "God is Love" etc etc. The other night Adam told his Mom if she ever had a sad moment to come into his room and bask in the joy of the Lord~He died the next day.

Adam was a passionate and gifted photographer, nature being his specialty. To see his photography go HERE-The one of the leaf floating down the river is my all time favorite.

Thank you Adam for having such a strong Godly influence on our son~You meant so much to him...

Adam c. Draper

August 22, 1981-July 26, 2008


  1. what a sad story...he was so young!! but he left a legacy behind. he sounds like one of those walking angels we read about!

  2. Tell your son I am so sorry to hear about his friend. But in the short time he was on Earth he made a life long impression on your son. Angels do walk among us.


  3. That is so fun!!! Is that a deer in the background in the first picture? That is really cool that you got that. Have a great day.
    Bye bye.♥ ;)

  4. Robin- I am so sorry to hear about Adam. But how wonderful that he loves the Lord and is home with Him now. He was a gifted photographer and an amazing person. Like you told me before- God loves him more. So hard for those who are left behind, though. I will be praying for Timmy and Adam's family.. Lori

  5. Oh Robin. I am tearing up. What a great loss in your sons life. I can so understand you needing to spend the day with your son. I am so thankful for good examples in youth in this world. They are so very needed. He did make a difference in his short life. I know that your son will never forget that either.

    What a joy to say such wonderful things about a great son. Once again, I am so sorry and give my regards to your son please.

    Hugs your way. Jan

  6. Oh, I am so shocked that he went at such a young age. I am sorry for your son and for Adam's mother.

    We should never have to put on a funeral for our children. It sounds like he was prepared to go, which is a blessing and some comfort. Thanks for the post. It reminds me that life is precious and short. m

  7. OH Robin - how sad at only 27 - my daughter's age. My condolences to Timothy and you all. Mary said it so well -Angels do walk among us and certainly Adam was one of them. How fortunate that Timothy had such a wonderful young man as a good influence on him - though it sounds like Timothy is pretty awesome himself. hugs, Linda

  8. It brings tears to my eyes....Blessings to all.


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