Cell Phone Fun & A Little Twilight...

I came across a website that gives out free ring tones, it's called Phone Zoo.

I've been having a lot of fun with it...

When my husband calls I hear Adam Sandler singing "I want to grow old with you."

When my brother calls I hear, "I am your brother, your best friend forever!"

Sometimes I change my brothers ring tone to a suspenseful, "Oh No it's RON calling, what does he want, what does he want???!!!"

Mom belted out this song when we were young so it's set for when she calls... "Yakety Yak, don't talk back!"

My daughter Ronnie...the theme song from "Spongebob Squarepants"

My son Timmy's ring is the "UFC theme song"~ (Of course)

When Lori calls me my phone jingles the "Dance of the Reed Flutes" from the Nutcracker.

And when Kimberly calls me it's "Supermassive Blackhole" (the song from Twilight that is played during the baseball game)

Do you have any special ringtones for your cell phone?


Being New Moon is coming out this week I've been adding some little Twilight/New Moon ditties to each post...

Many of you may already know this, many may not: Rob Pattinson actually sings "Let me sign" in the Twilight movie. His singing voice sounds nothing like him...What talent~ he sings, plays piano and acts~

Here is a short video with his voice (Yes, it's really him singing) and some scenes from Twilight that I found on Youtube.

Are you excited for New Moon to come out? Then you might need THIS ringtone which is so funny/It's a crazed New Moon fan.

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  1. Don't have ringtones, and know just a little about the Twighlight Series, my girls read the books.

  2. Oh yes, me too! When my Hubby Calls it is Color My World. When Jay calls it is the mother - son song from the wedding. When Jen calls it is Joe Cocker's You are So Beautiful and I have a few more too. Such fun!! I love your song choices!!

    Why am I not surprised your home looks like baby central as well? isn't it wonderful?

  3. We don't have any special ring tones...Isn't he just an amazing actor/singer/pianist?!

    I love when he's playing the piano for Bella's lullaby!

  4. No special ringtones here but I love the twilight movies! So looking forward to this one, I did not know that he sang Wow makes me want to watch it even more! Blessings,Karen

  5. I know he sings because I have the soundtrack from Twilight. I also have the New Moon soundtrack and have been listening away wondering what songs will be where in the movie. It is not long now......♥

  6. lol..love those tones!

    Mine is big green tractor-jason aldean

    I don't really leave my house enough to have diff. ringtones for everyone..lol..my cell doesn't come in with all these hills!

    I LOVE robs voice..my fav. is "never think"

    I'm going thurs at midnight and can't wait!!

  7. As you know, the baseball scene is my favorite. I love Supermassive Blackhole! Great post, Sissy.

  8. Hi Robin
    Sounds like you are having so much fun with the ring tones. I am ashamed to admit my phone has the ring tone that it played when I switched it on! I have never bothered to change it!!
    There's lots of excitement here about New Moon. It comes out here this weekend too. Robert Pattinson has been on all the talk shows today promoting it.

  9. Gotta love a woman who isn't afraid to put, not only the Spongebob theme on her phone, but a Muse song (Supermassive Blackhole) as well!

    I might have to give that sight a listen...sounds like fun.

  10. Oh my goodness... you know I just adore you right?? This post rocks! I have the new moon soundtrack and still haven't listened to it! I'm saving it for after the movie. I also have Supermassive Black hole for one of my twilight crazy friends as a ringtone! Too fun!

    Okay... so the UPS man just arrived... the best package EVER came with him!!! I can not believe you sent those PB m&m's ... oh man girl. My kids were squealing and when I saw those, I joined right in! We can't wait to play with this and already have fun plans for it on Friday when we put up our tree... and I recover from the late night movie... lol

    Thankyou so much! I can't tell you how much we love it, and how thrilled we are to have won it!!! You just made our day. Seriously.

    Now I'm off to eat m&m's Oh, I mean lunch. I'm off to eat lunch. yeah. Lunch. (ahem)


  11. I have a lovely pay as you go track phone so no fun ringtones for me!

    My family loves the "brother" song! When they hear it they sing it off and on for weeks!!!!

  12. I LOVE the song you chose for me, Sweetie! LOVE. IT. You know me so well.:) I am definitely going to check this site out AND I am going to write to you tonight. IT is CRAZY here and my neck buddy does not want to leave.:( grrr..... Mandy is getting braces again, I am insane getting ready for the next party and it's COLD! Yippee! Love you to bits, Sis! Oh, my old babysitter (the older daughter I never had) should be e-mailing you.... Lori

  13. What a cute post. I love how you did it and wow you are good having different tones for different callers. Do you know how long it would take grandmayellowhair to figure all that out.
    forever lol
    I can not believe it is time for New Moon. I have to work this weekend so I know you will see it before me. hahaha
    I am so tempted to reread all of them again. Love the series.
    Thanks for this great post

  14. My husband used to have "Hunk of Burning Love" as my ring tone! I am going to have to check out this site. Thanks Robin!

  15. Frankly, Robin, I still have my kids program phone numbers into my phone for me.............

  16. There is something very Ray LaMontagne about his sound... you are right, so very different from his speaking voice

  17. Hilarious idea! I have to give this a try! Have a great weekend.

  18. I have special ringtones for all my family and friends who call often. My husband's is "Still The One." My daughter Kathleen who just graduated from UNC Chapel Hill is "Carolina Girl," my son Brian is Allstar from Shrek, and the list goes on. I love knowing who's calling by the ring.


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