Last Minute Valentines...

From Martha Stewart Online:
Is someone you love a gardener?  Here is the perfect V-Day gift.

Here's how to Make them:

 Give flower seeds with little pots that they can take root in. Put seeds in plain white coin envelopes available at stationery stores, and label with an eraser stamp. Or use a rubber stamp, or make a heart with thumbprints. Put growing instructions on back, noting when seedlings need to be transplanted.

Such a cute gift and it would also be really nice to hang on a neighbors door on May Day~♥

Easy Directions:

Tools and Materials
5 1/8-by-3 1/8-by-10 5/8-inch brown-paper lunch bags
Standard scissors
Flowering plant in plastic container
Decorative scissors
Ribbon (optional)
Double-sided tape or glue
Cardboard Skewer (optional)

1. Cut off the top portion of a paper bag so that it stands slightly taller than the plant. Cut and embellish the bag as desired. If desired, cut out hearts at the corners. (You can easily do this by folding the bag so all the corners meet up. Then, cut half of a heart so that when you open the bag, there are hearts at the four corners.) For a threaded-ribbon version, lay the cut bottom part of the bag flat. Pick up the center of the bag, and make a fold. Find the center of the fold, and make a vertical cut on either side. Continue cutting in even increments until you've made six cuts across. Open up the bag, and thread it with ribbon.

2. Use a second paper bag to cut out the handle, doubling the paper for strength and gluing or taping together the two paper layers. Tape or glue each end of the handle to the bag to make a basket. Cut a piece of cardboard to line the bottom for support. Write your greeting on the bag. Or, with excess paper, cut out a heart, and write a Valentine's Day greeting on it; then tape to a skewer, and stick it in the plant.

Resources -We used decorative edgers from Fiskars.

Girls are so easy to find things to give to on Valentines day...This is a great idea for a boy or a girl. But if you want it a little more masculine put a picture of an airplane or a dog on the front instead of hearts.  I love this craft because you could make them for different occasions~Baby showers, birthdays, retirement parties, Easter, etc. etc. 
Simple Instructions:
To make these custom treat packages, cut out a picture of your child, scan it, and print onto heavyweight matte paper. Cut tags using pinking shears for the bottom edges, draw hearts, and stamp or write a message on each one. Fold the tags and tape them to cellophane bags filled with sweets.

Martha Stewart is also having a Valentines special on TV on her show this Friday.  

I know it's been a while since I have put any of my crafts that I have actually made on my blog.  My house has 4 generations living in it and I am trying to adjust to all the changes. Please be patient with me-In time I will figure out how to juggle it all~! Thanks ladies~♥


  1. Hey there, Robin!
    You always share some of the best ideas! Just wish I had the courage to try them myself! Maybe this is my time...who knows! :)

    I know it's a little crazy around your house right now, but I have complete faith that if anyone can handle it...it's YOU! Keep your chin up, Robin...big hugs!!!

  2. Goodness! 4 Generations? I bet there is not a dull moment there...your crafts are always a joy to see!

  3. Those are all cute crafts you have shared with us. I don't even know how you find the time to blog with everyone living there. With you taking care of everyone I know they are all doing great. Hopefully, you are taking care of yourself too.♥

  4. You are the Valentine Queen if I do say so myself. I love the tiny bags of candy, but also the pots of flowers, and also the seed packets...
    And what a sweet picture blowing the hearts, next stop? My Picnik account to see if I have any pictures of my kids that would work!
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. Hi Robin
    I love this pretty Valentine's idea. Thanks for sharing it with us.
    It must be so difficult having 4 generations under your roof. It's hard enough with just 2 here!! I hope things get easier for you soon dear friend.
    Sending love and hugs today.

  6. These are such fun crafts Robin. Love the flowers and the personalized gift goodie bags. How does Martha come up with all these things? It must be her army of elves hard at work behind the scenes!

  7. Cute ideas! I really like the last one the most. Maybe next year....

  8. Robin, these are wonderful ideas and I am going to do the flowers for May Day idea! I have a friend across the street who is an avid gardener who would love this! :) Thank you for sharing!

    And wow, four generations under the same roof? That is amazing! I hope you are doing okay and getting some time for yourself as well! :)

    Have a beautiful Thursday! :)


  9. very, very cute ideas! Don't worry about your absense - enjoy the time with your family. We'll all still be here when you get back to "normal."

    What exactly IS normal??? ;)

  10. Darling crafts. Surprisingly, I even made some crafts myself this Valentine's AND considering I am craft impraired, I didn't do too bad. Thanks for always being an inspiration, sister dear. XOXO

  11. Luv these CUTE ideas...thanks soooo much for sharing with all of us! I have been looking around and I just luv your blog:)


  12. love it! i'm linking to you today, with this great idea!

    happy V DAY weekend.

  13. I might try to make the personalized bags.

  14. Love the personalized gift baggies. CUTE!

  15. Just stopping in to say Happy Valentine's Day--hope it was a good one.

  16. Love these ideas...hope your valentine's day was filled with much love. xoxo

  17. Robin- new to your blog. I love it. I am from Florida, but love the Olympic Pennisula Area. Have visited out there twice already. Saw Forks before Twilight and after. I'll keep reading your blog, lots of fun!

  18. Your family is beautiful Robin! Thank you for sharing all these wonderful craft ideas. Stop by my blog tomorrow and pick up a special award!

  19. Hi Robin:
    What lovely, thoughtful and caring gifts for Valentine's Day!!! I shall refer to this post later in the year for my own personal Hearts Day and give some happiness to my daughter's. Thank you for sharing with us : )

  20. Cute, cute, cute! I sure appreciate all the fun things you share over here.
    Thanks so much,

  21. These are great ideas- thanks for sharing! They would be cute any time of year.


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