Twilight Trip To Forks Washington...

Hi All~

We finally had a nice day here yesterday in Seattle so off to Forks my husband and I went. We really didn't go there to be "Twilight tourists" but to instead scout out some fishing spots. I took a few pictures around the Forks and La Push area as a teaser for you all. My friend Kimberly will be visiting in a couple of weeks and we will go up to Port Angeles, Forks and La Push and get some real good "Twilight"photos for you.

Here are some photos from Forks in the meantime: (I'll show the ones from La Push tomorrow)

~Bella's Truck ~
 Notice the wreath of garlic hanging on it.


~Welcome to Forks~


~Bella and Edward's High School~

~Edward missed school today-The sun was shining in Forks~
P.S. This part of the school has now been torn down-2011


~The sign showing where Bella grocery shops and works~

"Take the One Oh One North"
The sign Bella and Edward saw when driving to the trail head so they could hike to their special meadow.


~A small portion of the Olympic Peninsula~
One of Edwards views out his bedroom window-Also the Cullen's "local" hunting grounds.

~Wild Elk ~
When the Cullen's hunt local this is what they have to substitute in place of grizzly bear and Mt lions.

~The people of Forks have a good sense of humor~
Stay tuned tomorrow we visit Jacob's stomping grounds at La Push!


  1. Robin- I LOVE your pictures! I have been thinking about you ALL day today and wondering what you were up to. Now I know.:) I'm glad you got to sneak away for a bit. I will write later... Lori

  2. How much fun! Love your pictures!

  3. Oh my I am squealing with glee!!!! What a fun trip! I can't wait to see more pictures!

  4. How fun Robin! I'm a big Twilight fan so it's neat to see the real setting of the books.

  5. OH.MY.GOODNESS, Robin! I'm going to have to show your photos to Brittany! She is ga-ga over Edward! LOL!

  6. Sounds like you had fun with it too!

  7. So cool to see these pictures. I wish I could go there.
    Thank You!

  8. How fun. Thanks for posting those pics. Glad you're back in blogland. How's your grandmother doing? Hope all went well with her surgery. I'll keep her in my prayers.

  9. Great post Robin. We enjoyed it sooooo much. We are officially 'unplugged' from blogging but had to make an exception for this!!!
    Glad you enjoyed your trip.
    Lindsay & Jessica

  10. OMGosh, Robin! I didn't realize that you live in Seattle!!! That's awesome! I'm so loving these pics! I can't wait to see more of La Push ("It's La Push, Baby) and Port Angeles!!!

  11. Love the red truck and the wild elk! Great photos Robin!

  12. What fun! Cant wait to see the other pics too! Blessings,Karen

  13. So glad you could get away and experience that. I think that is a riot about the garlic on the truck. I haven't read these books, but I know enough that garlic would be required :)

    Looks like fun and I hope you found some great fishing spots as well. It is so pretty up there. I need to go back.

    Mattie and I were in Spokane for a few days. We were totally thinking about you and maybe running into you somewhere.

  14. My daughters will love these photos... I am going to see the movie this weekend for the first time.

  15. LOVE your pictures!!! Had to pop over from Lori's blog :)

  16. I get to go to Forks in 7 days!!!!! I'll be Twittering about it - http://twitter.com/loveEC12 AND there will be a big promotion at my store with Twilight Scrapbooking pages. I'll be adding a page a day to my inventory, all themed for scrapbooking your trip to Forks! Check it out! http://scrapbookingtales.mybisi.com


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