Going Ons...

Here Are Some Going Ons In The Beck Household...

This is our son Tim. I took this picture of him this week for one of his Senior photos.

Tim is very excited because he will be in his FIRST "official" cage fight (think UFC) this Saturday at 7 pm in Lacey Washington. Tim is well trained so it ought to be a good match. We are excited to have Uncle Ron and many other friends in attendance~ Thanks Ron & friends this means the world to Timmy.

Tim got pretty wet here~I was really having too much fun taking this picture-I might have stalled "a little" longer then I should while taking this shot! Ha! Ha! (sorry son!)

Ronnie and her daughter Noelle went with us when we were taking Tim's yearbook pictures...So OF COURSE I snapped a couple of them too. Aren't the fall colors in the trees behind them just gorgeous!?!

The latest news on our daughter Ronnie you ask? Well, thanks for asking! Ronnie just signed a 3 year contract with a top modeling agency here in Seattle. I will post new updates on Ronnie as her modeling career takes off.

Saving the cutest for last... Noelle turns 10 months old this Sunday~I can't believe how fast she grows. I get to watch her while Ronnie has her photo shoots once a week. Noelle and I really enjoy our time together, she is such a joy. Words can't describe my love for her..... Sigh. :)

So that's our latest....How are you all doing?



  1. Robin you did great on these picture! You have a beautiful family!

  2. good pics of tim...and that fighting stuff would scare me..lol.

    Noelle is so precious!

    Glad ronnie is doing something with that beautiful face :)

  3. Tim is going to cage fight??? I would be scared to death over that. I definitely hope he wins!!!

    YAY for Ronnie. Definitely keep us updated on her modeling career. Those are great pictures of her and Noelle. I can't believe she is already going to be 10 months!!!!

    Hope you all have a great weekend.♥

  4. Hi Robin
    Thanks for sharing your pictures. You have such a beautiful family and manage to catch some gorgeous pictures of them. I wish Tim good luck in the fight! I am not sure what cage fighting actually is but it sounds very scary. I hope he is ok.
    Have a great weekend. It's just washing, ironing, painting and enjoying my new blog for me this weekend.

  5. Ya'll have a lot of exciting things happening around your home!! Beautiful photos of your beautiful children and gran!!! Can't wait for updates on the fighter and the model~~and the baby!

  6. Great pictures! You have a very handsome son and beautiful daughter. And that grandbaby, well...gorgeous doesn't begin to describe her!!! Cage fighting...not sure about that but I hope he wins!! Keep us posted on all the great things happening in your life!!!

  7. wooo weee! i bet you are one proud momma & grandma!!! and you ahve every right to be!!! you have a beautiful family!!!!

  8. Lovely children and grandchild. You take great pictures! Bless you.

  9. Hi Robin--what great pictures of Tim, Ronnie and little Noelle. I was just thinking that Ronnie looked like a model and then scrolled down to see that she really is.

    I have never heard of cage fighting. Maybe you can do a post and educate those of us who are unfamiliar with it.

  10. What a good looking family and great phots!

  11. Oh Robin, what amazing photo's. Your kids are so good looking and you capture them only as a mom could - wet and all! But of course Noelle is the cutest of all - sorry Tim and Ronnie!You grow some wonderful human beings over there! And congrats to Ronnie on her career - how exciting.

    We are growing some awfully cute Lili's on this side of the country!

  12. I think the wait for that water shot was worth it! I love the results. WOW exciting times in the nest these days! My boys (and that includes my husband) would love to hear all about his fight. Your family is gorgeous!

  13. I love all the pics, your family is all so beautiful and Handsome(for Tim).Hope he won his fight. I'll be checking back in to see the results! Blessings,Karen

  14. You have a GORGEOUS family Robin...so fun you get to spend a day per week with that cutie pie.

    Jamie :)

  15. What adorable children! I know you must be so proud.


    Sheila :-)

  16. I'm not surprised that Ronnie is modelling- maybe the agency should sign Noelle too!


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