You Asked For It...

So here is the information on Glue Dots~
Craft Glue Dots are double-sided adhesives for art projects, candle making, framing/matting, home decor, scrapbooking and woodworking.
No-mess Craft Glue Dots bond to most surfaces including paper, plastic, metal, wood, foam, textiles and more. There are Glue Dots that dry permanent or that are strong but removable.

Click HERE to go to the Glue Dot website

Click HERE to see easy to use dispensers

Click HERE to see some craft projects from Glue Dot

Click HERE to see a short video on how to use Glue Dots

I use them for many things from crafting to replacing tape when wrapping gifts. I love them because they are easy to use, fast and clean.

Now... Onto other matters:

5 more days~!
By the way, what I like about this movie poster is that the island in it actually looks like it IS James Island that is in La Push Washington not Oregon (where the movie is filmed sad to say.)


  1. Thanks for the info on the glue dots, I'll be checking them out. Sorry, I can't tell you when the last time I have watched a movie, probably years!

  2. I have never heard of glue dots before, but I definitely need to get some ASAP with the holidays right around the corner. My girls are dying for "New Moon" to come out! Do you know that I haven't even see "Twilight" yet?

  3. Well glue dots sound like they are quite the wonderful product! I have never used them before.

    I can't wait, the movie looks like it is going to be WONDERFUL!

  4. In my world 'Glue Dots' are a must have. I use them for scrapbooking and card making all the time and love them. I can't wait for the movie. Did anyonw go to 'A Christmas Carol'? The scenery was wonderful, the movie,,,,,not so much.

  5. Can't wait!! We're going to see it this coming weekend!!!

    Oh...they have New Moon candy at Target in the Christmas goody section!! : ) Definitely collectors items!

  6. Oh heavens... I can not wait!!! Have you seen the utube trailer where they put all the released clips together and in order? Like a mini movie...


  7. Hi Robin
    I used glue dots when I was doing our Disney scrapbooks. I will have to get some more now you have suggested some other great uses for them.
    Jessica is planning to see New Moon with her friends. I hope she wants to see it a second time so I have someone to go with!

  8. My sister was able to arrange a HUGE preshow so I get to go see the movie Thursday night! Wish you lived closer and you could join us!

  9. Oh, I love Glue Dots! I use them for my taper candles, which never seem to want to stay in the candle holders! :)

    I hope you have fun seeing New Moon! The movie poster is cool... but now, who is the scary looking guy with his arms crossed, since I recognize Edward on the bottom? I guess it's pitifully obvious I haven't seen Twilight...

    Oh, and are you loving your Gooseberry Patch magazine or what? I am having fun trying out the recipes. There is one called Pizza Bites that I can't wait to make for the kids, because I know they are going to love them! (As long as they turn out, of course!)

    Anyway, this message is turning into a book here! I hope you have a good night! :)

  10. Glue dots are a necessity at our home. We adore them!
    Someone asked how I was able to make my curtains stay in place...TA...DA -~Glue Dots! They just come in so handy for so many things!

    Have fun at Twilight!

  11. These are so neat! Can't wait to find some! Thanks!


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