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I just wanted to say this is the first magazine I have bought in a while that I did not regret buying. It is a special issue of Martha Stewart Living. Martha has wonderful recipes, gardening ideas and crafts in this "The Best" issue-Plus so much more. Even some of the ads in this magazine are impressive. 
What I loved is everything in there was actually doable!
On page 108-110 there are directions on creating paper mache' eggs~I was thinking about making these so much lately, that I actually had a dream while napping of a whole different way to craft them!-SO now I have to try the dream way to see if it works.
Does anyone else ever get craft ideas come to them in dreams or while brushing their teeth? ~ Or is it just me?
 I also want to wish my Mom and my English Sister Lindsay a very Happy Birthday today!
I hope you both have a wonderful day~
 Love you bunches!

By the way, Lucy (Black Cat Ranch) if you are reading this, the roses in my March 12th post are just embellishments.  I put them in a row for the photo (not sure yet what I'll use them for) & we did go to Port Townsend/up to Anacortes on our last day trip~Beautiful!  :)


  1. Yep - they are cute!!!
    Happy Birthday to your ladies too!

  2. Gotta go get this issue! And Happy Birthday ladies!!
    Have a blessed day Robin.

  3. A big happy birthday to them too...from me!
    I love getting a new crisp magazine and dreaming through all the pages but I am having a hard time spending the money. I am wanting the flea market one...yes...i am the only one who has yet to buy a copy. I drool all over it everytime I am in Wal Mart. Sad....but true~ Have a good one my friend!

  4. I will have to pick up a copy of that magazine for myself. I may not be the craftiest person that ever walked the face of the Earth, but I sure like to dream! :) Hope your mom and our dear friend, Lindsay, have the happiest birthdays EVER! Enjoy your day, Robin!

  5. I get crazy ideas in my dreams, too - sometimes they're really good and other times they're just off the wall! :) I'll look for that issue when I'm out - thanks for the tip!

  6. I do get ideas while sleeping, or rather that hazy place between sleeping and being awake, but the only thing I do while brushing my teeth is squats! I am going to let my mind wander next time, instead of doing squats, maybe that will work for me too. My butt would be the first to say, those squats sure aren't!

  7. You are the second person to tell me this is the most wonderful issue, Robin! I have it but have not had a chance to read it yet. Today is the day!:)

    Love, Me:)

  8. I hope you show us pics of what you make...they look so cute!

  9. I love when a magazine is worth the cost! I'll admit that I prefer to check them out from the library :D

  10. I love that magazine!! THe cover would make me grab it too!!

  11. Love the eggs! BTW, just wanted to let you know that the tulips haven't bloomed yet. My sister-in-law recently stopped by to see them and they only saw daffodils.


  12. How did I miss that it was your Mom's birthday??!! Please wish your Mom a very Happy Birthday from me! Without her, I would never have met my long lost sister.:) Lori

  13. Hi Robin
    Thanks for the lovely birthday wishes. I wondered how everyone suddenly knew it was my birthay and now I know it's down to my two sisters you and Lori!
    Hope your Mom had a good day too.
    Love that magazine.

  14. I see paintings in my dreams...or colors/patterns.

    The last mags I bought were Sommerset Studio and Cloth, Paper, Scissors. Both worth it!

  15. Got the note! The roses are beautiful!

    Ooooo! Anacortes, too! Great shops there, too! Thanks!

  16. Oh, by the way...I get great ideas not only brushing my teeth, but also in the shower!


  17. What adorable eggs! She always has something good going on!


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