Hummingbird Photo Of The Week...

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The nest in this photo does not belong to this hummingbird. It is a craft nest and the eggs in it are the ones I made out of clay. You can learn how to make these eggs by clicking HERE. This picture is what I called a "staged" photo. I planted flowers that I knew the hummingbirds loved and stuck twigs in around them. They are in a planter outside my window and there is also a feeder nearby. Hummingbirds love resting on twigs so once they got accustomed to their area I glued the nest onto the twig with my glue gun.

Taa Daah~ Fun photo.

By the way...The hummingbird featured in the above photo is the smallest of all the hummers that visit me. She is small but brave-She won't be bullied around by the "king" hummingbird of this feeder. She just waits patiently for him to leave then she feeds-The king has tried to chase her off like he does all the other hummers but she won't run from him-She'll just sit there, which is no fun for him so he moves on to find someone that will run! This brave little hummingbird has been showing up to my feeder for the last 3 years and comes to visit at the start of every August and stays around for at least 3 months.

Word Of The Week..."How many are your works, O Lord! In wisdom you made them all; the earth is full of your creatures." Psalm 104:24


  1. Robin- This takes my breath away! You have done so much for these little fellows and they adore you for it.:-)

    I was wondering if they were fighting or playing when they chase each other and now I know. Competitive little cuties! Lori

    Still rainy here! How about you??

  2. That is just too neat. I love that you have so many hummingbirds and get such fabulous pictures of them. I LOVE your staged scene and at first I thought wow those tiny birds have bigger eggs than I thought they would.....lol

  3. That is an awesome picture you have. I love it. You did a great job taking it. WOW!!!!!! Have a great day. I just love that picture.
    Bye bye.♥☺♥

  4. I knew my daughter would go crazy for that picture, and she has.

    That really is such a great one though. The staging is perfect. What a cute little friend to have hanging around for 3 mnths. I would love something like that in our neck of the woods. I am so happy that you have them in your midst.

    How is everything going? I hope well. Thanks for the scripture today. You always have the greatest pictures to go with them.

    See ya around this week.

  5. You fooled me for a second... Wow I thought thats some big eggs! Sorry I have not been over in a while.. Crazy here... How's that new baby!

  6. Wonderful photo! Thanks for the comment on my blog. I really appreciate it!


  7. OUCH! That is what I thought when I looked at the photo. Glad that little bird did not lay those eggs! m

  8. Awesome! You're a genius! I would have never thought to stage such a clever photo!

  9. I love that you love hummingbirds like I do. We call our "King" hummingbird "The Bully" as we watch him sit on his perch and just wait for an intruder. Thanks for the wonderful photos!!

  10. To everyone-THANKS! This was a fun post!
    Now to answer some questions:

    Lori-I think they are playing and fighting. The king likes to "guard" his area-He is a bully.
    No rain today just cold...I'm still sitting in front of the heater! :)

    Darlene-I thought this picture would mess with some people at first! Glad you liked it. :)

    Miss Mattie-I was hoping you would like this photo~♥ (big smiles)

    Jan-You guys actually get more hummers in your area then we get here...funny huh? Everything is going well...The husband is on vacation so he is helping around here a lot-Thanks for asking. I love your Sunday posts too! :)

    Susie-The grandbaby is great just wonderful thanks for asking...He is cute as can be. BTW I am still praying for your son. We have been thru mono here-It can be real tough.

    MamaTina-You just hang in there and go with God! I think you are wonderful.

    Mechelle-You pretty much said what my Mom said which cracks me up!
    "ouch"... Take care girl.

    Amy-I do believe you would have thought of something like this you are genius! I love seeing all the ideas you come up with and share on your blog.

    Kitchenditcher: We call our king the bully too. He is a hoot to watch but can be somewhat mean that is why I have to put other feeders around so the other hummers can get something to eat without him seeing them! Funny thing is I didn't even know I loved hummingbirds like this till I put a feeder out years ago. They bring me so much joy I can't believe I didn't put out feeders sooner. They are like a special gift from God every day don't you think?
    Take care friend.

  11. Your hummingbird photos are some of my favorites! I love hummingbirds!

  12. Now that is just too clever! Your diligence paid off and we get to enjoy it - so kewl!


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