Sights From The Backyard...

The pileated woodpeckers were hanging out in my backyard all day today...This one is male~He is a sight to see.

Here is the female-You can tell because she has a black forehead and doesn't have a red stripe under her beak.-This one just happens to be a bit smaller then the male...

The bird-feeder was busy today...That's a northern flicker on the left.

Here is the female Pileated in flight-I can't believe she didn't knock herself out on all the branches~Though she is big, she's still quite graceful.

*** I wanted to bring up the the post I did the other day on the updated editor I use here on Google blogger to enlarge my photos.  I'm sorry to say but it isn't working for everyone. It is cutting part of the photos off on some blogs.  Blogger didn't say anything about having to have a certain template in order for it to work. BUT I figured out it really only works for those who have the "Stretch" templates on their blogs. Many of you have the "Minima" templates and are having issues.  Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you.


  1. Oh! Robin - the Pilated's are beautiful! We have several that hang out at our place in Bremerton, but I haven't been able to get such lovely pictures as yours. I love their song/call as well. They're so facinating. Of course, we name all of ours "Woody"!


  2. Hey Lucy,
    That's funny you name them all Woody-If you click on the pictures to enlarge them you will see I named all the photos woody! They sure sound like Woody the woodpecker. The first time I ever saw one was just a few years ago. They are so unique-almost prehistoric looking. I used my 70-300mm lens to get the close up shots. They weren't bothered in the least by all the clicking going on. Thanks for the compliment on the photos, so sweet.


  3. OUTSTANDING, Robin! Your pictures are breathtaking! I need to fill up our bird feeders.:) Love you! Lori

  4. We have a lot of pileated woodpeckers around here, although not so much in the winter. Don't they look prehistoric? Wonderful photographs Robin!!

  5. Wow!!! I get woodpeckers ocassionaly at the feeders, but your photos are fabulous!! Thank you for sharing.

  6. Absolutely STUNNING photos, Robin! You have such a talent! I suppose it's a good thing that I haven't taken the time yet to see if I could follow your directions and make my photos larger. I'm certain I would have messed everything up...my blog is a minima template. Sure have missed you while I've been away!

  7. Beautiful photos Robin!! I have several bird feeders and several woodpeckers but my photos don't turn out like yours. LOL!!

    Oh, and anytime you want to come over and play on the embroidery machine, you are more than welcome!!! We could have a blast!!

  8. Beautiful, photos! I have yet to see birds out and about here. But I guess I need to be out and about myself to see them as well. : )

  9. Those are GORGEOUS and you take THE best pictures!!!!! I haven't ever seen the pileated woodpeckers here. I think ours are called ladder back woodpeckers. I found out that I couldn't use the x-large pictures either because of the minima on my blog so I will just stick with the large (it works fine).

  10. The photos are amazing Robin! You do such a great job taking them - what kind of camera do you use? I've only ever seen one Pileated Woodpecker up here and that was last fall.I was hoping he was going to stick around but I haven't seen him since. I only noticed him because I was outside and his shadow caught my eye. I didn't realize how big they are. We have a ton of Downy's and they're beautiful as well but I sure wish he would come back.

  11. I am in love with these birds and your photos of them. I feed birds and plant my garden for them, but I have never seen a pileated woodpecker here in California.
    Wow, thank you for sharing.

  12. As usual your photos do not dissapoint.

    Thank you so very much for the tutorial! I had no idea and I have been so wishing I could make my photos larger! Thank you thank you!

  13. I love the bird's. We get the wood pecker's too, but my husband chases them off because they like our wood siding on the house(My honey doesnt like that at all) I need to get a feeder.
    I watch eagle's in my back yard every winter they come back, just a couple, they must be mate's.
    Love your blog.
    Love, Debbie

  14. Hi Robin
    I always enjoy seeing the lovely birds you have in your part of the world. They are amazing and so much more colorful than british birds. Your pictures are really beautiful. Thanks for sharing them with us today.
    I haven't tried making my pictures bigger yet. Our house is in a mess as we are having work done. I have a hole in my wall and floor and there's stuff everywhere. I am slowly going mad here!

  15. Oh my Robin, what lovely birds! And those photos you took are marvelous ;)

    Jamie :)

  16. Lovely photos of these magnificent woodpeckers Robin. I agree that they look kind of prehistoric. Their heads remind me of dinosaurs! I get endless pleasure from my backyard feeders and I love seeing other people's feathered friends too. Enjoy your weekend!

  17. All I can say is WOW -- gorgeous pics, Sissy. xoxo

  18. Robin, you take such wonderful photos... And you know, there is so much GREEN in your photos- it makes me so JEALOUS!!! (All I have in my yard right now is WHITE and GRAY....)


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