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Many of my friends have been asking about my gluten free diet so instead of sending all this info in E mails I thought I'd just post it here for the world to see... By the way~For the most part I eat proteins, fruits, and veggies BUT every once in a while a girl needs her baked goods!

I'm the type of person that really likes "GOOD" food. If I take a bite of something and it's not super tasty I don't eat it. Thus said, I lost a lot of weight my first year of going gluten free.
I tried so many different gluten free brands and most tasted like cardboard, the texture was terrible and everything had some sort of "aftertaste." I wanted baked goods and breads that I could make and my family would love and in return have no idea they were gluten free.

Here are the brands I found that I am 100% thrilled with...

For quick cakes, brownies and waffles I LOVE the NAMASTE products- (all of them)
The funny thing about Namaste is they are not only gluten free but also potato, soy, corn, dairy, tree nuts, peanuts and casein free. My daughter is allergic to casein (dairy proteins) so this brand is perfect for both of us! There are no preservatives or MSG's. I don't eat MSG's therefore I "rarely" eat out anymore.

This Namaste chocolate cake is the BEST chocolate cake I have ever had IN MY LIFE-It's better then chocolate cake made with real flour. I make a bunch of cupcakes and freeze them in a big glass cake pan -They are so good !!!I will pull one out of the freezer and not even bother frosting it. They freeze unbelievably well! I bake Nameste brownies and chocolate cupcakes and I can't keep my kids or the neighborhood kids away from them!

~Namaste chocolate cake~

~Namaste Waffles~

Click HERE to go to enter the Namaste Website~

To find a store near you that has Namaste products click HERE.

A few other staples I missed were crackers , pasta & breakfast foods~ Not anymore...Here are my favorites:

I like all the Tinkyada brands of pastas-But most gluten free pasta is decent. My family actually likes it better then regular pasta. Click HERE to enter Tinkyada's website.

The best crackers are:

Glutino (all flavors) -Glutino's website is HERE.

The best gluten free oatmeal is:

Bob's Red Mill gluten free rolled oats-WARNING: Many people that eat gluten free (celiacs) cannot eat oats...Talk to your doctor before adding oatmeal to your diet!!!

Click HERE to find all of Bob's Red Mills WONDERFUL Gluten free products~

I found that I didn't like the gluten free cereals you can buy at local stores in the health food section. They are quite bad...BUT then General Mills made their RICE CHEX cereal GLUTEN FREE!!! Thanks GM!


When it actually came to baking with gluten free flours I found it to be a BIG hassle. I had to buy every kind of gluten free flour and really didn't like any of them. I tried every kind of rice flours (brown, sweet brown, white etc.etc.) I tried flours made from potato, corn, blah blah blah... I mixed them the way the gluten free sites said to mix them... Yet they all STILL didn't work for me...


This Christian lady from Montana and her friend came up with this WONDERFUL gluten free flour mixture that has forever changed my life! It smells like real flour, feels like real flour and the bake goods I make with it taste like they have real flour in them! So much so I tossed our real flour out of our house and only use their gluten free flours!

Here are the two gluten free flours they produce:

~Almond and Coconut~

They also have a cookbook that is a MUST buy! It has every kind of baked good known to man in it for you to try! Can you say YUMMY!?!

Here is a photo of a few baked goods made with "Gluten Free Mama's" flour blends. If you go to her website she will even convert your favorite recipes to gluten free recipes!

To visit Gluten Free Mama's Website click HERE.

Click HERE to find a store near you that sells Mama's flours.

To buy the almond, coconut flour AND the cookbook online click HERE

AND last but not least Rachel "aka" The Gluten Free Mama herself has a blog... Click HERE to visit her, tell her "Robin" sent you~♥~

REMEMBER: You must be very careful because gluten is hidden in many many products on your grocery store shelves... Read the labels and GOGGLE different products so see if they are gluten free...If all else fails get a hold of the company that makes the foods and ask!

With Love,


~The gluten free girl~


  1. I am so glad when you were so sick you discovered that the problem was the gluten. How lucky that you live in a time where you do have access to so many wonderful products to use in your baking and everyday eating.♥

    By the way I linked to you about the book club on my post today.

