Candy Garland...

I am putting together a small Christmas tree for my kitchen~The main ornaments are gingerbread men but first the tree needed some sweet strands of garland.
I like the red and white mints alot.
But if you want more color then add some cinnamon red candies...

Butterscotch are also pretty...

The sky is the limit when it comes to different colors of wrapped candy. You can buy these candies in super big bags for around $3.00~ Make sure they don't have the candy makers name on the wrapper, it should be clear. Store brands usually have clear wrappers and are less expensive.

Instructions: Use a glue gun to stick wrapper end to wrapper end together. A low temp glue gun works well~If you only have a regular glue gun then use the glue sparingly. I myself used glue dots for a fast, non messy, simple project~ We went a little crazy making these and turned some of the garland into yummy bracelets and necklaces☺
Caution: Keep these candies away from small children for they could be a potential choking hazard.


  1. Oh my gosh, how brilliant are you!? This is so totally happening at my house this year. A project for next weekend I think. Thanks!

  2. Hi Robin
    What a great idea. Your garlands are so pretty. Thanks for the idea. Your tree is going to be so cute with the gingerbread men. I LOVE gingerbread people. I just finished stitching some gingerbread men yesterday and the poor things have been pushed inside a gingerbread candle jar to hopefully get scented! Looks like they are not very happy in there!!!
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

  3. ADORABLE!! I am SO enjoying your December posts Robin!!

  4. Very cute! This would be a fun one for my kids and I to try.

  5. I was just thinking a little bit a go on how I could make some different garland...thanks for my answer!! I am so copying you!!

  6. This is a cute idea and easy enough that even I could do it. Ha ha.
    Now if only I had a glue gun.

  7. LOVE IT!!! those garlands wouldn't last a day around me though. The wrappers would all be empty! yummy!!

  8. try using a stapler to connect the candies, works great!


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