Where in the World IS Robin Beck?


Noelle Grace & Grandma (Me)

Hi Friends,

I just want to let you know I am still alive and kicking! Things have been very hectic here with school ending, travel, family visiting, hiking and just plain ol' summer life in general. I haven't had much of a chance to visit blogs, email or post on my blog. I don't see things settling down anytime soon so bare with me! I WILL be posting but not as much... My creativeness in crafting doesn't usually kick in real strong till the first part of September! I have MANY new ideas to share then and will also be revamping the look my blog. I will continue to check out all your new posts for I have most all of you on my Google Reader~♥

Many have asked how our trip to Spokane went? IT was wonderful! I got to see my parents and daughter and grandsons. The photo shoot with all three grand kids was a joke! One would be laughing while the other was crying etc etc... We are going back over there (Spokane) the first part of July to "try" again! We did find out that Noelle IS a great little traveler!

The photo of Noelle and I above is of us dancing-She loves the Polka (and a one-ah, two-ah, three-ah-Letsa Polka) Her favorite dancing music is from the movie Pride and Prejudice (go figure!) Noelle loves when I play peek-A-boo with her, she gets to giggling so hard-Which makes us all laugh. Yesterday I was just messing with her and asked her for a kiss...She grabbed my face with both her chubby little hands on each side of my face and planted a kiss on me... I told her grandpa (my husband) about it so he asked her for a kiss and she did the same thing but gave him TWO kisses. She's just so smart-She amazes us everyday~We feel really blessed with our whole family.

Have a wonderfully blessed summer Everyone!


  1. Hi Robin
    Loved seeing Noelle...she is adoraborealus!!!! You look amazing too! Miss you !
    anne and the kids

  2. Hi Anne!

    Thanks you dear Sister in law!
    I hope you guys are having an amazing time at Lake Chelan! Timmy is not too far from you at Banks lake-He is dirt biking, jet skiing and cliff diving-I started praying for him and this trip 3 weeks ago! He drove himself!!!! Eeeek!

    I saw pictures of Kate at donuts for dads-Our baby has grown up (sniff sniff!) She is just beautiful!

    Have a great summer!

  3. Hey Sweets! I was really starting to worry about you! It sounds like all is well and I am so happy for you! Love the picture of you and Noelle- precious! Yes, I do see some Lynda Carter in you! Now I know why I call you Wonder Woman.:) Lori

  4. Hi Robin
    Great to hear you are ok and your trip went well. I LOVE the beautiful picture of you and 'poppet' Noelle. It really is a lovely picture. It's wonderful when they get to that age and you can start to play with them.
    Hope life slows down for you soon and you can start to enjoy summer.

  5. Your heart must be running over... mine is just looking at the photo of you with your precious.... and I am so glad we have another P&P fan around....

    Have a glorious summer!

  6. Hi Robin,

    So glad you checked in with us. LOVE the picture of you and Noelle....so sweet! Sounds like you have been VERY busy but a good kind of busy.

    We have finally been able to slow down a bit though Lexi still has 3 more ball games (those will be through by June 30th) and the summer play to go. From mid July till school starts in mid Aug. we will just veg and not do much of anything but swim and play!

  7. Oh my..she is a doll!!!!

    Oh..and I'm feeling better..just certain things I eat..ugh...make me so sick...lol..so I'm stickin with salsa and V8!
    I know..tomatoes..yum!
    can't wait til our garden ones are ready!!

  8. Robin,
    Love, love that picture of you and Noelle. What a charmer she is & so beautiful. You look way too young to be a grammy, and yes there is a resemblance to Lynda Carter. Have a wonderful summer! Hopefully I'll get to see you next year.

  9. Hi Robin!
    Talk about a punkin pie! She is just precious! Now, I know where she got those gorgeous baby blues of hers.

    So glad to hear that you and your loved ones are well and are enjoying your summer! Have fun with those sweet grandbabies! Makes me really look forward to being a grandma one day, too!

  10. So cute Robin. So glad to hear from you too. :)

  11. Such an adorable picture! And Robin...you look WAY too young to be a grandma...look at those big baby blues! LOL

  12. Noelle is as cute as a button--you two have the same eyes!

  13. How sweet Noelle is! Sounds like you are having the time of your life! Enjoy!

  14. I just love this pic -- it is so stinkin cute! XO Kimberly

  15. She is beautiful. I hope you have a great summer. We, too, are very busy.

  16. Oh there go the water works again. Seems to happen a lot to me lately and when I saw you with Noelle it started up. She is so cute and those pretty eyes - like yours!! What a wonderful picture of the two of you.

    hehehe - too cute about the photo shoot. It is hard to get one to settle down, never mind three. I hope you have better luck in July so we all can see.

    Enjoy your happy busy life with that darling baby!! I finally know how it feels! woohoo!

    hugs, Linda

  17. Adorable little baby doll ~ & I think she really favors her Grammy! I'm Mimi to a new little 5 mo. old grandson & we are both obviously experiencing the same kind of delirious joys!!

    Angelic Accents

  18. Yea!!! A photo of your darling little Noelle! LOVED the story about the kisses.
    I know how those photo shoots can go with more than one child. Like a three-stooges episode! : )

  19. Okay...you are like the hottest grandma ever!! Y'all have the prettiest blue eyes, too!!
    Glad you had fun on your trip!!

  20. What a cute baby, i glad you had fun on your trip!

  21. Hey, Robin!

    I'm just glad to know that you've been enjoying yourself...and your wonderful family! That sweet baby granddaughter is ADORABLE! She gives kissess??!!! How sweet is that! Can't wait to hear more about your travels and summer fun...be sure to keep us up to date!

  22. Just popping back in to say thanks so much for including our family in your prayers recently. What comfort it brought to know so many were added to ours. : )

  23. What a sweet pic of you girls!
    Hoping you are having a fantastic 4th of July weekend!
    Many hugs,Les

  24. Thanks for the visit Robin. So glad to hear from you. It's fun to know that you're so familiar with Multnomah Falls. Hope your summer is going well!

  25. I too have been MIA so I totally understand. Both you and your little grandaughter look great!

  26. Oh What beautiful girls :)
    Wonderful pic, Noelle is so pretty, as is her grammy....

  27. What a sweet picture of you and your grandbaby!!!


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