♫ ♪ Sleigh Bells Ring...

 I'm just messing with you girls, sleigh bells aren't really ringing though I know many of you got hit real hard with snow this year...

 Here in Seattle I don't think we even had one flake of snow fall this year. To top it off Spring has come to visit us early...

My kids really missed the snow this Christmas-So I brought a winter wonderland to them...

Remember how I showed you a way to put snow on a fake Christmas tree?  Click HERE to see that tutorial again.
 I added some trees around it to give it more flare...

Like some alder trees that I painted white- Then I put glue on them and applied fake snow.  I added the snow on the ground, a sled and a couple of...

 ...Cardinals too.

I took all my Christmas decor down right after the holiday was over. But I left our little winter wonderland so we could enjoy the season that missed us.

Thank you everyone for the super kind comments on my post before this~You girls really know how to make someone feel special~♥


  1. I might try fake snow some time!! We are in the middle of the hottest summer ever!
    Drop in for my Australia Day party - we are all in the pool :-)

  2. I love your decorations, Robin! Especially the sweet little cardinal.:) Oh, how you inspire me! We have been having such fun watching our bird feeder and the biggest treat is when the cardinals come. I believe they have been hiding from us! I still have some wintery decor up, too. Don't you love having all the seasons? I just don't think I would ever be happy in Florida- too much sun! Lori

  3. Oh...it DOES look just like a winter wonderland! How pretty is that? I can't believe you haven't gotten any snow! We had a few flakes fall here and it was SO exciting! I think we're done for the year, though. Boo hoo!

  4. Robin that vignette is soooo pretty. The red sled and cardinals just pop against the white. Is that space in a stairway?

  5. I do hope Mother Nature is not playing tricks on you....winter is so not over...I remember when you put that tree up there and I love how it look now! You need a tree up there year round.

  6. Hi Robin
    Your winter wonderland looks great. I am sure Noelle has loved seeing it there. I love those cardinals you have in the US. Now I know what they care called and don't have to keep calling them 'those little red birds'! Our shops sold out of sledges this year. Do you called them sleighs? You could have sold your sledge for a high price, they were like gold dust. We have a hill in our local park called Cannon Ball Hill and everyone heads over there to sledge. One day I saw some kids sliding down there in an inflatable paddling pool. Looked lots of fun.

  7. That really turned out great! Wow, spring already. We haven't seen one glimpse here on the opposite side of the US. : ( I am so ready for it though. I long for the budding flowers! Hoping that they didn't all die from the freezing nights we had.

  8. Beautiful! I love everything about your home. It is warm, cozy, and inviting. I really favor your creativity. XOXO

  9. Those pictures look so GORGEOUS. Love your tree with the snow and the little cardinals. Looks like we are getting ready to get hit with an ice/snow storm on Thursday. All I ever hope for is that our power stays on!!!!!

  10. WOW ROBIN! you are ...and will forever be... amazing!!!

  11. Robin, your winter wonderland is adorable, almost makes me wish it was still December, but then we would have to have January all over again and where I live it has been brrrrrrrrrrrrr COLD!! Thanks again for making the day brighter.

  12. How cool is that? What a terrific idea.

    I hear you on the lack of snow. I even purchased snow suits for the kids and everything and so far we've only had one snowfall. Back in December we had a small snowfall that we all enjoyed. My Lil' Superheroes were in awe as they had never seen snow in SoCal.

  13. I think I actually gasped with delight when I saw you had pussy willows already. Lucky you!!! I can't even get out of my driveway today, it has blown shut with all the snow.
    I did enjoy your trees, I actually had the same idea and made a couple of my own last year. It was a lot of work, a big mess, but can't imagine the house in winter without them... I got some glass icicles from Target to hang from my branches, so pretty. A pain to store in the summer though!
    PS- the pictures on your last post are stunning!!! Great job!

  14. We here in Baltimore Maryland had plenty of snow and I would of sent you some...heeheehee!!!! 24 inches the weekend before Christmas and a few inches after. In fact, it is snowing right now, very light though.

    Love your winter wonderland. You are such a kind mom.


  15. I absolutely LOVE this winter wonderfland...what a great idea!!
    I will keep this in mind for next year.
    Loving the early spring like weather here in the Pacific Northwest (actually Victoria on Vancouver Island).
    Have you enetered my GiveAway yet?
    Everyone is welcome to participate in the fun!!

