Two Things Today...

First off I wanted to wish my little sister Lori a very Happy Birthday today!

The world became a better place to live in on this day because you were born:

Click HERE to wish Lori a Happy Birthday~


Secondly, I wanted to let you all in on what I'm doing with the quilling tool.

I was checking out Valentine's day crafts on Martha Stewart's Website and thought these were cute.

Transform simple cardboard boxes into poetic containers. Cover boxes with red paper, and then attach clusters of folded roses with craft glue. Tuck a heart-shaped chocolate or other romantic treat inside.
A nosegay of tiny red roses evokes Victorian charm. Create a dozen folded roses, and add floral-wire stems; wrap the bouquet in silk tissue, and set it in a vase.

Here's how to make the folded rose:

1. Slip one end of a 5/8-inch-by-24-inch paper strip into the quilling tool; turn it three times to create rose's center.

2. Fold paper away from you, at a right angle. Roll paper again, letting the top edge flare outward while keeping the bottom edge tight against the tool. Add dabs of glue at base as you roll.

3. When the fold is at the top of the bloom, make another right-angled fold. Roll again in the same fashion. Repeat this folding and rolling technique until the rose is the size you want
4. Glue end in place.
For more ideas from Martha the queen of crafts, click HERE.
***The quilling tool can be bought at most craft stores for around $4


  1. Hi Robin
    Lori is so very special to so many of us. I think we all feel like celebrating her birthday today.
    The paper roses are lovely. The little bouquet is so cute and of course it will keep forever. Thanks for sharing these great ideas.

  2. I am on my way to send Lori lots of Happy Birthday wishes. Like Lindsay said...she is such a bright spot for many of us.

    Robin...those roses are absolutely gorgeous, but there is no doubt in my mind that mine would look like they've been through a hurricane! :)

  3. Oh Robin that is a great tuitorial, I have made them before with ribbon but they aren't as nice. Such a great project with one of my favorite days coming up. Yup it's Valentine's Day. I don't know if its because I love the color red but aahhh it just a great day. I stop so I can wish your sis a Happy Day!

  4. The quilling tool is very neat Robin! The roses are beautiful. Hope your sister has the happiest of birthdays!

  5. wish a happy birthday to your sister! your quilling tool is very cool!

  6. You are such a nice sister! :) Happy Bday to your sis! The quilling tool is very cool but I don't think I have the patience for that. haha

  7. I'll go and wish Lori a Happy Birthday now!!

    Those roses look so cute!

  8. Very cute! I have never seen the paper turned like that - what a difference it makes!!

    I stopped over and wished your siter a happy birthday. I see good looks runs in the family! Of course NEITHER of you are as cute as Noelle!

  9. I can imagine all kinds of uses for those pretty paper roses....
    As for your sister's birthday, I imagine that the best gift she probably ever got was having you for a sister! Happy Birthday Lori!

  10. OOHHH! Off to get a quilling tool! I really need some of those rose boxes this year. So pretty! And so sweet of not telling the age of your sister. My brother-in-law's know I prefer to be "mysterious" about my age... They make me way older than I actually am... Not quite what I was thinking...

  11. oh those roses are sooo dainty and cute!! Happy B day to your sweet sis!

  12. You ARE such a good sister! I really like the quilling tool. I may even try it.

  13. These are cool. I've never heard of a quilling tool before.

  14. Robin! Thank you soooooo much for the birthday wishes! You are the BEST big sister, ever! Love you so much! Oh, and I love your roses, too! Yes, I will be blogging about my birthday- it was wonderful! Thanks in a big way, to you.:) Lori

  15. Looks like a lot of work, but so worth the effort. Beautiful.

  16. Thanks for the prayers re; my job searching. I appreciate it! :) And yes, I made the header myself using Picasa. Thanks!!! :)

  17. Those boxes are so cute!! I am so excited to get on with V-day decor.

  18. What a neat project. I have never heard of quilling, but would love to try it out. I am a huge fan of Mod Podge and using craft paper in interesting ways so covering pretty paper over cardboard boxes is totally my kind of thing. Thanks for the idea. = ) If I try this idea out I will be sure to let you know how it goes.

  19. Hi Robin,
    Happy Birthday to your sweet sister. I'm off to wish her a HB next.
    Those paper roses are adorable and how sweet are those boxes!!
    I hope you'll post pictures of your completed creations.
    Hugs~ Birgit

  20. So maybe, just maybe all your talented craftiness will talk me into liking Valentines day. Don't get me wrong, I Love to be LOVED and I have a Love of my life but I'm just not that crazy about the holiday.

    That pizza is awesome! What a sweetie of a daughter you have.

  21. Hi Robin
    Oh my I should not have visited you today!! I love the looks of what you can do with that twilling too. Thank you for sharing. Its gorgeous. Now I want to make THAT too! AND I have been telling myself to finish up first...I have so many new things I'm waiting to start. But..you didn't know. *s*...thank you!

    have a lovely day
    and Happy Birthday to your sister!

  22. Hi Robin! I love this idea! How fun to make your own flowers and use them like this! I had never heard of a quilling tool before. :) I hope you are having a great week! :) Oh, and I hope your sister has a wonderful birthday! :)

  23. So happy I got to stop by today for a visit. Wow these roses are really pretty and Robin you make them look easy to make. lol
    Your sweet for mentioning your sisters birthday. I hope she has a very Happy Birthday
    thanks for sharing this post with us

  24. The Gooseberry Patch emblem caught my eye. I found we enjoy some of the few things. Will be following your blog for all the good things to come.


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