Funny Story...

My husband Tim is on vacation this week so he has been picking up the slack and helping out with our son and around the house.
Our son Timothy needed to go to Target to get some things for Bible camp this week. My husband asked me if I needed anything and if I wanted to go. I told him no but he better take his cell phone just in case. Well, of course you know I thought about it and ended up calling him with a WHOLE list of things JUST as he was walking into the store!

We have a Starbucks in our Target so I asked him to look at the counter to see if it was busy-He said it wasn't and after he finished checking out he would go over there and call me because my drink order was hard to remember. So he gets to Starbucks and calls me and he is repeating to the girl at the counter what I am telling him on the other end..."Iced... tall... in a grande cup..." When the Starbucks girl pipes in and says," Is that Robin?" and my husband shakes his head yes and she said, "We just call that the Robin's special, next time just say that." :)

I know- I feel like a celebrity, I have a drink named after me at Starbucks!

Autograph anyone?

Have fun out there today!


  1. What a great story! First of all your comments are mentioned in a magazine and now you have a drink named after you at Starbucks! You are one amazing lady, my friend!:-) Lori

    What is the "Robin Special" again? I may want to try one today.:-)

  2. Yes I want an autograph please. Your are a rockin Robin.

    Well guess what? I just got an email thanking us for attending the "Robbins Nest Reunion" So there you go. You even have a reunion named after you. Isn't that funny. I was coming over here to tell you that, and then here is this post. You are getting very well known.

  3. OH Robin I want your autograph. LOL.

    That's ok when any of us me, my MIL, or my SIL walk into our favorite prim shops they know us by name and ask where the other ones are.

    Or my hubby is known as Mary's husband... no first name!!! hehe


  4. Cute Story. It just goes to show that you know what you like and how you like it! You are a smart women. M

  5. Oh, how cool...I think I'll go ahead and take an autograph from a celebrity named Robin now....lol

  6. That is so funny. I'll have an autograph. It is weird how they have a drink named after you. Great story and drink.
    Bye bye.♥☺♥

  7. Hi Robin, I just wanted to say how much I like the name of your post and the bird's nest pictures! I'm a real bird-lover and we also share the Love Of Starbucks in common!! yeah!! Hope you have a great day and enjoy your time with your husband at home! Linda

  8. That is SO Cool!!!! Seriously...it is!!!

    I still have the little note card with your signature on it from the blog-giveaway you had that i won.....that thing will be WORTH BIG BUCKS one day!!!

    $$$ CHA-CHING $$$

  9. Lori: My drink is either a iced tall in a grande cup, one pump of chocolate, 1 shot of coffee, nonfat with extra ice.
    If it's cold outside I get a hot, tall one pump of chocolate, nonfat, no whip, no foam. They call it basically milk at Starbucks!

    Jan: Would that be the Ron Robbin's with the daughter Ronnie Robbin's Nest reunion? :) This cracks me up!

    Mary:TOO funny!

    Mechelle: Takes one to know one. ☺

    Darlene: Can't wait to see your daughters room when it is done!

    Pam: I laughed when I read your comment because when I wrote it I thought the same thing..."GEORGE!"

    Miss Mattie: How is that learning french coming along? ☺

    Linda: so nice meeting you and having things in common-I'm putting you in my google reader!

    Merrianne: I'm telling you girl you crack me up! I just love your sense of humor!

  10. That is fun! We actually had the treat of Starbucks today. Our closest one is in a Barnes and Noble, so I also got a new book to read while on vacation next week. Do tell what a Robin Special is....

  11. I had a friend that ordered a "Grande Breve Latte" so I ordered one, too. I fell in love. It was years before I found out that I was having a latte made with half and half. No wonder it was so lovely and rich. I still have one when I want a real treat.

  12. That's hilarious! I love it! Robin is famous!! Awesome!

  13. Robin- I have a little something for you on my blog. Please stop by- and don't worry, it's "safe" this time!!:-) Lori

  14. I love how you order a tall in a grande cup. I do the same thing, but it is a grande in a venti. I order coffee, whip cream, and lots of ice!! Yum. Congrats on the celebrity status -- you deserve it.


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