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I looked outside my window this morning to a beautiful sight. All the leaves have turned amazing shades of yellow, orange and reds, plus it's raining! This puts me in the mood for baking. So I headed over to Country Living Online and scoped out some of their recipes. Here are a few goodies that caught my attention. Just click on the orange highlighted words for the recipes~

Tiered pumpkin spice cake with honey and spice buttercream frosting.

Fall swirled cookies~

Cinnamon - pecan spirals~By the way these are super easy.

Fancy Caramel Apples~

Most of you know I eat gluten free...These recipes (other then the caramel apples/frosting) are NOT gluten free. But I love the design of the cake and cookies and will just change the recipes around to make them fit my needs. That's the great thing about crafts and baking, you can gather ideas here and there then get creative and make them your own~


  1. No way, that cake looks amazing and those apples...oh my!

    Jamie :)

  2. oooh yummy! i made myself a caramel apple today :)

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  4. Hi Robin
    Everything looks delicious. I especially like the look of that pumpkin spice cake. The caramel apples look too good to eat.
    Thanks for the ideas. Jessica is having a small halloween party so they may come in very useful.
    Hope your week is going well.

  5. I love the caramel apples. I have wanted to make those for years but have been in the swarm of adult orthodontia... maybe THIS year will be the year!!

  6. YUM all of those look DELICIOUS!

  7. yup - that cake is a beauty! and the cookies look too good to eat. I am sure my dentist would have something to say about the apples - so we just won't tell him, right?

    Noelle would be in good company Behind My Red Door today. Yesterday I came home to a zillion lady bugs crawling on the front of the house. Today, half of them came in for a visit while I was meeting a blog follower. I have been vacumming them for hours! I bet Noelle will be MUCh cuter than the ones in my vacuum right now!! :-)Can't wait to see the pictures!!

  8. Wow they look fantastic. Just looking at them I think I've put on an additional kg. :)

  9. Hi Robin, thanks for these fall recipes. We had such cold rainy weather last week that we had the crock pot going and the oven on! Now we are at the beach for a long weekend and it's hot and sunny--that's just NC in the fall.

    Hope all's well with you and your family. I know you have a lot going on.

  10. They all look so yummy! Odd one that I am, I couldn't help but notice the wooden cake stand that the pumpkin spice cake is displayed on. I like that a lot!

  11. Beautiful, Robin! We love making caramel apples at our house. We roll them in mini Reese's Pieces and M&M's.... mmmmm..... Lori

  12. hmmm..yummy..my mouth start watering..:-)

  13. Those leaf cookies are WAY cute. The cinnamon-pecan swirls remind me that I'm supposed to be making cinnamon rolls for the kids!!!!! Better get on that!

  14. The Fall always sets me right into baking mode! Thank you so much for sharing these recipes..heading over to look them over now. Happy Fall to you =O)

  15. Hi, Robin... I am so glad I happened on a blog from a link on another. It is so pretty. Love these great ideas. I am going to look around, but just wanted to say, "Hi."


    Sheila :-)


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