♫ On The Fourth Day Of Christmas...

♫ The Robin's Nest gave to me, ♫♪♫ Some computer fun using the "alt" key! ♪


Ever wonder how other bloggers get symbols (♥♫♪☺) on their posts, E-mails or photos?

It's all about using the "alt" key and numbers on your computer. First of all find your "alt" key, it's below the "x" key.

The main thing to remember about creating a symbol is to hold down the alt key "while" also pressing on the numeric keys. It's very important not to let up on the alt key until you are done pressing the last number.

For example if you want a heart press alt while pressing the number 3 ♥♥♥

Here are some other symbols:
Copyright (©) is Alt 0169
Trademark (™) is Alt 0153
Registered (®) is Alt 0174
Bullet (•) is Alt 0149
Cent (¢) is Alt 0162
One half (½) is Alt 0189
Dollar ($) is Alt 36
Smile (☺) is Alt 1
Diamond (♦) is Alt 4
Music note (♫) is Alt 14
Music note (♪) is Alt 13
Sun (☼) is Alt 15
Arrow (↨) is Alt 23 (↑) Alt 24 (↓) Alt 25 (→) Alt 26 (←) Alt 27
Big Arrow Right (►) is Alt 16 Big Arrow Left (◄) is Alt 17


Also I found a great site that helps you rhyme any word. As you can see with my "25 days of Christmas" I am having to rhyme the word "Me" alot while trying not to repeat the same word twice (Ha! We will see how that goes!)

Click HERE to go to a site for rhyming. I tried many words and was shocked how many words came up that rhymed with them. I am however sad to be the one to break it to you though that no words came up that rhyme with the word...

(21 days till Christmas)


  1. Sissy: I am so loving your December blog posts. They just make me smile. XOXO.

  2. How COOL! I always wondered about that, Robin! I don't think it will work for me, though. I have a Mac.:( Lori

  3. Well aren't you just a Blogger's little elf with all of this helpful info? Thanks for sharing this, I have always wondered but never thought to figure it out!!

  4. I love using the alt key...making hearts is my fav, but you know what stinks, I can't do it on my laptop! Stinks! I love your days of Christmas!!

    Hope you're doing good and hope you have a great weekend!

  5. Wow I always wondered how they did that. Thanks for all the fun.

  6. These are great days of Christmas giveaways! I love the fun idea of giving us all a little something without reaching into your pocketbook! I didn't know there were so many ways to use the alt key! Chim Chim Churee!

  7. Thanks for the info-one of life's little mysteries I always wondered about!
    Followed Lemonade Makin Momma over :0)

  8. I have ALWAYS wanted to know how to do this! Awesome idea!

    Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings....


  9. Thanks for the info! I always wondered about that.

  10. I love your Dec. posting, Robin, but I tried the heart thingey & it won't work for me. Nothing happens. I'll keep playing around with it. Have a fabulous weekend.

  11. I have always wondered how people got the heart or the smile in their posts! Thank you for showing this!

  12. I love this! I'm going to add it to my list. These are a couple I have on my list from the days when I taught college composition:

    Words for Said:


    Tone Words:

  13. Hi Robin
    Thank you so much for explaining what the alt key can do. That's amazing, I never knew it could do that. I am going to have lots of fun with my new button now!!! Oh I was going to put some symbols here ............. but it doesn't work for me!! Can I not use them in a comment?


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