La Push Baby~♥

Some of you may have noticed I haven't been around much. That is because my husband and I decided to head out of town a few days ago. We made reservations at the Reservation...Jacob's Rez at First Beach... A romantic getaway just for two~♥

Our check in wasn't until four so we drove around over by Sol Duc hot springs mapping out places to hike and fish. While we were driving I sent a text to our youngest son Timothy (who will be 18 next month) Here is a short sample of our texting conversation:

Me: Timmy, could you please take Paco out today after you wake up and feed both dogs tonight?

"Tick tock, tick tock"...About two hours later I get this text back:

Timmy: Soo where did u two love birds run off to this time?

Me: La Push Baby!

Timmy: Ha Ha! Nice for the 300th time!

I think it's cute that he called us love birds!


The first picture I took is the view from the large bath towards the fireplace and the inside of the house we stayed in-The photo above is looking out from the bath the other way. I'm pretty sure that is Jacob and Bella's log out there. The house we stayed in had very few walls facing the beach, just mostly windows so we could see the whole beach from any room. We could see the cliffs that Bella dove off to the left and St. James Island to the right. There was a eagle perched on a log right outside our place one night~Then the next morning we could see surfers riding the violent waves in the middle of a major rain storm!

We just got back last night ~I will blog more about this little vacation in the next few days. For everyone who E mailed, called, or anybody new to my blog that left a comment... I WILL be gettting back to all of you AND be making my rounds to everyone's blogs this week sometime!

Hope you are having a wonderful New Year so far!

***For readers not from this area... La Push is in Washington State-It is part of the Olympic Peninsula.


  1. j-e-a-l-o-u-s...that's me!

    Have fun! ; )

  2. Ah...lovely! I look forward to someday running off with my hubby!

  3. What great to finish off one decade and enter into a new! Welcome Home. Look forward to reading more about it. :)

  4. that's awesome!!

    can't wait to hear more about it!!

  5. Well Robin I was wondering where you dissapeared to! Sounds like the perfect getaway to me!!! Beautiful pictures!

    Oh, and about Picnik, I played around on it one night for a long time and the next day I did pay and upgraded. I absolutely LOVE it! Hope you are having a Happy New Year.♥

  6. This sounds like great and well deserved fun.

  7. Wow -- so sweet that you lovebirds were able to get away! Sounds lovely! Happy New Year!


  8. You are such lovebirds! I was swooning over the romance of your "running away together!! The view is gorgeous! The beach, your sweetheart, a warm fire- sigh.... You know how to keep the romance going, Sis!:) So glad you had fun and that you are back! Lori

  9. Dear Sister,

    I can't think of a better couple then the two of you having a lovely love bird weekend. Love you both.

    Love Teressa
    Your favorite sister!

  10. Hi Robin! Okay this is really embarrassing, because as you know, I LIVE in Washington and didn't know where La Push was! But now I do, thanks to you! :) I hope you had a wonderful, fantastic and very relaxing trip! Was your Christmas a good one? I hope so! Sorry I kind of fell off the radar after posting about my husband in mid-December!

    Thank you so much for your two recent comments concerning my husband's health. It meant so much to know others were praying for him, for us! I hope your husband is doing well and am keeping him in my prayers.

    Happy New Year to you, Robin!


  11. Sweet getaway!! Love that shot out of the window. Romantic.

  12. Hi Robin
    Sounds like a perfect, relaxing and romantic break. I loved seeing the pictures and the cosy fire. To gaze out at the ocean like that must have been wonderful. Glad you enjoyed some special time together in such a special place.

  13. I love that view from the bath. The Rez is so cool and I can't wait to see more.

  14. Good for the two of you! I had to laugh when reading your comment from your son. I love it when my kid's actually realize that their father and I are real people, the love that we shared when we were young still continues. Blessings! Deb

  15. Sounds, oh, so heavenly, Robin! I'm sure you two little love birdies had a fabulous time! Can't wait to read more about your adventure! I've been away from blogging for awhile, too...it's good to be back!

  16. How simply lovely and good for you and your husband....love the first picture, can't wait to see more.

    Happy New Year!
    Wishing the best,

  17. wow thanks for the pictures! I would love to go there!

  18. WOW, VERY cool!!! Have fun, you love birds!

  19. This sounds like a great getaway Robin. I'm sure you're right about the log being Jacob and Bella's too!

  20. That looks WONDERFUL... We are hoping to get away soon... we need a vacation! Glad you got away- you deserve it.


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