The Beach...

Hi Friends & Fam,

Tim and I will be taking off to the beach for a few days-We went over for one day last week and had such a great time we decided to go back!

I also wanted to thank everyone who prayed for my grandmother before and after her surgery. She is doing well right now. My mom and Aunt Boo Boo (yes, I've called her that my whole life) are in Oregon with her at this time. They have worked with the doctors to get her medication right so that grandma isn't getting sick anymore. Mom said Grandma is in some pain but she is also back to her "old" self again (in other words she is as sharp as a tack) :)

Here are a few photos of where Tim and I will be taking a "holiday" together this week (click on any photo to enlarge it):

~ The funny thing about the photo above is the wind is NOT blowing~

~Spring has sprung on the coast~

~Lovin' me some driftwood~

~I really like the flat round rocks that are all over Ruby Beach some of them make perfect garden/herb markers~
~My husband declaring his love for me with a heart rock he found...Awwwww he's a keeper~

~You have to look real close but this photo is of my Chihuahua's and my footprints after we ran together on the beach. I am VERY VERY pigeoned toed and so is my dog!~

~Our day is ending at Ruby Beach~

~Goodbye Mr. Sunshine, thank you for helping to make our day perfect~


  1. Robin it is soooo beautiful there! Those rocks are definitely perfect for markers or painting and writing some words on them. Hope you all have a GREAT time at the beach.♥

  2. Have a wonderful time! It looks lovely!

  3. Looks so pretty & Fun!!!!

    Glad Grandma is feeling better :)

  4. Robin I pray you have a wonderfully blessed time with your honey!!! Take care!!~Wendy

  5. Those are some great photos, Robin!! That non-wind blowing one is a hoot!!

  6. So glad about your Grandmother Robin. Good news of the day :)

    Have fun and tell Mr. Ocean hello for us. We love him.

  7. Oh, Robin...take me, too...pretty please! How beautiful...you're photography always takes my breath away.

    Hey, you know how much I love your blog, so please stop by and claim something I have for you.

    Enjoy some time with that special man in your life!

  8. Oh, I hope you are having a WONDERFUL time! It looks so beautiful there. :)

    So glad to hear about your grandmother doing better....still keeping her in my prayers, though!

  9. Oh my Robin.. do you leave GOLDEN footprints in the sand?? THat is a gorgious picture..
    in fact all your photos were.. love those rocks and the drift wood too!

    Happy Easter!

    MOnica ... oh.,.. and the sunset!

  10. What a wonderful place to get away with your DH - I hope you have a relaxing well deserved break!! hugs, Linda

  11. sounds wonderful. Hope you have a great little getaway.
    Robin, email me at
    and I'll email you back with the strikethrough instructions. Because it's html code, I can't put it in a blogpost in a way that anyone can actually see.
    So glad your grandam's doing good.

  12. The coast there is so beautiful--so different from the coast here!

  13. How does everyone find driftwood and rocks at the beach? I'm so jealous! Have a great time. :-)

  14. Love the rock!! Enjoy your get away!

  15. Wow it is SO beautiful! I love that heart rock! What a sweet husband. Hope your trip is fantastic!

  16. Looks peaceful! Hope you enjoy your trip. So glad your grandmama is doing better. Blessings,Karen

  17. Love the heart shaped rock. m

  18. Beautiful pictures...I'm new to your blog, I'm coming in through Country Vintage.

    I got here right in time...I live in Maryland and it's 42 degrees today...cold April.

  19. Beautiful- reminds me of a trip we took out to the west coast about 8 years ago- I'd love to go back!

  20. A keeper indeed! What a sweetheart!

  21. Awesome rocks, I just saw an apothecary filled with smooth rocks and it was beautiful...

  22. Happy Easter to you dear Robin. I will be thinking about you since we are practically related ya know :)


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