As many of you know, my husband and I are the king and queen of day trips.  We are in the process of deciding where to go tomorrow. The weather is beautiful and we like to be out in it.  Two weekends ago we headed back to the Olympic Peninsula-Over by Lake Crescent, which happens to be between Port Angeles and Forks Washington. Our first stop was Marymere falls. The round trip hike to and from the falls is a very easy 1.8 miles.

The above photo shows what the trail to Marymere Falls looks like. This is the same area that is mentioned in the Twilight books... Where some hikers around Lake Crescent had the unfortunate run in with wolves, or so the rangers thought.

Here is a bridge we crossed to get to the Falls.  They are building a new bigger one-I was half way across when my husband jumped on and started hopping up and down like a crazy man-That bridge was shaking big time.  After being married to Tim for over 20 years I expect things like this from him.  I just laughed and kept walking hobbling across.
The shock value is gone babe-Good try.
This is me in front of the falls-Horrible picture but we tend to share the good with the bad here at the nest.
Don't you adore my flannel jacket? Yeah, I knew you would.

Our next hike that day was into see the Sol Duc Falls-The photo above shows the trail into it. This hike is only .8 miles into the falls from the trail-head behind the hot springs.

Here is a short movie of the Sol Duc Falls-They are so much bigger and more impressive in person. This movie doesn't do them justice. Turn up your volume to hear them.

So Tim wanted to time our day to where we would end up at Ruby Beach for sunset (insert a "ahhh, he's so romantic" here.)  We stopped in and ate dinner at the Forks diner then headed for the beach. We got there 30 minutes before sunset and did some beach combing.
This is the sight we saw as we were leaving...
Good call honey~♥

So now we must decide where tomorrows trip will take us.  I thought we were going back to the Olympic Peninsula-But Tim thinks we might want to try someplace else being we have been there 5 times already this year.
So where will we end up?
Astoria Oregon?
Long beach peninsula WA?
Click on red words to visit these areas online.

Tune in sometime next week to see~
What are your weekend plans?


  1. What a beautiful waterfall!

    How fun for you!

    sandy toe

  2. Beautiful, beautiful place! Love the ferns and the giant trees! My dream has always been to visit the Olympic Peninsula some day. Great sunset to finish off your day!

  3. What absolutely beautiful scenery!

  4. WOW Robin what can I say but GORGEOUS!!! That waterfall is fabulous! I think we may need to take a vacation there sometime....just beautiful. I can't wait to see pictures wherever you visit!

  5. We love day trips too so I am eager to see where you end up!!

  6. I love how unique the scenery is there! Thanks for sharing that through your photos, Robin. Day-trips have become a fave thing to do with our family lately. Sometimes you just gotta get away!

    My vote is for the Multnomah Falls but Long Beach Peninsula sounds wonderful, too!

  7. O-M-G...just beautiful!!

    We are coming to visit..LOL!

  8. Beautiful, Sis! Jeff is JUST like Tim when it comes to things like wobbly bridges. So funny! I know wherever you decide to go will be PERFECT.:) Tomorrow we are taking Ruby to a Pug Party. Yet, you read that correctly! They are going to have an Easter egg hunt for the Pugs! It's to raise money for the Pug Rescue (where we got Ruby). We are so in love with her, Robin! I keep meaning to write you but we are going through potty training. No accidents- yet- but I have to watch all. the. time. Love you! Lori

  9. Oh I hope its Leavenworth
    We there today and it was absolutely beautiful!!
    The drive over Stevens Pass was gorgeous as well.
    Love all the shops in Leavenworth some great places to eat too!

  10. Beautiful hikes, and gorgeous sunset - which we don't get to see very often, huh?! The bridge - not for me. Mainly because somebody would do exactly what your husband did, although it wouldn't be my husband. He knows how terrified I am of those bridges!

    We're having beautiful weather up here this weekend too, but ministry duties call tomorrow and Sunday. It'll be wonderful when we're out and about though, to have such warm temps and sunshine. Enjoy your weekend!

    Oh - our ship docked in Astoria, OR, when we took our cruise last fall. Nice little town!

  11. ASTORIA! Of course I am partial to it since I live five minutes from there...
    It's supposed to be 60 degrees here tomorrow!

  12. Hi Robin
    Thanks so much for sharing these beautiul pictures from your hike. The trail does look just like in the Twilight films. I love woodland areas, they make me feel so calm and relaxed. the sunset picture is gorgeous. The falls were spectacular. I loved the video clip. Now I am wondering where you are heading today. I would love to visit all 5 of those places but I love the Sound of The Long Beach Peninsula. Leavenworth looks full of character and the Multnomah falls like nothing I have ever seen. You are so lucky having all these places nearby. I know you will have a great day whichever one you choose. Look forward to hearing about it all.

  13. What a beautiful area Robin..you are too cute! Just because you can't see us, (eyes closed in the first photos) we can still see you!!

  14. Lovely photos! I have a flannel jacket like yours but mine is canary yellow and black. People get out the sunglasses when they see me coming in that thing! :) Have a great weekend!

  15. Port Townsend! I love the shops the houses & the restaurants!


  16. My weekend plans unfortunately didn't include anything like that! I wish I could have hiked along with you, (right up until the romantic part at the beach!) Looks so beautiful, and GREEN! Lucky you!

  17. Looks like you took a trip to Heaven and back. Thanks for taking the pics so we could enjoy it too!!!

  18. You live in a really beautiful area of the country. Personally, I really do love the flannel jacket- trust me, you will be seeing it on ALL of the runways this spring!

  19. oh my gosh, what a beautiful place!!! I wanna go there!!!


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