~Red-breasted Sapsucker~Click photo to see detail~

All the leaves are brown and the sky is gray, I went for a walk on a winters day...

Actually, I took this photo in the greenbelt (that's not so green right now) behind my house. It made me smile to see the bright red touch of color surrounded by all the bland dormant vegetation~

Hope you are all finding your "touch of color" during this gloomy season~!

Hold on...Spring will be here soon~♥


  1. Ugh - I hope so! :) Love the photo, BTW!

  2. Robin,
    I used to love the Mamas and the Papas and recognized the line. Love your picture.

  3. Robin- I love this time of year for "hibernating".:) Reading, anyone? It's going to be in the 60's today, though! Hike, anyone? Lori

  4. Love the song - now I will be singing it in my head all day. Most crazy people here voices. I hear songs. To be honest, it will be a change of pace from the Jordan Sparks song that was there! LOL

    The cardinal I posted about a wee bit back visits me daily so when I pull up the shades on the brook side in the morning, I see a very similar scene.

    I hope all is well in your home and you are feeling better!

    hugs, Linda

  5. I LOVE your bright pop of red!!!!! You know I LOVE all of you bird photographs....so beautiful!!!♥

  6. I love that song. Now it is playing in my nogin. Love the titch of Red hanging around the branches. How pretty. Glad you got to capture her. She is stunning.

    Take care and yes Spring is around the corner.

  7. Robin~
    It's almost 70 degrees here in the Atlanta area and I am loving it...we're about to go for a walk at the park! Come on, spring...I'm ready for ya!♥

  8. We are having weather like April-its great!!

  9. Hi Robin
    I am always amazed at the beautiful birds you have in your area. This morning our snow had almost gone and there were little brown sparrows all over our grass. They are not colorful but still beautiful.

  10. What a great photo!!! Woodpecker??

    I too look forward to spring!!


  11. I do love that song!!! I cant wait for spring!!!

    Speaking of waiting, sorry I am in the process of writing that email back to you!~ It is a book, so I am editing it!

  12. Rumor has it that there were robins sighted here the other day. I haven't seen them, but soon...very soon!

  13. Yes, hold on ... hold on ... hold on ... spring will be here soon.


    my friend has decided to carry the baby to full term and not do a 3rd term abortion. I AM THRILLED!

    The baby is only predicted (what do doctors know?) a few hours. I am going to be there to take photos so she can have them for a lifetime.

    So she can remember and have something to hold. To know that this baby boy was real and he did slip into her arms ... if only for a brief moment and it was not a dream.

    Thanks for your support and prayers. m

  14. I love that little touch of red...a reminder that spring is on its way!

  15. Hi Robin,
    I know spring isn't that far away ,but here in Indiana you never know what tomorow will bring.
    Last week single digits temps, this week 40s and rain, next week who knows. Love the picture. I'll be keeping my eyes open for the robins to return here,then Springs just around the corner.

  16. He is a beauty! I have been enjoying daily visits from a male cardinal everyday, right outside my window. Do you think God created these to brighten up our otherwise dreary winter days??


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