  16. I can't wait for spring! We got a lot of snow in December, and now I'm ready for some green outside... but it's not unusual for us to have snow storms until March- so I will just have to wait....

  17. you want i should send ya some of dis snow??? lol.

    soooooo sweet!

  18. I love those decorations!!! Guess I will need to do the same here...no snow but sunshine ;)

  19. wow, it's so pretty! love the cardinal too :)
    we're supposed to get snow this friday-saturday. yippee. did you hear the sarcasm in that yippee? oh it's there.

  20. This is so pretty and cleaner looking than the snow outside my window. I love the touches of red with the cadinal and sled.

    I LOVED your post before. Heavenly Father really did make each so unique and gave us each different talents. I hadn't thought about our talents in away we see the world but it does make so much sense. Your pictures are beautiful!

    Enjoy your early spring! I need to call my sister and check in with her how Mercer Island is doing... No wondder she chose to live in your beautiful neck of the woods:)


  21. It really is unusual that we haven't had any "real" snow! We had a couple of times where we had some quick flurries where we live north of Seattle, but nothing that accumulated! Our kids are really sad that it hasn't snowed yet, too! :( BUT...I cannot count the times it snowed after things started blooming! Or do you remember the time it snowed quite a bit two years ago in mid-April?! Talk about weird weather! :)

    I hope you are having a fantastic week! :)


  22. What a fun idea. I left a few wintery things up too, for the same reason. I wanted some snow! I don't think we're going to get any...

  23. Hello! I just stopped by from Bluebird Notes. Lovely blog you have here. I will be back for a visit again soon!

  24. Love it!! I am so ready for Spring, unless we get snow, in which case I can wait. :)

  25. We had no snow either...spring is here too. Oh well..I really do not want the white stuff now. Happy weekend to you and your lovely blog!

  26. Beautiful beautiful decorations...its past Christmas but snow and icy branches and red cardinals and red sleighs are winter...*s*... Lovely pictures and you did such a lovely job.
    Thank you for sharing
    We have not had much snow either...its been rather nice.

    Come by...I'm having a Giveaway..
    have a lovely day

  27. wow, i can't believe the pizza kit is being discontinued. glad i got mine when i did. i still haven't tried it though! lol
    the gluten free mama's pizza crust-you should totally buy some of that and try it. the whole family ate the pizza made with that. no one complained. as far as her pie crust mix, i have it in my pantry but haven't made it yet. i'm sure it's great. let me know if you make it soon and i'll let you know if i make it soon!

  28. as far as finding a great graham cracker recipe to use as a crust, i haven't made any myself yet. But I did buy at the store the other week (in anticipation of making a graham cracker pie crust), the Jules Gluten Free Graham Cracker Gingersnap Mix. Supposedly her products are excellent, she makes a GF flour that you can use anytime you need to substitute for wheat flour and it's a cup to cup ratio. I've heard a lot of great raves about her stuff. So I thought I would pick this up. The directions on the back are pretty simple. You can either make graham crackers or gingersnaps. And then you would just crumble them once baked to make your crust. Here's a link to her website if you want to check out her products.

  29. For some crazy reason I just knew you would love those robins egg soaps;)
    xoxo Susie

  30. Robin your little "snowscape with the cardinal in the tree looks just like my backyard today! Here in NC we got about 9 inches of snow with some sleet on top. The birds have been busy at my feeder all day long.

  31. Oh, how pretty that is and such a thoughtful way to bring winter to your kids. I have to say, I'm a bit jealous that you're heading into spring already. Here in Maine, we don't look forward to spring until late March or early April. It's still very fffffreeezing here. Enjoy the colors of spring!
    Hugs~ Birgit

  32. I can't get over how charming that is. What a beautiful scene, Robin. And thanks for sharing the "how-to".
    Have a great week,
    Mary Lou

  33. Oh wow...are those pussy willow branches in your first photo. Whatever they are they brought back a ton of memories from when I was little! I was born in Kirkland and lived in the Seattle area until 2nd grade. I love when I am suddenly hit with a "memory feeling." But then your photos have a way of doing that!

  34. I don't blame you I would left that up too. It was just to beautiful to take down early.
    Fun to put it all around but I hate trying to put everything away. I have my navity set left to put up.
    Just stopped by to say hello

  35. That's awesome Robin! Love the little cardinal. It looks like a real snow storm hit!


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