  2. Aren't all those products a blessing to you, Robin? Sure makes your life a bit easier, I'm sure, and more enjoyable because you can still eat some of the same kinds of foods you did before. So glad to know that you are coping and, most importantly, that you are doing well!

  3. Very interesting...looks like you have found a lot of things to fit into this diet...wow!
    ~sandy toe

  4. I'll have to pass this info on to my friend...she is allergic to a lot of different things...corn, wheat, soy, etc.

  5. ROBIN! :) I'm baaaack in the blog world! i stopped to do the facebook thing... but it got too confusing ;O

    so i am back.... :) i have missed you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I can just FEEL your excitement, RObin! I am thrilled that you are enjoying all your baking adventures with these new products! Yeah for you!!!:) Lori

  7. I'm so glad you found so many products you can use. I can't eat any grain or yeast or sugar or soy and the list goes on and on so I kind of know what you go through. I use almond flour which is just ground up blanched almonds. There aren't a lot of bread-ish items I can make with it but I do try. Good luck!

  8. Hey Robin, so nice to hear from you on my blog. I've eaten this way for a while and it is protein, fruits and veggies. I can't have any thing with chemicals so that pretty well eliminates any thing but fresh. I can have natural yogurt but that is my only dairy. I LOVE honey. It is a lifesaver because I'm a sweet lover. Like you said, being sick isn't worth it. I'll stick with my food list. Take care and visit me again if you get the chance.

  9. a little ps: Darlene and I are just an hr apart so we enjoy the same weather. Hope you warm up soon.

  10. Wow I never knew there were so many gluten free products around. I am so glad you found out gluten was your problem.
    Best Wishes

  11. Hi Robin,
    Have you checked out the yahoo group SillyYaks?I have made awesome pumpkin dessert and apple dessert bread type stuff. YUM. We have also made flaxseed bread. Takes 25 mintues from start to finish! no rising. We do not have CD here but they thought my son did and we learned.
    angel2cook at aol dot com

  12. This is great info to have! I'm going to forward this to another blogger, Pearl, she is on a gluten free diet!

    How is that new grandbaby? Well, I hope! :) ~hugs, Rhonda

  13. Hi Robin... I found you through Rhonda, at Scooterblu's Whimsy... God has blessed me through Rhonda and now through you! I have Celiac Disease and seem to have problems finding gluten free products where I live... also, ordering online is frustrating because often the products do not taste good and are costly... Thanks so very much for a great post and I am so looking forward to getting some new products to try! I'm with you on Kudo's to Rice Chex! A life saver! For me, it's alot of fresh veggies and fruits... baked or mashed or boiled potatoes... chicken... but, you already know this!

    Thanks, again, Robin... and I am praying that your gluten-free journey will be successful and filled with blessings...

    God bless...

  14. What a blessing those products are to you!! So girlfriend, you ever going to answer that email??!

    No worries about today or this weekend, today we are goig to serve and cook for the homeless shelter

  15. What wonderful info to share with all of us! Thank you so much!

    hugs, Linda

  16. Hi Robin,

    I'm looking all over the place for some gluten free water. Any ideas? In a pinch I guess freezes dried water may work.

  17. Interesting!!!!

    Hope you are doing well..did you ever try to make those coco-cakes??


  18. I have a friend that doesn't eat gluten, but she is also vegan, so it's really hard to find things she can eat. I'm always on the lookout for things I can make for her. I'll have to look into those flours.

  19. Thanks for the information. I am sending it along to my friend. She will love it. m

  20. This is a very interesting and educational post Robin--thanks!

  21. What a mass of wonderful information and links Robin. I know one person who I am sending over here. This is just great. I am so grateful you found your answers.

  22. So glad you can still eat GOOD food!!

    I'm Back!

  23. Robin, I am seeing more and more gluten free products on the market, I'm glad that you found some good ones, and especially happy that you are healthy again!

  24. OMG! You're gluten free! So is my son...but he has autism. He's getting better...it's a wonderful way of life...


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