Feeling Blessed...

You have all seen photos of our granddaughter Noelle who by the way has colic and is a full time job for our family (I'm not complaining though just stating the facts) So if you've been wondering why I haven't E-mailed or posted to my blog it's because I'm helping with precious baby duty and loving it!


Our oldest daughter Brenda sent pictures of our grandson Carson this last week that I wanted to share-Check out those big brown eyes of his~♥ I can't believe how much he has grown since we last saw him! He sure looks like his mommy!

~Carson 7 months old~

~Landon 7 years old~

Landon is our oldest grandson he is Carson's "helpful" big brother. He looks more like his daddy. I took this photo of him last fall, we had so much fun together that day!

I hope you all had a lovely Valentines Day~♥


  1. Darling grandsons! I know Noelle is darling also.

    My grandsons have 7 years separating them. You are right, the older one is a big help. Our youngest just idolizes his older brother too.

    Have fun.

  2. Gorgeous grandbabes you have, Robin!! I know you must love them so...

  3. Hi Robin,

    Awwwww they are such cute grandsons!!

    I hope Noelle gets over her colic soon so all of you can get some rest. Poor baby.♥ I hope that you are able to swap off and get some rest when she does sleep a bit.

    Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day and I have been thinking about you.

  4. What a pair of cuties! You are truly blessed.
    Have a great Sunday. Blessings, Karen

  5. Hello,
    My first had colic real bad, and I have to say now that she is a lot older, that out of all three she is my easiest kid now. She is actually the quietest, funny huh! Well hang in there it doesn't last forever, it just feels like it when your in it. Hope you all are getting rest, but I'm glad for your daughter that she has help, colic is hard to do without support Take care, best wishes.

  6. What wonderful pictures! They are precious (although Landon is handsome- 7 years old is too old for precious, huh?) Thanks for sharing!

    I hope Noelle gets through this colicky time- as quickly as possible. Bless her heart!

    I'll write you later today- The werewolves are coming... Lori

  7. What precious grandchildren you've got!! :-) they are all so cute!!

    Have fun! and enjoy!


  8. Lucky you Grandma. Carson is adorable. Huggable cute. Really hoping that the colic woes leaves quickly. That is so exhausting for those involved. But it does go away :) Happy Week to you Dear Friend.

  9. Awww what precious grandsons! :) I hope Noelle grows out of her colic soon. That can be so trying.

  10. Robin, you are blessed with such gorgeous grandchildren! Hope Noelle gets over the colic soon.

    Can't wait to hear more about your trip- hope your back is all better now.

  11. Ya know..I will totally take Noelle off your hands ;)..LOL..so glad that she CAN cry though, what a blessing she is!

    Those boys are just too adorable!

  12. This is a great time of life for you. I understand how hard a colicy baby can be. I never complained either, but boy was I tired. LOL

    All your grandkids are beautiful. What a fun time of life for you. m

  13. You TRULY ARE blessed!!! What cute little grandchildren... I am so jealous! I can't wait....

  14. You have the best looking grandkids, Robin...Carson is a little punkin! Oh, I can't wait to have a bunch of my own one day!!! What fun I'm going to have!

  15. They're too cute, Robin. Although my kids are too young to get married and have their own kids, I still long for grandbabies. I'll live vicariously through you. :-)

  16. Oh boy - colic - fun - NOT!! I hope Noelle feels better soon. Not so much fun for her either!

    Carson and Landon are both just so adorable. You are blessed indeed with all your grand children!

    Have a great week. hugs, Linda

  17. These boys are just too cute. I hope Noelle's colic ends soon. I'm sure mom is glad you are close to help.

  18. Found you on crazy lady on road80 blog. What a good grandma you are and I am sure they appreciate the help. I love being a grandma too. I have 10..........10 joys and little ones to tease (however one will be 13 this June, YIKES..how did he get so old when I have stayed so young??)

  19. What handsome fellows!
    Hope things quiet down at your place soon. My mom says I had the colic and they would just give me to Grandpa who would walk up and down with me for hours. He was deaf--the crying didn't bother him!

  20. Oh My, what handsome gransons--you are so blessed, Robin :)!!! Little Carson is a sweetheart! ;)
    I hope Noelles colic passes soon....

    Have a wonderful day-Kath

  21. Hi Robin
    I am just catching up with your blog as we have been away for a few days. Thanks for showing pictures of lovely Landon and Carson. You have a beautiful family.
    Sorry to hear Noelle has colic. I went through that with Jessica and YES it is exhausting. I am so glad you and Ronnie have each other to take turns. I hope it passes soon.
    Have a good weekend and get some rest if you can.

  22. Hi Robin~
    Those are such cute pictures of your grandchildren! They are precious! I am so glad your daughter has you! I imagine you ARE all very tired! Hopefully you can get some rest!

  23. CUTE pictures! And good luck with the colicky baby. Your daughter is so lucky to have you to help with baby duty, that's for sure!


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