Spokane, Spokane, SpoCan't, Spokane, Spokane...

If you notice the title of my blog you will see we have been traveling to Spokane to see family MANY times this month. Though the third time we didn't make it. Our beloved mini-van died without warning up on the mountain pass between Seattle and Spokane. So we came back home and looked for a car AND ended up driving to Spokane during the week and buying one there! So in one months time we will have gone to Spokane (300 miles away) FIVE times!
We are getting ready to leave right now for YET another trip... Our Grandson Carson turned 1 year old yesterday-His birthday party is today. Plus my whole family, my brother Ron, his son Ben, our 2 dads, Mom, and our son Ty who just arrived in Spokane from Wyoming will be at the lake the next couple of days. So off we all run AGAIN to join in the fun!

Here are some pictures I wanted to share:

This is my attempt to get a photo of all three grand kids-Notice Landon in the background, he was throwing his hands up after "trying" to rally Carson and Noelle together for a photo.

Happy Birthday precious Carson!

I love this picture of Noelle with her Great Grandparents, though my Mom isn't crazy about it because she isn't wearing any makeup-She may not be wearing makeup but she has lost enough weight that she can fit into MY jeans!

I took this photo of Noelle and her Mommy last week, Noelle is 7 months old today! She has 6 MORE teeth coming in all at once but seems to be handling it well! She has been sitting up on her own now for a while and is crawling but mostly backwards! She has figured out how to get to anything she sees and wants~Oh boy, the "fun" begins!



  1. Hi Robin
    Sounds like you have had a very hectic month with all that travelling. What a place for your mini van to break down! Glad to hear you have a new car now and are enjoying your times in Spokane. I loved seeing the picture of your grandchildren all together and your lovely parents too with Noelle. The last picture of Ronnie and Noelle is absolutely beautiful. Ronnie's hair looks lovely straightened, she is so pretty. I hope Carson has a great 1st birthday with all his family. I wish you a safe journey and I look forward to hearing all about it.

  2. What great pictures!!! In the first picture it looks like Noelle is asking Carson "Why are you fussing"? Too CUTE!! Your parents with Noelle is such a special picture and the one with your daughter and her baby is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Have a GREAT time!!!

  3. My grandson Nicholas will be seven months old on July 27th and he doesn't have any teeth yet. But I think it will be soon, he bites down hard on everthing he can get in his mouth!

  4. It was nice to check in and see the great pictures! The babies are beautiful, Ronnie looks so happy and your parents are so missed! you have no idea!

    Enjoy your summer!


  5. Oh my..what a time you are having!

    Carson is so sweet looking :)

    Can I just say Ronnie TOTALLY rocks being pale..I however..lol..do not :)
    And as always..drooling over baby Noelle!

  6. Over the mountain and throught the woods... I sure hope this trip is uneventful!

    Loved the pics of family! Your mom is gorgeous without make up!

    Trying to get little ones to sit still is like trying to harness a hummingbird!! Great try! LOL

    Noelle is just blossoming! She is so darn cute and Ronnie is a beautiful young lady!

    Safe travels!!

    hugs, Linda

  7. So great Robin. I love all the pictures and she is getting so big and cuter by the minute.

    Your whole family is so blessed.

  8. Fun! A little hectic maybe but fun! What a gorgeous family you have Robin! Have fun this week.

  9. Great pics. Your mom looks fabulous!

  10. Wow, Robin...you sure have been on the go A LOT this summer! Aren't you ready for a nap? I know I would be! Love all your pictures. You have one gorgeous family!

  11. "Bon Voyage" is the name of the very last episode!
    They throw a huge party for rory :)

    Grandma is very stubborn..but we're trying our hardest :)

  12. Robin- I have to tell you that I absolutely love these pictures. I feel like I know everyone so intimately and that they are a part of my own family. Well, in a way they are since we are sisters.;) Ronnie (she gets prettier every time I see her) and sweet Noelle (Angel Baby!) is my favorite one, although the one with Noelle and her grandparents is a close second. Your Mom is so pretty! She does not need make-up! And the one with your all the little ones-sigh... Could they be any cuter??? Lori

  13. Robin, you have a really beautiful family- how proud you must be!
    Enjoy the rest of your summer and safe travel!

  14. Robin ~
    Your family is so beautiful, your mom, daughter, and Noel is just gorgeous. You're awful cute, too!
    Isn't it funny how babies start out crawling backwards? Have a great week.

  15. You are definitely one busy lady this summer! The last picture of your daughter with Noelle is so sweet~ and I can't believe how quickly Noelle has grown! They grow way too fast, don't they? :) I hope you will be able to get a little rest and relaxation into your summer! :)
    Have a good night! :)

  16. I love Landon's pose...you can tell he gave it his all and he is DONE trying! :)

  17. What a cute blogger you are! I love all your bright and colorful pictures and descriptions! :)

  18. She's getting so big!
    Sorry I haven't commented for a while. I lost all of my feeds, and haven't been able to find all of them. So thanks for your comment today so I could add you back into my favorites!


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